Where are high crime areas of Hemet, CA.?

Asked by Josie, San Pedro, CA Sat Jul 25, 2009

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Harold Sharpe’s answer
Harold Sharpe, Agent, LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ
Sun Mar 11, 2012
There is good and bad everywhere.
I would use http://www.crimereports.com as a guide to see the crime on a map.
I personally like Hemet and choose to live here.
I find the people to be friendly.
I guess by reading some of the other opinions some reep what they sow.
My sweetheart and I decided on the west side of Hemet as we like newer homes.
She also likes some of the shopping nearby.

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2 votes
I agree. I love Hemet. I'm staying put.
Flag Fri Feb 10, 2017
Gfa1206, Home Buyer, Temecula, CA
Sun Jan 29, 2017
Hemet is not bad now they seem to be building up the community more and putting more police and law enforcement on the streets! Im also seeing less crack heads around town and they are repainting fixing up and bringing in new businesses dont listen to alot of these post on here most are old or done by children. They even have there own Christmas Parade now :)
4 votes
Are you kidding me? There is crime and tweekers and homeless on every corner, parking lot, everywhere in Hemet, begging for money. Cars are stolen or broken into every night. Homes are robbed. You can't take your kids to the parks because of the tweekers. They beat you up and rob you. Crime is very high and thanks to Gov Brown, L.A. regards prisoners in Hemet because it's cheaper here. And now because of new laws, stealing is a misdemeanor and the cops don't bother to show up. There are very little police in Hemet. Hemet is desperate for help in getting rid of the criminals, tweekers and homeless. Hemet needs more police. They are trying, but they have limited resources... It can be a beautiful peaceful place again if someone will help.
Flag Fri Jul 21, 2017
Could of fooled me...was there yesterday 6/6/17 and I was shocked!!! Tijuana looks better than Hemet...so many druggie people just walking around...obviously on some sort of public assistance.
Flag Wed Jun 7, 2017
I agree with you. Been here for over a decade. Love it here. Hemet has gone through some tough economical times, just as the entire Nation has but it's bouncing back. It's a nice place to call home.
Flag Fri Feb 10, 2017
Ya right! That we'll be the day. I lived there from 16 to 33 with the exception of military service. Methamphetamine has been going on in that valley for decades. Right before I left for good 11 years ago, to compound things, people from the big cities started moving in. And as a result crack cocaine, and heroin started to be a problem as well. New paint, and a Christmas parade does not change this. Police have always been on high alert. They can't stop it, or keep up. I just spoke to a friend that visited there, and they could only find one hotel, that was not infested with addicts. It was 3 times the price of the other hotels, so they drove to another town. I am not a kid, and used to live there. Here is a recent post from neighborhood scout.-For Hemet, we found that the violent crime rate is one of the highest in the nation, across communities of all sizes (both large and small). Violent offenses tracked included rape, murder and non-negligent manslaughter, armed robbery, and aggravated assault, including assault with a deadly weapon.
Flag Wed Feb 1, 2017
Cheyenne Bea…, Home Owner, Hemet, CA
Wed Mar 8, 2017
One thing you can be sure of...your car insurance will double or triple! Horrible drivers here. And, the rest of Riverside County. I moved here a year ago from San Diego. They almost tripled my insurance. I have a spotless record. I asked why and they told me the area was bad for accidents! They are not kidding! People run full on red lights everywhere. At least 15mph over speed limits. Accidents everywhere! Horrible rude drivers in a hurry to go get fast food! My house is back on market. I'll be gone end of week. Longest year of my life. Bad city to pick though. Extreme heat, thick flies all over the town. Pollution is horrible. You can't open your windows! Lots of farms using lots of chemicals. It's just horrible. Summer is the worst. Doesn't matter what side of town you're on. It stinks something fierce! Good luck.
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I agree. There are Trickle accidents here every single day. Most do not know how to drive. They are carries. Run red lights. Street race. Pedestrians getting hit almost daily. Crime is rampant. Tweekers and homeless panhandling everywhere you go. Robbery, home break ins, cars stolen or broken in to. Fights. There's a curfew, but the police do not enforce it. Hemet is a dumping ground for the prisoners that are released from Last.A. county prisons and jails because it's cheaper. And OMG don't get me started on the child molesters and sexual predators. Most are in Girard street. But they are all over. It's terrible here. Don't drive with your cardiogram unlocked because a tweeker will jump in and rob you! Please president Trump, the governor, the mayor ,the senator and anyone else that has the power, please help us rid this valley of the crime bandits... We need help! Change the laws for stiffer penalties.
Flag Fri Jul 21, 2017
Don't know why they put me as a renter in Oceanside! I bought a house in Hemet, lived in San Diego prior. Weird!
Flag Wed Mar 8, 2017
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Mon Jan 30, 2017
These links may assist you with crime statistics:

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2 votes
Thank you. Very Helpful. I appreciate it.
Flag Fri Feb 10, 2017
Bobbymeskill…, Home Buyer, Hemet, CA
Tue Jul 19, 2016
2 votes
I stopped at a circle k on Florida and approached by two prostitutes, shithole usa!
Flag Sat Jul 15, 2017
Right! I'm gonna take the word of an ex con. Thanks but no thanks.
Flag Fri Feb 10, 2017
Elliottkawah…, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Wed Jun 22, 2016
Elliottkawahara, Home Buyer in
Hemet is horrible. It's always extremely hot, you can buy methamphetamine on nearly every street corner, theirs always cracked out zombies J walking across Florida avenue, you can't have packages left at your door by UPS or FedEx because someone will steal them, police officers will pull you over and search you if you walk late at night with no probable cause. If you have an older Honda or Toyota keep a close eye on it since they are the most commonly stolen. Just saying!
1 vote
I won't even walk outside late at night, I hope it gets better, otherwise, I'll be selling the house too :(
Flag Wed Aug 30, 2017
Total BS and useless comment.
Flag Fri Feb 10, 2017
Mccool, , Bonita / Long / Canyon, Chula Vista, CA
Thu Mar 8, 2012
no where is safe in hemet all sorts of perverts and punks that live with there parents, this place is not a place to raise kids , stay away, buy anywhere but in hemet you will lose all you money invested in your properties, check out you area most of them are squatters and cant even pay there bills muckh less rent. corrupt city officials and lazy police make it a very bad place to live,most people in hemet befriend you to use you or borow money or ask for somethingfrom you.also the prison release program and drugs house are everywhere.stay away move out anywhere but hemet.
1 vote
I agree, I came here 8 weeks ago for work, doing the floors in the Sanderson Walmart, and I can say from a guests perspective this town is a scab, meth everywhere so of course that means tweaker zombies, crime, is crazy,u can tell it would be a great town if not for the crime n drugs, cause everyone I have met that is sober has been very kind, friendly and helpful, this town deserves a new start and a solution to the drug,crime epidemic, I can say with certainty that I will not be coming back here ever again unless I meet my significant other in the next few weeks
Flag Wed Sep 6, 2017
Andielinn, Home Buyer, Hemet, CA
Sat Aug 15, 2009
Seriously? The East side of town is much safer than the West.
1 vote
Amanda Marie…, Renter, 92583
Thu Sep 21, 2017
Oh my God! Lol! The people bashing Hemet be like, "Oh, don't move here to Hemet! Sixth worst place to live in California!" I'm not saying that there aren't neighborhoods that don't have their troubles, but all you naysayers who are so against Hemet, I invite you to do a social experiment. Move out of Hemet. Stay a week in one of my top 5 worst places in California. 5)Adelanto 4)Victorville 3)East Long Beach 2)Compton 1)San Bernardino. I guarantee you that when you hear about your next door neighbor had just been robbed, beaten, and stabbed to death, you'll definitely have a change of heart.
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Amanda Marie…, Renter, 92583
Thu Sep 21, 2017
Lol! Oh my God. People bashing on Hemet be like, "Oh, don't move here to Hemet! It's the 6th worst city in the State of California!" I've lived here for nearly four years and let me be honest with you. If you naysayers are so against Hemet, I invite you to do a social experiment. Move out of the area and live in San Bernardino. Or the east side of Long Beach. Or Compton. Stay there for at least one week. I guarantee you that when you hear about your next door neighbor got robbed, stabbed, or shot to death, you'll definitely have a change of heart.
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Wilkamar1, Home Buyer, Hemet, CA
Mon Feb 13, 2017
From Meridian St. west there is more crime. Check the crime reports. Hemet does get a bad rap and it does have it's problems. If you don't have to raise kids it is not a bad place to live. It is NOT always hot. If you want a place to live that is less expensive and a slower pace with all the conveniences that you need it is not bad. I moved here seven years ago and have never had a problem. Pay attention and lock your doors and you should be fine. I lived in San Diego most of my life and I am happier here. The closer you live to stores the more there is crime. Guess these crooks don't all have cars.
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Andielinn, Home Buyer, Hemet, CA
Wed Aug 19, 2009
Um, Okay Sure.

East side has less crime and the more elite neighborhoods. West side has bank robberies, Latham street, and abandoned housing developments. Go figure.
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Donna Gibson, Home Buyer, Hemet, CA
Sat Aug 15, 2009
Ok, only if you like the Meth users or the gangs move too the East side town.
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Jane Grant, Agent, Aguanga, CA
Sun Aug 2, 2009
Here are two websites to help you out. The first is called bestplaces.net and it shows statistical results of crime based on FBI submitted reports.


This one is called the Great Schools website: http://www.greatschools.net/

.......has detailed information regarding schools and even has a place where consumers can leave comments about their personal experience regarding an individual school. The Idyllwild Arts Academy has a high rating. I personally have always liked Idyllwild because of it's mountain and small town feel, but this is my personal opinion.

Web Reference: http://www.soreal.biz
Web Reference:  http://www.soreal.biz
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Donna Gibson, Home Buyer, Hemet, CA
Mon Jul 27, 2009
Hi, Yes, stay away from downtown area, and East side of town, west side is BEST. Newer homes on North Warren Road & Devonshire (KB Homes). Esplanade East of Warren Road Stoney Mt. Ranch Sundance Homes ( Best area). Houses are selling very fast, bidding wars in both of these areas. Very desired areas. Good Luck Hemet Native
0 votes
Stoney mountain ranch is not a good place either. Shots rang out side of my window last night. Shooting my neighbor on an in home invasion. Not sure what his condition his. Cops have had my house taped off for the last 12 hrs. Hemet is just a bad place to live.
Flag Tue Jul 19, 2016
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