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Whats its like living in APCP in 2013?

Asked by Sunshine, 18334 Mon May 13, 2013

Hello I have been doing a lot of research on different blog site trying find information about Apcp. I am considering moving to the K section in a few months, and any insight about the community would be very helpful. I have heard and read so many different stories and most of them not so good. I notice that most of the post here is most recent and of all the horror stories that I did read were from very old posts from many years ago, can someone please help me better understand what's going on there today in 2013. Thx

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It really depends on where you live in PCP. I lived there for ten years. Our cars were broken into twice, and someone spray painted the back of one of our cars. My next door neighbor's home was broken into and the vandals spray painted curse words all through the house and took a sledge hammer or something and broke the walls. Our neighbor across the street had her home broken into twice before she put in an alarm. It was still broken into a couple more times because it was her vacation home. I was an at home mom so our home was never broken into. Really it depends on who your neighbors are. One summer we had a family move in and they were dealing drugs. The street was noisy with cars coming and going all night. They would sit in the woody area and smoke and urinate in the woods. After one year, thank God they moved away and then the block was quiet again.
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The community often referred to as "PCP" A Pocono Country Place. Is one of the largest communities
in the Northeast. Is there crime? I have seen very little in my almost 10 years in the community.
There are almost 5000 homes in the community. Some homeowners believe that taking down the gates is a good idea. The fact is PCP is a gated community. No one can bring a vehicle into the community unless they are called in by a resident. This means rovers stay out.
If you are involved in illegal activities you would do best to avoid this community. They have done an excellent job in getting rid of non law abiding individuals. The security dept is armed and most are police officers from other areas moonlighting. When you call 911 in another community for a health issue you wait for Pocono regional to arrive. In PCP there is a certified EMT on duty 24/7.
I have clocked the arrival time of these EMTs from 8 to 17 minutes before an ambulance has arrived.
These men and women are way out of the realm of security guards, and officially they are Peace Officers. The community looks better and better everyday and once Summer comes you will not want to leave. The Winters are brutal but the roads are continuously plowed. Make sure you lock in a fixed electric rate for the Winter months and always have a back up heating source or two. It truly is a nice area. If you are a normal citizen then I would say its the place for you. The Board of Directors has gone through many changes and continues to improve. The dues could come down from the $1500 or so if you pay monthly. But honestly the place gets a bad rap and the people are really nice.
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bad idea you will be making a big mistake i live there for 17 years and if you want to bye my house i will give it to you free that how bad it is i bought a home there just before the recession for $200.000 it worth 40.000 now the bylaws are like you are living in prison you have no right
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I will take you up on giving me your home if you think it's all that bad we can exchange numbers! Question? Why are you still here ????? And I'm willing to bet, that you probably don't involve yourself in any of the many active committees, activities nor do you attend the monthly board meetings where you may be able to make a difference!
Flag Sat Dec 20, 2014
I won't take it for you are offering....if it is as bad as you say...I'll give you $10k
Flag Sun Dec 22, 2013
I have been suggesting to APCP for some time that they should engage a PR person to assist in combating the poor image of the development that persists. My personal experience has always been quite positive; most homeowner that I know have a high regard for the community. Many have suggestions on how the development can and could be improved and my suggestion has been to attend the Property Owner Meetings and have your voice heard. It is a property owners association and their interest should be paramount. Most of the stories you hear are always second hand on the other hand with a development the size of APCP you will always have some discontent. By and large there are few places that have so much to offer at such a low, low price. So people are happy with the bargain prices that are available (if your a buyer), if your a seller that is a different story. There are few places that you can get more bang for the buck. Of course this is my opinion and you did ask for it.
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I go to K section most weekends. To be honest I have been going up there the past 3 years. I have met nothing but nice people there. I have the good fortune to have a relative that owns a house on Sunnyside Drive in K section. They never use it. Sad for them Great for me. I have a place in the country that I just have to mow the lawn n tidy it up. 2013 August J,K,L section all is good.
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APCP has a mixed bag of reports so are old and some are current. I have been an advocate for the development to hire a Public Relations person to help improve the image. It seems everyone forgets the size of APCP it is the size of Stroudsburg or slightly larger in the number of homes. With a larger population you have more police or security force activity as should be expected. New rules are implemented by the Home Owners Association from time to time which provokes some of the residence such as "Rental Fees", they have come out with a new rule that Real Estate People must sign in for the home(s) they are going to show the new wrinkle is they must return to the Administration Building in order to show the next home; obviously this will impact on sales in the development as other Developments make it far easier to show and sell homes, this will obviously impact upon sales in the development. Crime is not a major problem considering the size of the population. Most long term residents are happy, they would be happier if real estate prices would advance to the levels where they should be - but this is not the purpose of an HOA - but it should be. As the name implies it is a Home Owners Association (Property Owners Association) the price of homes impacts everyone.
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Wondering if you have been there to look yet? I am also looking and it is very hard with such conflicting stories. The most important issue for me is safety. I haven't been able to find any recent news articles with violent crimes so I just can't figure out all the negativity, yet the houses are so cheap something is has to be wrong?
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I own a home in APCP and have had theft in my driveway/break in to my car (on a lakefront street) as well as rocks thrown in my window. I have also had issues with a section 8 neighbor. Although security will arrive when called, it is difficult to get them to follow through (ie we never found out who broke the window or broke in the car and stole items so we feared recurrance). The Board is also very focused on raising fees to various groups to make up for the high foreclosures, instead of focusing on finding solutions to the foreclosure problem. The Board is very difficult to work with and even if you show up to meetings, it falls on deaf ears. And YES, I own IN APCP. I am not just talking. I can say, the gang activity has decreased. That does not appear to be an issue as it was in 2001-2006 when they were bringing buyers in from NYC. FYI the annual dues jumpd from $895 to $1300 in ONE YEAR. Be prepared because the board has discovered they pretty much can do anything they want as long as they make up a silly justification for it.
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Go to the meetings if you are a Property Owner and make you're voice heard and you can change things. Too many people voice their objections in open forumns instead of the schedule meetings and that is why things don't get changed. The HOA or POA is just that is should be run and governed by the "Property Owner's" and rule changes can be made by attending meetings and expressing you're dissatisfaction or you're recommendations for change. Becomve active and become part of the solution as everyone want's a better community.
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It is rare that rules change once enacted... and they are often passed quietly/under the radar then owners find out about them in the 11th hour. It is unfairly administered. Folks currently running APCP have big egos and no sense of do the right thing for APCP.
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A Pocono Country Place is a large, older community that for some reason receives bad press from time to time. APCP has a large population as often mentioned larger than Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg and statisticly has fewer problems. APCP Homeowners Association should invest part of their budget in a Public Relations Campaign to improve their image. The improved image would be a double edged sword, real estate values would climb and the purchase prices would increase and some people might not find it as attractive to invest as they do now. APCP has a very active recreational program, is located near the NYC Commuter Buses and has School Buses almost stopping by the door. The gated community has certain advantages such as central water and sewer that you do not find in many communities. You should read the community paper and it would give you a more comfortable feeling. The Administrative Staff are most helpful, if you don't get them at a busy part of their day. Push for a Public Relations Department and the image will
change and who ever is giving their version of a horroy story find out if they live in the community.
Lot of luck on you're decision.
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Thank you very much, this was very helpful.
Flag Tue May 14, 2013
Well, I am a Realtor with my office is right outside the main gate of APCP and my future wife just bought the home she has been renting for the past few the J's the best value for your money......I don't understand all the complaints about the community......the streets are clean......the residents mind their own business......there are rules......but most of them make sense....owners complain about the dues.....but it does include garbage pickup.....that would cost you about $600. a year, if you had to find your own refuse company.........I have had my office outside the community for 10 years.......years ago.....the police would be barreling down rt196 10 times a day, ...Now, if its once a week during business hours its a lot.....the best advise is to go see the community for yourself.....I believe , you'll be pleasantly surprised......and one last word on the subject........Most stories start from people who say THEY HEARD.......Well, I HEARD THEY WERE IDIOTS.....SHOULD I BELIEVE THAT.
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you are crazy i live there for 17 years worst mistake of my life it is like living in a prison although i never went to prison the bylaws laws are bad for homeowners
Flag Sun Dec 22, 2013
I can say that in the last 2 years, my children haven't had to endure as much exposure to swearing on the playground as they did in 2006-2009 timeframe. My husband had to scold a thuggish child who was dropping the F-Bomb right next to my toddler. Families like that need to be driven OUT.
Flag Wed May 29, 2013
Thank you very much, you insight is well appreciated. Do you have any Specifics on the K section? That's where I have been looking into. Thanks
Flag Mon May 13, 2013
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