Rich Hernand…,  in Corona, CA

I live in Sycamore Creek in Corona Ca. My homeowners Asssoc is forcing me to move my F350 truck from driveway to the street. I don't understand?

Asked by Rich Hernandez, Corona, CA Mon Jun 11, 2012

They say " We appreciate you working hard to keep the community an attractive and enjoyable environment"
Does parking in the street really make the home look more attractive?

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arcmbassist, Home Owner, Corona, CA
Fri Feb 15, 2013
That's your first problem...Sycamore Creek has one of the worst boards ever!! out of the five members only three of them even live in the community.
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Diane Lynette…, Agent, Corona, CA
Mon Jun 11, 2012
You just might not be an "HOA Kind of Guy". Some of us are just not meant to live in Association Communities. A trucks a truck, but HOA have their rules. I say you move to a place your comfortable. Give me a call Diane Lynette 714 386 8426
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Would love to move. I am underwater by more than 50%. Thanks though.
Flag Tue Jun 12, 2012
Hi Lynette,
I guess you are right about me not being an "HOA Kind of Guy".
Discovered that the Southfield investors, the developer has the right to put the board members of their choice on our home owners assoc. Sean Frates the general manager at Sycamore creek said he has passed out 700 violations since Feb. 2012 when he took over. He said it was at the request of the board of directors.
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Nealj90278, Home Buyer, Corona, CA
Tue Oct 25, 2016
the hoa is not the best, they seam to find tons and tons of things to send letter to my house about parking, dogs, miss use of my garage because in have to always park 2 cars in it. i feel like the hoa is the gestapo, their are homeless people living behind my house on Santiago canyon road. i could go on and on!!!!
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Victoria Alw…, Agent, Yorba Linda, CA
Thu Sep 15, 2016
Rich, you are right? The neighborhood does show better with cars park in the driveway, rather than the streets, but rules vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. If you are ready to make a change, please contact me. If you Google my name Victoria Always, you can find my information. I worked for First Team in Yorba Linda but I will be in the area this weekend with my buyer.
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Derrick Sly, Home Buyer, Albuquerque, NM
Mon Dec 15, 2014
I've heard two ways of saying this and I need a definitive answer. Is it kerbing or curbing? It might be that both are actually correct. It's sort of like the word solder. Is it "Sold"-er or "Saut"-er? Not many people can agree on this, it seems.
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Cameron Novak, Agent, Corona, CA
Mon Sep 15, 2014
Definitely a good idea to go over the rules prior to purchasing or moving into a community with an association.

You might consider joining the board of directors to have a better chance at getting what you want.
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Mike Carman, Agent, Corona, CA
Fri Sep 12, 2014
Review the CC&R's relative to parking.
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calibabe79, Home Buyer, 92883
Tue May 6, 2014
We just moved in this past Christmas and it is definitely no walk in the park. The security, who the HOA neglects to state is the makeshift community police got into an argument with my husband over parking regulations we were new to. If F350's have to be moved to the street ( if that is the case) why doesnt my neighbors 1995 Honda Accord with dents and dings have to be the first thing I see when I walk outside? That doesn't make my day enjoyable, nor my community attractive!
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Abby Ronquil…, Agent, Diamond Bar, CA
Wed Jun 27, 2012
Hi Rich,
I would start by reading the parking section in your CC&Rs. This should state the weight requirements, types of vehicles, etc. that are allowed to be parked on your driveway. Sometimes if the vehicle impedes the sidewalk or is a commercial vehicle (like others have mentioned) then it will be an issue. Good luck!
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I did bring up the possible conflict before I purchased and it was waived for me 6 years ago. I was told many other buyers had the same vehicles and it was being over looked.
Flag Wed Jun 27, 2012
My truck is 4000 pounds under the limit. I feel I am just being singled out. My other neighbors are not receiving violation letters for the same thing. I have complained to the DRE. Waiting for a response.
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Felix Hung, Agent, Huntington Beach, CA
Thu Jun 14, 2012

It really depends on how your truck looks and your CC&Rs. Does it look commercial? Do you have logos or graphics on it? Many times if it has any lettering then it is considered commercial. If that is the case, you could always remove the graphics and get car magnets to take on/off your vehicle. Check with your CC&Rs...and find a good work around.

To answer your question - yes, not having working vehicles with graphics and lettering does make a difference when the street is filled with them. The rules are in place in case of those situations.

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It is a clean white truck. With out logos. The work around is parking it in the street.
I hope because the developer is still in charge of the board of directors, I can have the DRE arbitrate. I have two complaints filed. My neighbors with more egregious trucks and vehicles have not (4 of my closest neighbors told me they have not received violation letters) been cited.
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John Juarez, Agent, Fremont, CA
Thu Jun 14, 2012
Hello, Rich,

Your Trulia profile shows that you are a builder/developer. Could your F350 truck be a work truck or a commercial vehicle? Many homeowners associations forbid the parking of commercial vehicles (work trucks) in the open within the community. The idea is to keep the development looking like a residential community and not a corporation yard.

As others have advised, check your HOA rules.
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This was known by the developer before I signed the contract. Now it is prohibited. They are shooting themselves in the foot, because now instead of out of the way. I will be parking in the street. It is a clean white truck, no logos. The developer has filled 3 of the board of directors slots with their own people. I am hoping they are still under the jurisdiction of the DRE, I have filed two complaints. One on the developer, and one on the developers agent that assured me it would be over looked. And has been for 6 years.
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Trudy Carter, Agent, Corona, CA
Mon Jun 11, 2012
Hi Rick,

You need to read your CC&Rs and you will see how you are in violation by parking your truck in your driveway. Perhaps your truck is longer than your driveway? Is it blocking a sidewalk?

Your CC& R's from your Homeowners Association explains the rules for parking in your neighborhood. You would have been given a set of these before you closed escrow on your home. CC&Rs are your Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, ie: the rules of the Homeowner's Association to which you belong. The rules are set up in your best interest to uphold the integrity and attractiveness of your community, thereby protecting the value of your most prized possession, your home.

Hope that helps.

Trudy Carter
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Parking in the street is not a big deal.
But it is wrong that my 4 closest neighbors that are clear violations of the CC&R's have not been cited. I talked to them and asked.
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Mario Gonzal…, Agent, Riverside, CA
Mon Jun 11, 2012
Hello Rich !

Sorry to hear about your recent communication with your HOA. Did the letter / note reference a rule in the CC&R's (rules) ? If not, try requesting that so that it narrows your research a bit. If its a vague rule, you may want to review your neighbors driveway and then look to meet with the board at their next monthly meeting to chat informaly about it. If you have pictures readily available of any points you wish to make, bring them along as its helps curb the conversation to that meeting. Please keep an amicable tone and set of mind. These are after all your neighbors and friends, and are only looking to keep the best possible image for your community.

Most Kindest Regards,
Mario Gonzalez
Realtor Associate
The Nazar Kalayji Group
Chase Bank Preferred Agent 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Short Sale & Pre-Foreclosure Certified *
REO Buyer Agent & Distressed Property Certified
DRE LIC 01708214
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I have done more research now. The developer has exercised its right to reassert its control over a majority of the Board.
The management is the agent of the Board. Not my agent, which I mistakenly believed. I have spoken to one of the board of directors and he has explained to me that the three board members that work for Starfield investors the developer pull all the strings. This director informed me he would approve my truck, but I will lose any request to park it there from Starfields appointed directors.
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Carlene Blair, Agent, Corona, CA
Mon Jun 11, 2012
Homeowners associations are created to protect and enforce the rules and regulations of the community. I advise you to talk with the association either by calling the president or attend a community meeting to voice your opinion. If the rules specifically state that you can't park in the driveway, then don't. If the rule is general and not specific, contest it at the meeting. (Please read your rules and regulations to know for sure, even if it sounds ridiculous.)
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The letter states my truck is "In need of immediate removal" They didn't give me the solution to park in the street. The way it was written I thought I had to take it to a storage company. The street is not their jurisdiction.
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