My son is interested in buying a specific weekend home in Wild acres Dingmans Ferry. We are concerned with the crime statistics and vacant housing

Asked by Dennis Santoro, 08844 Tue Apr 10, 2012

My son lives in Brooklyn and I is a semi rural area of NJ. The property crime statistics appear higher in Dingmans Ferry area than where he lives in Brooklyn and both violent and property from where I live in NJ. We are concerned as we have traveled around the area and it seems to be a lot of derelict vacant homes. According to statistics 36% of homes in Dingmans ferry are vacant. We are very concerned.

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gino, Home Owner, Dingmans Ferry, PA
Wed Feb 13, 2013
I bought a home in Marcel lakes two years ago, I bought it to use on weekends & for investment 10 years or so down the road. It sat empty for over a year for sale with no problems, no copper thefts, etc. When I bought it I worked on it for five months before we were ready to occupy it. I left all my tools, materials & gear in the house and never had a problem. The community is nice, the dues are some of the cheapest around for what your getting, belive me I looked in other places. I've gotten to know others around here, especially in the summer when the pool is open, not too many complaints. We have new management with the last election this past summer, the guy running it is on the ball and putting a lot of his own time into getting things done. I myself plan on pitching in as others do to help beautify the common areas. There are foreclosure homes everywhere and plenty here, but there are still alot of summer only & weekend occupants here. I did plan when buying, that if I did have to retire in this house in Marcel, I could be happy there. I live in NJ
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David Thoenig, Agent, sparta, NJ
Fri Apr 13, 2012
If the issues of crime concerns you, I would refer you to these local news websites that cover the area.Most of the communities are gated have 24 hrs security…
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Vitaminc70, Home Buyer, Dingmans Ferry, PA
Wed May 17, 2017
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Car99b6, Home Buyer, Dingmans Ferry, PA
Fri Jul 22, 2016
wild acre alright if you like racist stuff very high crime all place stink why think wild acres
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noone233, Home Buyer, Dingmans Ferry, PA
Sun Jul 7, 2013
wild acres and dingmans crime consist of vandalism/drunk drivers way safer than anywhere in brooklyn period
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Elisa, Home Buyer, Dingmans Ferry, PA
Mon Jul 1, 2013
If you like living in long island type suburbs you may like wild acres.
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rebekah_lari…, , Dingmans Ferry, PA
Mon Oct 22, 2012
I have lived in Dingmans Ferry for 9 years, since fifth grade. I am not a college freshman, and although I'm glad I got away from Dingmans Ferry, I miss it very much. As crime goes, there was none that I knew of, and I lived there for 9 years of my life. It is a peaceful place, besides the occasional loud person, it is a good place to live. I occupied a house in Birchwood lakes with my mother, father, older brother, and younger sister, and have never had a problem with neighbors or crime, and we have been there for 9 years. Although the homes do seem vacant, there are many vacationers from New York and other big cities, making it seem like it is an empty area. Everyone knows just about everyone there, and most people are friendly, give them a wave and they'll most likely wave back. :)
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lerose55, Home Buyer, Sevierville, TN
Wed Sep 12, 2012
We have no problems at all in our Dingmans Ferry home in Marcel Lake, so not sure where you got that information, ours is a vacation home, we use on a occasional weekend. Our home has been there since 1999. We have a beautiful home. It was going to be our retirement home in the future. But are moving on to FL. With my illnesses I cannot handle the cold.

When we first bought, most people also used their houses as weekend and vacation get-away, I just think with the economy the way it is, people could no longer afford 2 homes. We are a perfect example of that. The bigger ones are still used, some for sale, its the smaller ones, that people just let them go. What I am saying in 13 years no problems.

I'm not saying no one has not had any trouble, its everywhere. You should look at FL, robberies here are daily occurance here, 2 dozen a day, you just pray it isn't you. But our work brought us here and cannot wait to move from the area. Not safe in South FL. ex: my neighbor got robbed 4 times in 2 months, that doesn't include the other neighbors. You sit in your house with a gun for safety.
Dingmans Ferry doesn't even come close.
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twin1118, Home Buyer, Orlando, FL
Tue Sep 11, 2012
living in marcel lake estates. the staff is rude. secuity personnel is a drunk man. racist and curse people. looking forward to leaving. dues are high and the roads are horrible. garbage compactor is loaded with garbage and the excess bags a loaded in front of the compactor. stinking and a terrible sight to see. really embarrased to have visitors here. roads are littered constantly with garabge. lots of vacancies and people that do not pay their dues. property values are low. marcel lake need the state, county or some other to take over.marcel lake board of directors are thiefs- stealing a lot. good luck..
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lerose55, Home Buyer, Sevierville, TN
Sun Jul 8, 2012
Our house is for sale in Marcel Lake, we don't seem to have any trouble ours is a weekend or vacation or full time live. We are getting alot of full time people now. We have full time security drive around in the night time hours. If they know you are just an occasional homeowner they keep an eye on your house.
I think in our development they were vacations houses alot of them, or snowbirds. So that is why there are more vacant ones, With the economy like it is, people cannot afford to own 2 houses anymore, we can thank our gov't for that.

I am not sure about Wild Acres, if it is mostly vacation homes, then I am sure they might have for problems with break ins.
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Dennis Santo…, Home Seller, 08844
Sat Apr 21, 2012
Thank You for your answers, but I find the answer we have are problems like anywhere else usually comes from agents in the area and is not comforting. I' ve done quite a bit more research since I asked the question and unfortunately Dingmans Ferry does not look favorable. The homes are not vacant because of vacationers that are away, but foreclosed and abandoned . Actually according to the census over 30% of homes are vacant. not a very good sign. When I read in the papers of 2 burglaries in one gated community in the first half of the month, I think its time to move on.
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BTW, I live a 1/4 mile from Wild Acres. Crime goes where there are people to victimize. My neighbors are year round and attentive.
Flag Mon Apr 30, 2012
I have to comment because I own a home in DIngmans Ferry. I DO NOT live in Wild Acres. Gated community does not mean safe. I have NEVER had a problem with security at my home, check the crime rates, it is in the gated communities, NOT private homes. DIngmans is not a bad place to live, it is rural, expect that, so not much night life. Clean water, clean air, beautiful lakes, etc. that's there. 30% vacant sounds high, but I would have to say most of those are in the communities also. I can go down my street and tell you who lives in each house. Many people bought in Wild Acres as vacation homes and those are the first to be affected by income decline. Have you read teh Dispatch? Get a sense of what is really going on by reading local papers. Crime is not the problem you are making it out to be here.
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Bellamorris, , Bethlehem, PA
Sat Apr 21, 2012
I grew up in Pocono Mountain Lake Forest and Wild Acres, i honestly would not recommend Dingmans Ferry to anyone. like Dave Thoenig said, most of the communities are gated and have security. there is such a high percent of vacancy because a lot of the homes in that area are used as summer and vacation homes; families mostly from New York. Dingmans Ferry and around that area aren't a good place to live. having a vacation home there is different, its in the middle of no where so you can get away from everything for a little bit. but when you live there 24/7 there is absolutely nothing to do there. the schools aren't very good either if your son has kids. i was apart of the Dingman Delaware School District, im so thankful i moved away from there, i wouldn't have had half the opportunities i did if i hadn't moved. i grew up in Dingmans Ferry but i wouldn't recommend living in that area 24/7..
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Funny my niece graduated from DVHS last year and got an academic scholarship to Cornell University. At the graduation ceremony one of the speakers mentioned DVHS being one of the top ranked schools in the area. Just for kicks I just checked and found DVHS was ranked #40 in PA and awarded a Silver Medal Nationwide. Not saying it's the best ever; but it certainly appears to garner more merit than you're willing to mention. Perhaps you just had a bad experience there. As for "nothing to do..." Dingman's is rural. People live in rural areas because they don't like the noise, air pollution, litter and stink of heavily congested city blocks. If you can find nothing to do in a rural area you're obviously more of an indoor/city type person. If you were a happy country/rural dweller you'd know how to completely enjoy all that nature offers, e.g., hiking the forests, climbing the mountains, swimming the lakes, skiing the snow slopes, dirtbikes/motorcross, atv's, horses, biking, et al.
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Lauren Bianco, Agent, Hawley, PA
Thu Apr 12, 2012
Dear Dennis,

There are many lovely residential and vacation communities in Pike County, PA and, like anywhere else, each have their pros and cons. If the issues of crime concerns you, I would refer you to these local news websites that cover the area.…

If you would like further information on homes for sale in this area or any other locations in our Wayne/Pike Counties, please feel free to contact me directly @ or and I'd be happy to assist you!

Thanks, Lauren
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I have a lakefront property in Wild Acres and absolutely love it. The community does have vacant homes, some foreclosures and some bad properties. A few sections are
trashy and you would not want to be there. Other sections are extremely nice, peaceful and quiet. I have never had a crime issue, nor have my neighbors although there is some crime (break ins) as most homes are vacation properties and therefore often empty. It is now well run, although in the past there were some eastern European ethnic issues and divisiveness in the community. There is a community police force which does a good job in my opinion. The negatives of Wild Acres seem to be in the past and not nearly present to a large degree now.
Flag Thu Jul 28, 2016
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