i am really looking to purchase and am really afraid of buying in a high crime neighborhood. my first choice

Asked by Lela Howard, Culver City, CA Mon Apr 20, 2009

is palmdale, but after much research i'm quite frightened. now looking into victorville and am concerned. the crime statistics are higher than overall sb and riverside county. both cities have homes in the 70-90k, which is amazing! this is an opportunity not to miss, but is it an opportunity to pass up???

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Jamie Henne…, Agent, Upland, CA
Wed Apr 11, 2012
I would be happy to send you the statistics directly on the crime ratings of any city you would like to check. I have a very valuable source to check the statistics. There are nicer areas still in the High Desert as well. I am very well versed in the High Desert as I was a resident for seven years there. Please email directly at Love2listyou@yahoo.com and I will be happy to help you out.
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Johnny James, Agent, Palmdale, CA
Fri Jan 8, 2010
Check the neighborhood on Friday or Saturday night to get a feel for what your weekends will be like. Also watch cops on Saturday night and you will see they are in Victorville every week. I like to go to the local grocery store and see my future neighbors and talk to them about the neighborhood.
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Mike, Home Buyer, Victorville, CA
Mon Jul 27, 2009
i had the same concerns about victorville i cchecked the crime stats to and couldnt beleive how high they were in some zips for such a smaller city! , see i came from Anaheim where i felt safe to walk down the streets at night! i purchased my home going on 3 months ago and at first i thought i might have made a mistake! you gotta to understand im used to nieghborhoods where there is normally one predominate race (in anaheim where i lived before it was hispanic) when i came here one of the frist things i noticed was how deversified it was! and i kinda was a little shocked! and not used to it and have to admit i didnt feel to trusting of the area. i actually backed out of one home that was almost new and looked like a great area after i visited it one night and noticed a couple of cop cars around there also becasue there was a couple of nieghbors who were really loud and seem to have a ton of poeple living there

anyways to make a long story short i am now comfortable with my neighborhood and it looks like i made a good choice! my niehbors all seem great

i guess all i can tell you although the crime rate seems high in victorville i think those stats are a few years old and cant be complelty trusted it looks like the city has crackdown alot on the bad elements . the best thing to do is to check out the area you want to buy in several times! and try to speak to the neigbors that live there , that really helped me ease my mind .

anyways good luck
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James Foy, Agent, Costa Mesa, CA
Wed Jun 24, 2009
This answer is in addition to the good advice given by previous respondents:
I take my clients to neighborhoods on Friday and Saturday night. Sometimes we just turn around and drive through. There are also several websites out there that sort by ZIP code, but the best thing to do is go at several times of the week and see what the activity level is. Also, at these prices there are several affordable ways to improve your security in a marginal neighborhood. I am a fan of electric gates with garage door openers as a type of 'air-lock' (only one door open at a time). Much of safety is directly related to your own habits and preparedness.
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LoveMyHome, Home Owner, Phelan, CA
Fri Jun 19, 2009
Although I am not a Real Estate Agent, I am a resident of Victorville, so I have first-hand knowledge of what this area is like. I came from down the hill, in the Whittier area wher I felt safe, until I read something in the paper, or saw something on the news that hit close to home. Moving first to Apple Valley to a beautiful home in a gated community was wonderful. The homes are still a bit more expensive there than in gated communities, but people take care of their yards, and don't park their cars everywhere, cluttering up the streets... so I would seriously look into those if I were you. Specifically for Victorville.... we moved here because we lost our home in Apple Valley, and moving here from there was big shock. Yes, homes are going for 90k, but I would seriously drive through an are very carefully when looking at houses. Check out who your neighbors are, what their yards look like, how noisy it is, etc... When we first moved here there was a shoot out at the bank which is 8 houses away!!! Had I been driving at tht time, my children or myself could have been killed by a stray bullet! A month after there was a home invasion a couple blocks over... I've never seen a police car on this street, but there is a school around the corner and we have had two incidents. One with the campus being put on lockdown due to some lunatic with a gun running around, and another instance with a note being sent home stating a little girl was asked by some 3 sickos in a car if she wanted a ride home...So, what I am trying to say is, although the houses are cheap, what price do you really want to pay for a lower mortgage????
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Don Tepper, Agent, Burke, VA
Mon Apr 20, 2009
You have to balance your purchasing ability with your comfort level.

Back when I was younger, I bought a nice condo in the Logan Circle area of Washington, D.C. It was a great old building and a really good rehab. However, we could see the drug dealers on one corner, and the prostitutes on another. At the time, I valued the location (walking distance to work) and the condo more than I did the surroundings. Most (virtually all) of the people who bought there were single or gay. That is, they didn't have young children. As they started thinking about families (the formerly single and some of the gays), they'd move to safer areas.

The other thing to at least consider is whether the neighborhood is improving or declining. If you believe it's improving and are willing to wait until the crime rate is comparable to other areas, then you might consider buying. If it's declining, recognize what the surroundings will be like...as well as your prospects for selling in the future.

Hope that helps.
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Dot Chance, Agent, Burbank, CA
Mon Apr 20, 2009

It sounds like you are doing your homework. Unfortunately, almost every area now has crime. Let's talk about what your needs are and your budget and then I can search all areas you are interested in and see what we can find that would be suitable for your new home.

The gentleman below must not realize just how hard-hit the real estate market in California is. But, people are beginning to buy again and we are seeing multiple offers on properties and seeing prices stabilize.

Please let me know if I can help you!

Dot Chance
The Chance Team
Keller Williams Realty
email: dotchance@ureach.com
Web Reference:  http://www.DotChance.com
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Tony Camero, , Houston, TX
Mon Apr 20, 2009
there are homes in CA for 70-90K holy cow.?....thats scary....
If they are that cheap there...I would run....there is a reason for that......I am a native CA and I remember palmdale....dont know victorville to well...but two decades ago palmdale wasnt great...
Web Reference:  http://www.camerohomes.com
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