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Steve, Other/Just Looking in Charlestown, NH

I just tiled my kitchen floor & added new appliances-would it be worth it to replace cabinets before selling?

Asked by Steve, Charlestown, NH Sat Sep 1, 2007

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I'm an architect that specializes in remodels and additions including kitchens and bathrooms. Have a kitchen and bath design professional take a look and give you an idea of the price range of replacing or refinishing. Also, get the August 2007 edition of Consumer Reports magazine. It's all about kitchens and there is a lot of great cost saving advise.
You may want to have an open house and find out what people are saying when they see the kitchen.
This is primarily a financial issue and you need to find out if what you put in, you will get back.
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Jennifer Kre…, Home Seller in 95124
Replacing cabinets can be an expensive venture. I don't know the particulars of your area - however, I have seen where some can be inexpensively painted and hardware changed.

It's really important to discuss this with your personal agent who is familiar with your market. Do the math to see what the rate of return would be (if any).

Good luck!
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Many of my clients have asked me whether specific improvements, such as the kitchen cabinets you're considering, will increase the value of your home. According to remodeling studies Kitchen and Baths provide sellers the best return on investment for the money spent on the improvement.

The rate of return will vary from location to location. If you want specific data on the average return on investment for your metro area, go to my blog and check out the 2007 Cost vs. Return Report which details the average rate of return for home remodels, based upon metro area:…
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Hey Steve-

If you have to ask, the answer is probably yes.

Are they outdated ?...meaning no one sells them anymore.

Have they been painted?

If your married...does your wife hate them?

When your friends come over do they point and laugh?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, than there is your answer.

You can find a good deal on cabinets,
shop around. Usually when you do cabinets you have to do the counter tops.

If you can tile the floor you can do the cabinets. I think?

As Always go with something that will match and not cost to much. Think 1.5% - 2% of the value of your house.
Nothing custom, nothing that exceeds 3%
How much to spend is tough from my point of view. Just don't go crazy. It will be a good return on your money.
As always ask your Realtor?
Good Luck
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Mr.P, Other/Just Looking in Arizona
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If the current cabinets "fit" the improvements you have made, then you mjight consider simply refacing the cabinets. The current cabinet doors are removed. The existing cabinets are repainted or stripped, whichever the case may be, and the new cabinet doors installed. You can add some backlighting too and walahh- good as new. I have seen a few of my clients redo their cabinets this way. Provided the existing cabinets are adequate for the kitchen, refacing may add great value and really complete the look you are putting together for this kitchen.
One of the home improvement shows discussed this and brought up another issue. Removing the existing cabinets sometimes brings out additional problems that would have otherwise not known. Thus causing more money. According to the show, everytime you tear something down, you run the risk of increasing your renovating expenses, thus affecting your bottomline. Definitely something to consider if you are planning to sell this house.
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You might find that you sell your home faster, but not necessarily for more money. If your objective is achieveing the sale, lean more toward yes. If you are considering this for a financial return, it might not be there. Much of this depends on the competition and the buyer demand for your area.
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Brick, NJ
One note of caution-don't put your home on the market, have an open house and then decide what the consumer wants!!! Once you're on you will be tagged with the look of your house. "You can't go home again!" is an apt phrase for "You can't re-announce your home again to the marketplace!!" You've got all your "A" buyers out there just awaiing the next great offering and if you come out with a b- price or condition you will start "chasing" the market and never catch-up. Market entry should be timed to the optimum conditon of the house--showing condition AND PRICE!! Remember, 95% of marketing is when you SET YOUR PRICE!
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Cabinets are expensive. Ask your agent. They're seeing plenty of the competition and can advise you correctly. You may be able to paint or add hardware for lower cost.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
Yes!! Best return on your investment can come from remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. In my market place this can make the difference between selling a home or having it sit on the market for months! Remember, you might be competing with new home sales. See what THEIR kitchens look like! Copy them. Stage the kitchen when it is done. Here's a slight downside; had a client who remodeled his home with a new kitchen prior to market entry. His wife of 20+ years had great umbrage that he would put in a gorgeous kitchen just to SELL THE PROPERTY!! This particular client ended up giving her a nice, brand new BMW Z28 sports car when they sold the property!!! Just be careful! Clear it with your spouse. You may be trading dollars spent and realized on this house for the next NEW KITCHEN in the move up house or a shinny new Beamer in the garage!! Put a big bow on it!! Or--forget what I just said, discount the house value, get divorced, buy a new BMW for YOU and move into a swinging condo complex!!
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I agree that kitchen and bath remodels render some of the best returns upon resale. However, the answer to your question will depend on how much equity you have in your home. You have already started making improvements, but because you just put in the new tile floor, you are basically tied to the same foot print for the cabinets. I am wondering if you'd be better of just getting new cabinet doors or resurface the existing doors and cabinets and install new counter tops. It might be more cost effective than buying new cabinets. I would also look at what kind of kitchens other homes in your area have. An agent can help you with gathering this information. Seeing what your competition has to offer should make your decision easier. If the majority of homes in your neighborhood and price range has updated kitchens, putting extra money into the kitchen may be necessary and prudent. Good luck with your decision making process.
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Ute Ferdig -…, Real Estate Pro in New Castle, DE
Kitchen and baths are high selling points in a home and the most expensive when remodeling. I am guesing the kitchen needs a facelift and if it will assist in adding value or making it more saleable, then yes.

If you are working with a Realtor get their opinion.
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Pam Winterba…, Real Estate Pro in Danville, VA
It depends....

That's because buyers will buy the best house they can for the same amount of money.

If I were you, I would go look at other homes that are similar to yours, and get a feel for what owners are offering at what price. Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer prospect, and see if you would be willing to buy your home, versus whatever else is on the market right now. Be harsh with yourself. Don't wear rose colored glasses.

Don't pester agents to take you around and look at these homes. That's not fair. Rather, go to open houses in your area.

If you are ready to list your property, then you can ask an agent to take you to a few homes that are similar... then you can decide together whether you should replace the cabinets.

Finally, check out the pricing of replacement cabinets. If you can get a good return on your investment go ahead. You may not get back 100% of your investment, but if your home sells more quickly because it is fresh and modern, then that's worth money in the bank.

Of course, if you replace the cabinets, put a great countertop on. New cabinets with lowly linoleum won't do the trick. Go upscale for the "wow" factor.

Good luck.
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There are a lot of questions like this. Most of the improvements that adding to value are kitchen and bathrooms. So, if you are going to rent it is really depends how expensive is your property. If it is an investment property for rent only, I wouldn't change the cabinets unless they are destroyed. However, if you are going to sell, many clients are looking for new kitchen cabinets. I hope this is clarified a little bit.
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Short answer...maybe. It depends on your neighbors. You won't get as much of a return if you "over-build" for your neighborhood. These features may give you a quicker sale, but not a higher sales price. One option you might consider is having the cabinets refinished. This will give you a new look without the cost of complete replacement. Talk to a local Realtor...they will be able to tell you whether or not you should put anymore money into your home...and where to spend it. Good luck!
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Kitchen renovations are amongst the highest when it comes to rate of return. Consumers like homes to be "like new" and your home will show better with a new kitchen. The flip side is you could spend all that money for a design that the next buyer will come in and wish you had put in white cabinets, instead of woodgrain, so you never know. They will want to redo the kitchen anyway.
An important consideration is where you are priced compared to the other comparable homes in your neighborhood. Assuming you have an agent, go around and view your competition. See what they are offering at what price. Do they all have new kitchens? You should upgrade just to compete. If they are all older kitchens, your new kitchen might be just what you need to get sold. Good luck!
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