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Townhome Upgrade - Crown Molding?

Asked by Schrutebeets, Alpharetta, GA Tue Oct 2, 2007

We currently have a 2 year old townhome with hardwood floors and several upgrades. We are considering putting in crown molding ourselves in the downstairs level. How much could this possibly add to our home value? (looking to sell in next 12-16 months)

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Lee Adkins, Agent, Roswell, GA
Tue Oct 2, 2007
Schrutebeets -
Ian is right - it's much more based on overall impression - and it's hard to say a number on adding to the value without knowing additional features and price range - In this current market (I live in Alpharetta) there are a lot of townhomes (and some new ones) out there - so anything you can do to differentiate your property may not be as much a dollar amount as it is a feature that may help someone choose your property over the others that are available - down the street or in the same complex.
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Deryk Harper, Agent, Alpharetta, GA
Tue Oct 2, 2007
Cosmetic improvements like crown molding do not really add much value to your home...but, in this current market anything that improves the condition or appeal of your home will help shorten the time on the market when you are ready to sell and could help save you time and money in that fashion.
If you are planning to sell in the next 12-16 months here are a few tips to prepare.
1) Make sure you take care of all of the home's maintenance issues. It sounds like you should not have many to address if the townhome is only 2 years old. If you did not have it inspected when you purchased the home it might be a good idea to get one now so you don't have any suprises when you get a contract and the new Buyer decides to get an inspection. Most new construction that our Buyers have had inspected have had repair or code related items of concern.
2) Remove clutter, personal items and neutralize as much as possible. Buyers want to see their dream home...even if it only looked that way before they moved in. Neutral colors and decor attract a larger pool of Buyers. Personal items tend to distract Buyers.
3) CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! Every little corner, nook and cranny should be thoroughly cleaned. Nothing impresses a Buyer more than a bright, clean, well maintained home.
4) Stage - In this tough Buyers market many Sellers are going the extra mile and having their home professionally staged. Most stagers charge $25 to $75/hr and can really add to a homes appeal with simple techniques. We pay for the first hour of staging for our Sellers and our staged homes definitely receive better feedback and shorter time on the market. We had a vacant townhome in Buckhead that was not getting a lot of activity. We convinced the Seller to have it staged and showing activity immediately increased. We have an agent going back for a 2nd showing tomorrow with a client that is very interested.
5) Hire a full time, professional Realtor or team to market your home. Make sure they have experience in your area, price range and type of home. Look for agents that maximize online presence for your home, take advantage of the latest marketing technologie and think creatively when marketing to reach the type of Buyer that would like your home.

Good Luck and Best Wishes when you do decide to sell your home!
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David Losh, , 98115
Sat Nov 3, 2007
Good Morning!
You have to look at the over all home to decide about crown moulding. If you have the diagonal fireplace with a granite tile face, crown moulding may be out of place. Also look at the moulding in the rest of the home. This may be one of those times when you start you won't be able to stop.
With a slow down in building you may find in a few weeks highly skilled laborers who want to do side work to buy Christmas presents. If you can afford it I would do it. I would trick out a town house to the max.
You bought at the top of the market. You, along with thousands of other people, will be wanting to sell either this year or next. The question will be about who the buyer pool will be. For sure that buyer pool will be more educated about over all market conditions. So while other sellers are attracting buyers by lowering the price you may be appealing to the more sophisticated buyer who is willing to pay a little more.
Good Luck!
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Don Lantier, Agent, smyrna, GA
Thu Oct 25, 2007
Here is a link to a do-it yourself crown molding "how to"
You may want to search online for several different "how tos" until you find the one that you can best relate to. You can do it!!! Just define the word "Patience" deeply and learn to take deep breaths!
good luck.
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J Lo, Home Buyer, California Glory, Brentwood, CA
Wed Oct 3, 2007
I'm going to second Mansur's answer. You are going to do this yourself - be careful. I have seen a close friend attempt to do crown - and threw away his whole first batch.

Make sure you do this with the proper tools - ensure you size it out correctly and know what to do with the loose corners.

And just as the other poster's have stated - you wont get a monetary return - but you will get a WOW factor with a good installation job.

You'll get alot of "eeew's" if it's not.... Good luck!
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Joshua Jarvis, Agent, Duluth, GA
Wed Oct 3, 2007
It adds value, but not anything to price the home will sell for.

Here's what it will do. Your townhome is not unlike your neighbors. If you have two units that are nearly the same in condition and price, but yours has crown molding, chances are your home will sell faster.
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Nancy Kenlon, Agent, Orchard Park, NY
Tue Oct 2, 2007
I would say that as long as you are in a market of stability or increasing value and you have been careful with the already installed improvements you have completed, crown moldings add a highly visual appeal to a home and a good rate of return especially if you are handy and install it yourself!
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ian cockburn, Agent, New Orleans, LA
Tue Oct 2, 2007 definitely adds value...and adds to that "first impression" when people walk into the room
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Carlos Castro, , 30004
Mon May 12, 2008

The question you need to ask yourself first is "Will this upgrade be worth it just to bring me and my family personal enjoyment and fulfillment over the next 12-16 months?". If the answer to that question is yes, then by all means do it.

A whole lot could happen in the next year to year and a half. New administration, probably a half dozen changes to prime, we will see what affect the ALpharetta new home construction slow down will have on the market, and so on. I would hate to comment on what some fancy pieces of wood nailed to the walls will have on the value of your home in that time.

Having said that, you need to know that your home sells as a package. Will the crown molding add to the overall look of the house, or is it out of place? Do the other upgrades compliment it? When you go to sell the home, will you stage the home in order to get the most out of your crown molding?

When you go to sell, be sure to slap an extra coat of paint on the crown molding to make it stick out. And while you have that can of paint out, slap an extra coat of paint on the baseboards too.

Good luck, and enjoy your upgrades yourself. I have heard the sentence "It's a pity we did all this work, and never got a chance to enjoy it." from too many clients
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Rose Cacibau…, Agent, Gulfport, MS
Mon May 12, 2008
Crown Molding will not add that much dollar value to your home but it will help it sell faster over similiar townhomes with out crown molding.
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