Is the presence of crime and gangs in Pocono Country Place as bad as people say?

Asked by Matt Duffy, Philadelphia County, PA Tue Jun 5, 2012

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dppcigar, Home Owner, Tobyhanna, PA
Mon Feb 11, 2013
Pocono Country place is a large community. It makes up most of Monroe County. It is truly a small city. It is a very safe place and I have owned 2 homes here for over 7 years. I have great neighbors
and all the people I have met over the years are wonderful. Most people seem to be New York and New Jersey transplants. APCP is a very ethnically diverse community. Just like the rest of the United States. Some people think because they see someone that is of different color thy get uncomfortable
and fall back into sterotypes. Other people who don't live in APCP love to say negative things about the community that they don't even live in. Others complain because they were kicked out. I love the community and I have no problem paying the $1350 HOA fee. They run a tight ship patrolling roads for speeders and enforcing fines for the irresponsible neighbors who can 't keep up their property. And they have a strict tenant screening process for those that have to rent. The main section has
the best lakefront of all the communities in the area. I know. I looked at every lake for over a year period of time before I bought in APCP. Loved it so much I purchased another home in there.
I have kids 12 and 10 and they love it there. Its close to everything and the ammenities are very nice.
Talk to people who live there to get the facts not what written by disgruntled kicked out neighbors.
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Real Talk. I've been living here for two years from the drug and gang infested streets of Harlem NY. Y'all don't know what ghetto is. Stop calling PCP. "Ghetto" I lived in the NYCHA and you want to see ghetto thats ghetto. The smell of weed all day every day. Loud music outside and inside. Groups of gangs on every block from miles. Motorcylcles racing up and down the block. Cop sirens chasing drug dealers and y'all call PCP Ghetto ? I haven't seen anything that resembles ghetto since I moved there. I haven't locked my car in two years. All I see is deer and wildlife. Kids live there and they're home at dusk. So stop giving the place a bad rep. The PCP police are great they come right away and they listen to whats going on. For the money you pay, you get out the hood. What do expect ? Its worth the money. I'm not going back to Harlem or the Bronx.
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I have been looking in that area and lake Ariel and tobyhanna. For a weekend getaway property. I'm concerned I want it to be safe. Are these areas safe ??? Janet
Flag Tue Mar 21, 2017
I loces here for 27 years Pcp is the worst ever . They don't call it pocono crack palace for nothing
Flag Wed Mar 1, 2017
"ethnically diverse". Is that a euphemism for a ghetto? You are a Real Estate Agent. quit wasting everyone's time.
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I agree. My family and I are very happy here, and it is a shame that a few are badmouthing and trying to APCP. Kudos to you for also sharing your positive experience.
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Hello I have been doing a lot of research on different blog site trying find information about Apcp. I am considering moving to the K section in a few months, and any insight about the community would be very helpful. I have heard and read so many different stories and most of them not so good.i do notice that your post is most recent and of all the horror stories that I did read were from old posts, can you please help me better understand what's going on there today in 2013.thank you
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jta13, Home Buyer, 18466
Mon Jul 2, 2012
Matt, I live in Pocono Country Place. I've lived in Pennsylvania my whole life. What I've learned is if you have school aged kids, trouble will find your door. There are far too many aggressive punks in here that have parents that work in New York and are never home so these thugs do as they please. If you don't have young kids, you're much better off. I have fantastic neighbors and friends in here but the thug issue gets overwhelming at times. The closer you are to the main gate, the better off you are as well. This means you're close to their internal security detail. Any more questions, just ask. I'll answer you truthfully.

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I am trying to move out there this August and I have children should I be concerned about gang activity or any other issues as far as bullying
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I agree with jta13 comments 100%. Not long ago, I gave a ride to a resident of that community, and came around the corner from his house "where I found a group of teenage black kids" that would not move from the middle of the road, and they wouldn't let me through, I had to turn around.... As I turned my vehicle around, they started to scream at me all kind of insults, and threw rocks at my car.
""" AGGRESSIVE PUNKS is the correct phrase!!! """
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wgm10, , 11720
Wed Jan 22, 2014
My grandparents purchased one of the first homes built in A Pocono Country Place in 1979, when the community was new. The home and its location were beautiful. By the mid to late 1990s I noticed a significant decline in the area when we went to the house. My family sold the house in the early 2000s but the house took several years to sell. People were only interested in renting the home and the community continued to decline. We had one tenant who trashed the property and damaged the pristine home. My grandmother sued the tenant. The house decreased in value when it was sold. I looked it up recently and in 2012 it sold for less than half of what my grandparents paid for it. If anyone is interested in buying a home in the area, I suggest Pocono Farms. I know people who lived in the area. Their home increased in value and the community flourished as the years went by.
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veronica, Home Buyer, Queens, NY
Wed Mar 16, 2016
i agree I lived here since 1988 and never had a problem with any one in the community and I love it here especially in the summer time.
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I'd love to potentially have a summer home there nowadays. I wonder if 275L is still there. :-)
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My family used to have property at PCP. 275L was the "address" I guess. That's about 30 years ago. I always wondered as a kid what that address really is. I think it was on Knollwood Dr or Winding way.
Flag Sat Nov 12, 2016
My family used to have property at PCP. 275L was the "address" I guess. That's about 30 years ago. I always wondered as a kid what that address really is. I think it was on Knollwood Dr or Winding way.
Flag Sat Nov 12, 2016
you are a Real Estate agent, no doubt.
Flag Tue May 10, 2016
Hi Veronica, I am glad to hear your answer. We are planning to move there in the Summer God willing, and I am a little scare of the transition.
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Money Man, Home Owner, Mount Pocono, PA
Sun Dec 22, 2013
I guess for a small town community, PCP(Pocono Country Place) has some what elevated levels of criminal activity.

It is a low cost real estate community, which seems to attract low income comers from NY, NJ and Philadelphia. It was originally designed as a retreat community for people that needed a place to relax away from the turmoils of city life. But. After the 9-11 the NY terrorist attacks, it truly became a hide-out for all the undesirables as most people "natives of this area call them."

There are almost no skilled jobs available in this area, and if you end up moving to this area, you would most likely end up working for the food and service industry. LOW INCOME PAYING JOBS.

There is some Gang activity and mostly Drug related, or break-in crimes at most. Some people do become victims violent criminal nature from time to time.
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Johncatalano…, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Thu Jun 2, 2016
NO WAY!!!!!!! We have been living here over 7 years and have nothing but great things to say about PCP. We have great neighbors, great security and much more. Would not live anywhere else.
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Themedorkk, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Fri Aug 21, 2015
We got roped in to go on a short vacation here. Its ghetto in the summer at least. When you think Poconos you dont think Bronx NY. The beach and the pool were both dirty. Its not a nice place to go. If you live here and own one of the houses that aren't boarded up, I feel for you.
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Kellyh1022, Home Buyer, Lehighton, PA
Sun Jun 28, 2015
That's what happens when "entitled a**holes" move to country from the city. They congregate together and bring their problems with them. The Poconos used to be a beautiful, less populated, relatively crime free area. Now Monroe county is mostly city transplants. It's a shame.
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Money Man, Home Owner, Mount Pocono, PA
Sat Apr 12, 2014
Realtors will always want you believe wonderful things about any community you ask... Why? Because if they don't tell you BS they won't be able to sell houses, if they don't sell, they do not make any money. LOGICAL.
If you really want to know the true facts about any area you wish to research? Ask a local resident of the area, a true resident of the community you wish to inquire about, would not lie about the place they live at. Realtors are like layers, they tell you only what you want to hear, not what you should know. Do your research... You will never, ever hear a single negative thing coming out of a real estate agent. (EVER!)

You want the truth? Just ask people that live in the area, or community you are interested in. People who own homes in any community you seek "will telll you the honest truthful" the real facts of the place they live at.

Good Luck!
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FYI it is against the law to comment negatively about any area at all. The only answer I can give and legal is do your homework, research the area for yourself.
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Home owners have vested interest in promoting an area as wonderful.It helps to keep their home value up.Check crime stats.
Flag Wed Jun 8, 2016
RIGHT!!! Because of relator enthusiasm...My ex is miserable owner of two houses in APCP
Flag Fri May 8, 2015
I absolutely resent everything you just said other than "do your own research" and just as an FYI it is against the law to comment negatively about any area at all. "I defer to answer" or "do you own research" is the only acceptable and legal answer.

And as a resident of both Pocono Farms and PCP I never had any problems and was always in complete awe of the rumors that circulated about both areas.
Flag Sat Apr 12, 2014
I live in the community; left a vacation home years ago and could NOT wait to come back. Now here full time. LOVE IT...they have more than any other place and the neighbors are all out for each other. A REAL sense of community; we have tennis, beach, boating, ice skating rink, the BEST playground, dances, clubs, unbelievable AND more things in the works. Have a beautiful home and wouldn't live anywhere else. The Public Safety for the community is outstanding. Once, not such a good rep, now A GOLD STAR WINNER from the Community Association Institute!
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mtmcinc@ptd.…, Home Owner, Tobyhanna, PA
Sun Dec 22, 2013
join me mac ramdat @ twitter .com so we can bring the community to it knees i am asking all the home owners from pcp lets get together and form a revolution and take down the prison gates and security so we can live in peace i have been living there for 17 years and is the biggest mistake i have ever make in my life i bought three homes and have lost hundreads of thousand of dollars because of the rules and regulation the property have lost half its value i cannot afford to pay the dues anymore it is costing me $4200 per year plus there is always some violation the last one was disobeying the employee of pcp please i am begging lets get together and takes the by laws down
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Ruth and Per…, Agent, Los Gatos, CA
Sat Nov 2, 2013
Hi Matt

Check out

As well as make a call into the local Police Station and ask.

Good luck

Web Reference:
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DerbaDooRite, , East Brunswick, NJ
Fri Jun 21, 2013
Face it - those rumors haven't spread for no reason.

Check out the percentage of foreclosures in that community. If you are looking for a home and the people in this thread alone have remarked to find a unit closest to the gate means they too are afraid of living further from the gate. The security guards actually "carry" because they need to (a telling sign) and the Police don't even like to answer calls there.

If it is to be a primary home I would try to stay away from ALL "communities" The bylaws and fees will add to your cost and grief. Check out any area during all four seasons before you buy. Services such as snow removal etc seems to be geared towards the type of community it is, percentage of full-time, summer, or winter residents. How many are transient rentals? Explore your options.

I lived in the area for 3 years and knew better than to go anywhere near that place.

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researchdir1, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Fri May 17, 2013
We had a house here prior to 9/11 and chose to buy here again; we love it and feel perfectly safe.
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Elizabeth Ga…, Home Buyer, F.A.M.U., Tallahassee, FL
Tue Mar 19, 2013
Yes the crime is bad here. You loose all your rights to the so called public safety clowns and the board in here .DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS HELL HOLE. You will be safer in New York City.
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We need to speak with someone before we vacation at PCP regarding the crime issue. Is there someone we can contact? thank you!
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I need to contact someone at PCP before we vacation there regarding the crime issues. Is there someone we can speak with? Thank you.
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Notgivingit, , North Carolina
Mon Aug 6, 2012
There are to many fees to count there. I lived there for two years and yes there are gangs there. Someone was found by the lake dead 2 years ago murdered inside the gate. The rules are crazy and they citation for the some of the most ridiculous things. If you move there get as close to the gate as possible. Session H has a gang problem trying to arise. Please at all cost if you have children move up front near the gates or just move to Pocono Farms period. I moved to another state and the new tenants had trash in the yard along with other things and they tried to cite me a $1000 for a place I had not stayed in over a year.
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Cinnamon1025, Home Buyer, Hellertown, PA
Mon Jun 18, 2012
I would reccomend one of the Farms over PCP. Pocono Farms if you want ammenities, and Pocono Farms East if you dont (cheaper fee's). I know people who live in both and they have never had any problems.
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Alexandervig…, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Fri Aug 18, 2017
I've been in pcp for one year and I think it's a very nice community
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Radid2181, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Sat Aug 12, 2017
I was told that pcp is broken down into letter sections.. i dont understand.. n what can anyone tell me about section k
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Office, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Thu Jun 8, 2017
Many people say negative things in order to appear important or to try to appear to "know it all." People who have never visited APCP or who have never lived there are the worst "know it alls." Pocono Country Place is a big community. It is filled with average people like you and me - all just trying to live their lives. Does anything bad ever happen? Of course! But one of the ritziest neighborhoods in the Poconos had a guy kill his friend. So, does bad happen? Of course it does, just as it does everywhere, but the GOOD predominates.

Stop spreading bad stuff as if it is the only thing. The local newspaper has even cleaned up its act. At one point, it reported that a dog was tied to a stop sign 1/4 mile south of APCP. It was in fact in another development. I called the paper and asked, "What next? Someone was killed in Hazleton an hour west of this development!?!" Get the point?

Anyway, let's all be positive and live our lives in a positive manner.
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Chrispage197…, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Fri May 26, 2017
A couple of years ago a 45 year old woman was abducted from her house in broad daylight and no one did a thing to stop it .
She was found a week later dead her body mutilated naked and raped by the lake 200 yards from her front door.
It was in the news paper.
The investigation is still ongoing
Whoever did that to her lives
In pocono country place
I don't and would never want to live in a place where god has seemed to forgotten so many .

Pocono country place has been forsaken by god and all others.
It's nice to the naked eye but
As dangerous as the streets of Oakland California where I'm from.
My advice pack a big gun and make sure it's in the open so people can see it.
Keep some very people aggressive dogs in your home and install a alarm system.
And don't open the door for people you don't know.
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Rulesofthesun, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Tue Mar 21, 2017
I am looking for a weekend getaway in pa. Is the tobyhanna area safe and also the pics I lakes area ? Thank you. Janet
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Matthew112672, Home Buyer, Woodhaven, NY
Thu Dec 8, 2016
Is that within state law for home owners of PCP to be held responsible for other driver visiting home owners residents
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Matthew112672, Home Buyer, Woodhaven, NY
Thu Dec 8, 2016
Is that within state law for home owners of PCP to be held responsible for other driver visiting home owners residents
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Gangorn, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Fri Sep 2, 2016
I know this is an old question but the honest truth is the crime in Pocono Country Place is no better or worse than anywhere else for the number of people who live in the community. My family moved into the community in the 1980's and I purchased my own home in 2009. From a news perspective it is easy to label a community and it's a very easy way to find "bad" stories as the area is easily identifiable vs. something that is ambiguous, like Stroudsburg or East Stroudsburg. I have lived in the community since I have been 8 years old and while there are bad elements they are not unique to this community or area.
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Birdman221, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Fri Aug 12, 2016
Can anyone tell me about the driving conditions during the winter month's in mount pocono?
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Valorius300, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Fri Jul 29, 2016
I've been looking for a home in Pocono farms, several locals including my realtor told me to NEVER even consider buying in PCP, it is "the badlands."
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Did you wind up ever purchasing in Pocono Farms? I'm currently looking @ a home in Pocono Farms, but I am nervous being that it's so close to APCP.....
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Michael, Home Buyer, Coolbaugh Township, PA
Tue May 10, 2016
We live safely at the Army Depot. My son shares same school with PCP in Middle School. First week of school his cell phone was stolen. Little did the thief know, every move he made was on camera. He resides at PCP.

I can testify a school principle in the region tells me direct about the community. It is the worst area to live and raise a family. It's notorious. There is a park direct outside of Army Depot where the criminals bleed over and hang out. There has been a murder there.

Homes there have been foreclosed. They sell at 1/2 their value. That tells you something.

I have a co-worker who knows the area very well. He exaggerates but he tells me that the police don't patrol because they are outgunned. This is an area where gang members who shoot up in NYC run to and hide. Gangs control street corners. If this is your idea of quality of life, feel free to move into PCP. Don't believe the Real Estate Agents on here who are desperate beyond words to sell homes.
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Wow Michael, five negative posts in a day, you are quite prolific! As for your description of APCP, there are no gangs on the street corners, and the public safety officers have mostly negated the need for police interaction. I'm not a realtor and I've owned a house here for the last 4 years. Growing up in Sweden I can only compare this place with some of the safest (and whitest) neighborhoods on the planet, and I have to say that I never have had a problem here, even if I think the HOA should make some policy changes. Try to relax a little.
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Mark Cowan, Agent, Oklahoma City, OK
Fri Aug 21, 2015
A good place to check on Crime Rates is the local Law Enforcement websites. You may be able to search specific areas and determine where the safe area's are.
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Brudz2009, Home Buyer, Gouldsboro, PA
Fri May 8, 2015
Yes and nothing changed since 2007....Well fees are higher....water/sewer bill are higher...Due money are spent who know for!!! sorry!!!y part was on new uniforms(70,000) and better offices for administration and Christmas presents Yes for administration because I did not get any from them...when I bought houses in 2007 I paid 1,000 community fee .Now is 1,350 and no improvement...Fore closure is the highest here in whole Monroe county.. The weak school district ....but what can u expect if most parents are in HERBAL business who cares about study and behavior of kids.. Lets go HIGH!!!.and Monroe county at all is not good to live... School taxes are highest schools were build....old good closed Good teacher fired and the buildings are rotting.... Not only APCP but all Monroe County should be reorganized!!!! Lack of good budgeting...and Ordinary Smiths are paying for stupidy and lack of responsibility of those we are choosing to Govern...They announce proudly about places to work...o yea!!! a lot for 7.50 per hour... And why I am not surprise that Monroe Co. Welfare office is full of recipients? Do not be blind! We want to be Children Of God ....We want to have high moral and ethic standards ...but if your child has no food or shelter u gone still...or find a Herbal business...Poverty is Mother of Crime...So... what I did???I moved out let my Evil EX have houses in APCP !THE BEST REVANGE let him suffer and he does!... I Moved to Pike Co where I got help to obtain training and decent job...bought mobile home in crime free community(criminal history check) and one of the best school district... I live debt free life...with total fees 3000 (-water, sewer, taxes, community and garbage removal included).My only responsibility is keep property clean and pay on time. I Wish U to have a courage to do the same. MOVE OUT APCP and Monroe or Good luck because u REALY need it!!!
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LJKLJLJLK, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Tue Mar 17, 2015
I love Pocono Country Place, bought it in 2013, I am in the Main section, completed some renovations, have great neighbors, had an awesome summer up there with kids and we have just come through a snowy winter which was amazing as we skied almost every weekend.

The community's diverse, but where isn't it diverse, times are changing, just for the record name me a town or state that don't have gangs, I just don't enable those thoughts. The board of PCP have a load of rules and there is some politics and nonsense that goes on but after living in condo apartment for years and putting up with noisy neighbors and other inconveniences thy are that bad just a bit out of date with technology and thought process. The place is clean, tidy and safe, roads are snow ploughed, but would caution there aren't side walks.

We so many things to do in the area it is shocking how the Poconos has just not been marketed better, which is not the fault of PCP. We have dear that are in my back yard every morning which is just amazing.

Overall a great community, had some bad elements but great place to live after the madness of NY

Overall we have had a great year there, even though the bears
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My husband and I had a beautiful home in k-l section for over 10 years. We used the house every weekend with our 3 kids and loved every minute of it . Unfortunately we had to walk away from the property due to the mentality Of gang acceptance. I live in Princeton NJ and we have NO GANGS here. Many family/friends are police officers so I do know what's going on. The people in PCP have accepted that gangs are there and that's the problem. It's ok to turn your head and complain and not help correct the problem.
Flag Thu Jul 9, 2015
sure !!!! and how many houses u want to sell no matter what???
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sixfour417, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Thu Nov 6, 2014
I hate to hear all this negative energy about PCP, I just moved there from Harlem, 145th 8th Ave. You guys want to complain about noise, sirens and ghetto foolishness , Go to Harlem and you will be running back to PCP. I lived on the twenth floor in Drew Hamilton and the noise was crazy ! PCP is a God send compared to where I come from, yeah there's bad people everywhere, but for the money I will deal with PCP and send you guys to live rent free in Harlem for one night and you will appreciate PCP.
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comparing PCP to Harlem is inaccurate. why not compare PCP to 20 years prior when it wasn't controlled by gangs??
Flag Tue May 10, 2016
Och Harlem is a haven compared to APCP
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Carm Andee, Home Seller, Tobyhanna, PA
Mon Apr 14, 2014
APCP is a dump. My husband bought a house to flip in there (obviously, without doing any research) back in 2007. We had contracted with a local contractor (lazy, piece of sh**) and ended up in a legal battle until 2010. My husband passed away that summer unexpectedly, so the property fell into my hands. Over the past 3 plus years, it has been nothing but a problem. That community is gated to keep the crime INSIDE its gates. My house was spray painted with the word "SH**" across it, and then the HOA charged me $500 to put a coat of spray paint over it so you couldn't see what it said, without even calling me. All of the building materials my husband had bought were stolen out of the house. The thieves came back and cut the pipes in the basement to steal all the copper, as well as taking all the copper out of the baseboards inside the house. They were trying to take the refrigerator out, but failed. I found it by the front door. I sent a friend of mine who is a contractor to the house to fix it all up so I could sell it....shortly after completing the work, the animals were back to steal the copper again. This time, my friend had used PEX instead of copper, so they cut the pipes anyway to get about $5 worth of copper. Cost me $2,000, plus a $7,000 water bill this they purposely turned the water on and let it run. Someone shot a beebee gun at the house, there is a small bullet hole through one of the windows. Charming, right? The women employees working for APCP are the nastiest, morons you could ever think of dealing with. With the exception of Rose at the front desk and Kim who is in the accounting dept, I think. The men were always pretty nice as well. However, nobody will answer the phone at all after about 4:00, because they leave at 4:30 and don't want to be bothered. If I called with a problem or to get help, I was treated very poorly. These women have very bad attitudes and should be fired the way they talk to Owners (the very people actually paying their salaries). If I asked a question, I would be fought with and yelled at and sometimes hung up on. Stay clear of this place! If I could post a negative number for the rating, I would!!!
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you should sue them because if they are a gated communnity and your paying for secuity then they have failed to protect your house.they really need to be sued then they will take security more serious and patrol like they are sussposed to
Flag Wed Jun 24, 2015
This is worse then Getto of the Hell....u cannot sell anything over there.. u are the owner but u are not really..."police" happily writes you tickets for a breath and pay tenant registration fee but u are responsible for tenants ticket and misbehavior as well...I would say is a double income from occurrence highly illegal.But the only law there is THEIRS .No Justice,there is nobody to talk or Appeal from.Yes I tried when I evicted my tenanst and did not have to renew their registration. For simple reason nobody was living there ...At this time I was in hospital and miss APCP letter fine 1500! no ability to appeal...The only way to make it work is make rebel!!! Fire corrupted administration and pass criminal history check for everybody!!! u do not pass u not live here!!!We have drug dealers and sex offenders here.Good Luck to all owners!!! We really need it!!!!
Flag Fri May 8, 2015
What section were you in?
Flag Mon Feb 23, 2015
Is the Pocono Pines. Near lake Guenevere. I am looking into buying a home ofr vacation purpose. For me and my Family only. Not rental. But I ant to do research abut the area first. The house is near that lake on King Arthur rd in pocono pines.
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researchdir1, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Sat Apr 12, 2014
Pocono Farms is fine, too, but no activities
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Brandon, Agent, Tobyhanna Township, PA
Fri Apr 11, 2014
No not at all! This comment is based on my experience as a realtor as well as personal experience in living there the last few years. I have had no bad experiences of "gang activity" or crime, all I hear is the rumors. Further more my personal belief is that the rumors derive from the fact that any reported crime exists at all in an area where once upon a time had very little if any reported crime.

The truth of the matter is that, yes there are more reports of crime in that area than others, but in the grand scheme of things you could not even begin to compare this area with others that posses "actual" crime like in NYC or New Jersey or Philly for that matter.
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ahaha!! The Real Estate Agent considers crime as "actual". smh. Crime is crime. And when you pay $ to live in a safe environment you should get same result.
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Hello I'm currently looking for a single family home in Monroe County pa. It's section 8 can you help me. My email address is
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mtmcinc@ptd.…, Home Owner, Tobyhanna, PA
Mon Dec 23, 2013
yes you do not want to live but if you do i can sell you my house
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no, thanks!!!!
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Hector.vazqu…, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Sat Nov 2, 2013
I currently own 3 homes at PCP. Gangs and crime are not visible here, this is just bad reputation that it got during the early 2000's. Some of these negative stereotype's are difficult to eliminate. I have not seen any crime or had any bad experiences myself. The community cracked down on this a long time ago and its a flourishing community with beautiful homes and great neighbors. I recommend this community to anyone looking to raise a family and enjoy all the summer amenities and the winter skiing.
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pauldusa01, Home Owner, Stroudsburg, PA
Fri Oct 11, 2013
I have lived in the Poconos for over 20 yrs, it's true yrs ago the problems were much more with the crime, but in the past few yrs I would say they cleaned it up allot as I have a Lic. , Insured & bonded called Abest Plumbing Electric Heating Service business at 570 431 9476 - Google my business and see what others say about me...and I hear from customers all the time of other service people over charging home owner for repairs. and besides over charging customers, some of the service people don't even do the job correctly, today I did a service call on a not working Hot water heater and noticed the past installer did not install a input valve on it, poor job.. I run into other customers for years that have horror story's about service guys in the Poconos, most of the people are not in the lease happy or like there past experiences with them. the customer in Pcp today I serviced the water heater, said they don't even lock there car doors in there driveway ever, and have never had any problems, they live in K section.
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flah, Home Owner, Tobyhanna, PA
Sat Aug 10, 2013
I've lived here since '89. It used to be quiet and peaceful. When we first moved here from NJ, we couldn't believe how quiet and peaceful it was.

Now I see graffiti, blatant littering and hear cars with ridiculously loud mufflers racing up and down the streets in the middle of the night. The security can't stop them, but they'll fine you for going 10 mile over the speed limit??? PCP is about 7 miles around, and they have the speed limit set to a measly 25 mph. Come on! 35 mph is a comfortable speed. Almost everyday now, fire trucks and ambulance trucks race by. I know of one murder and many drug busts. There's probably more that I don't know about.

Where do our dues go? Did the welcome center really need a makeover. I can't even fix my moss ridden roof or rotting deck. We don't need a gate or "Security". That would lessen our yearly dues. You need a permit for everything, then they want to dictate to you what you can or cannot do on your own property.

I moved here when I was 12 and bought the house next door to my childhood home to be next to my family. My mother short saled her home and went to Hawaii. My sister moved to DC. Now I'm stuck in this dilapidated home that was built only for the summer months and does nothing to keep you warm in the loooong months of winter.

I never used to lock my doors and felt safe going on my runs. Now I feel very unsafe due to the lack of respect some of the people have for the area they live in. I am disheartened now when I hear banging outside and have to wonder if they were gunshots.

I hardly get a good nights sleep anymore because of shouting and cursing, ridiculous mufflers, motorcycles and sirens at all times of the night.

I would suggest finding a better place to live. The Poconos is full of beautiful areas with plenty of land and more attractive homes.
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researchdir1, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Sat Jun 22, 2013
The foreclosures are due to people who were working class in the first place and then lost it all in the recession.

Now, there are many MANY middle class people living here; the rentals, however, sometimes become an issue and now the Board is charging a higher surcharge for that, which may make a positive difference.

LOVE IT HERE though!
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Jenny, Home Owner, Tobyhanna, PA
Fri May 17, 2013
I purchased a home in August of 2012, and have not seen any of these horrific issues that people have been describing. I was hesitant to move here based upon the poor reviews, but am very happy that I did. I have a daughter who is 10, and she has many friends who have good caring parents very close by. My neighbors are quiet, friendly and respectful. Public safety patrols regularly, citing speeders and monitors our playground. I do agree that the management is on the poor side when it comes to being helpful and available, but unless you are doing something wrong, or against the rules, or behind on payments they leave you alone. The only person I ever heard complain about being cited for unsightly property, was someone who did surely, have a littered, debris ridden property. If you move to a community with rules and bylaws, you need to expect to follow them for the well being and enjoyment of all residents. At the end of the day, my family is truly happy that we decided to move here.
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kim, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Thu Apr 18, 2013
Sarge and others interested, the WORST THING killing APCP is RULES ENFORCEMENT and EMPLOYEES and BOD as Tony stated above. Any decent citizens are constantly HARASSED, FINED, MANIPULATED, EMPOSED, it's like LIVING IN A PRISION WALLS the way RULES ENFORCEMENT RUNS THIS PLACE. The funny thing is that Stephanie, the rules enforcement officer said she moved out of APCP because she was being find and doesn't even like working at APCP. It is a REAL SHAME. The place is gorgeous, homes are really nice, some sections are beautiful, BUT THE PLACE IS RUN BY A BUNCH OF IDIOTS that you cant get rid of who make everyone's life LIKE LIVING IN A PRISON !!!!!!! The fake security guard officers are HEAD STRONG, handing out fines like crazy idiots to really nice people who have make this a great place, in a manner to be IMPORTANT. The amount of CRIME IS VERY LITTLE, there is more crime in stroudsburg than APCP based on size. There are a few dumb kids who are punks, but nothing very bad. THE BIGGEST KILLERS OF APCP is who is RUNNING APCP! IF THE PROPERTY OWNERS COULD GET THE PROPERTY BACK FROM RULES ENFORCEMENT AND THE IDIOTS RUNNING APCP, THIS WOULD BE ONE OF THE TOP COMMUNITIES IN THE POCONOS, HANDS DOWN !!!!!!!

The employees who site in the offices are like ZOMBIES, dont care about anything, are looking at the clock as to when they get off. The RULES ENFORCEMENT are POWER STRONG POLICE STATE READY TO GO AT ANYONE and RIP THEM APART with FINES, RULES, CITATIONS, to COMMAND THEIR OWN POWER. THE BOD dont care and the people running it are probably on the TAKE of money. At 5,000 homes at 120 per month, they are raking in over a HALF A MILLION per MONTH, where is that money going to??? ACCORDING TO THE BOOKS, the number one paycheck is to THE PUBLIC SAFETY RULES ENFORCEMENT DEPARTMENT. WHAT A SHAME IS THIS PLACE.

They want to put up security camers all over the place, monitor every homeowners movements. THIS IS A PRISION, not a HOME. THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE FIRED AND TAKE OUT.

HOMEOWNERS, PLEASE GET TOGETHER AND TAKE DOWN THE PEOPLE RUNNING APCP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, get rid of the gates, fire the incompetent security guards pretending to be officers, get rid of the massive RULES ENFORCEMENT scam, use the money collected to the people living here and not to the benefit of PEOPLE RUNNING THIS SCAM, the properties and land and community is beautiful, do this ..... and this will be the number one community in the Poconos !!!!!!
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yes i agree i lived there for 17 years and i feel like i am in prison lets get together and stop paying the dues so we can live a free life i am begging lets take the bylaws down and be free from these old hogs my house i bought 17 years ago is worth half the price now but the dues went up 400% lets form a revaluation and take take the gates down and securty ---mac
Flag Sun Dec 22, 2013
AMEN !!!
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lking2, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Fri Feb 15, 2013
Any crime in Lake Naomi?? I'm looking to buy, but don't want to be near any crime within community.
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researchdir1, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Fri Jan 25, 2013
Is there any difference from the Main Community to the K-section relevant to feeling safe from gangs or "thugs" as someone put it?
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K section is very quiet and Dresser Lake is full of catfish and bass...
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Hector.vazqu…, Home Buyer, Tobyhanna, PA
Thu Dec 20, 2012
Not at all. I've had a home since May 2012 and have great neighbors and everyone is friendly. I was hesitant at first because of all the things I read about gangs, crime, etc. Im very glad with my decision to buy and am in the middle of purchasing another home in PCP.
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judgment747, Home Buyer, Long Pond, PA
Thu Sep 13, 2012
Absolutely not, I can take them to brooklyn and show them gangs.
Pcp is a big community, look at the size then compare the crime verses size ratio, I hear people say the county is bad but when I go there all I see oid people walking their dogs saying hi to you as you past, crime is everywhere
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Jim Olive, Agent, Key West, FL
Mon Jun 18, 2012
Just for the record...crime statistics are not included in the Fair Housing Act's protections against steering. Currently, the only "protected classes" are race, color, handicaps, sex, religious preference, national origin, familial status and religious preference (though I believe sexual preference may have recently been added). Crime statistics are sensitive, though, and most agents will be extremely cautious when quoting them, as it can open them up to lawsuits. "Steering", by the way, isn't illegal either. It has come to mean the illegal form (steering based on the protected classes), but it's still perfectly legal to steer people base on more benign subjects such as a waterfront community, or a golf community, etc. That's steering too, but it's the legal form. Prohibited steering is just when an agent is steering people for the wrong reason, as defined by the statute.
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Lynn Ydoyaga, Agent, gouldsboro, PA
Mon Jun 18, 2012
Just to clear things up...Agents by law are not allowed to steer customers to or from a community. They can tell them where to get information but not that one community is bad or good. We can tell you which community has what amenities but not what race, religion etc...the people are or what we think of the crime in the area. That is for the potential homeowner to investigate or decide. Everyone has a different idea of what bad & we are not allowed to influence their decision.
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Money Man, Home Owner, Mount Pocono, PA
Thu Jun 14, 2012
It is sad to see that realtor brokers will lie to you and tell you there is nothing wrong with Pocono Country place.

If you have young children, or teenage kids, do not buy in that area, you would be making the biggest mistake of your life,
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Lynn Ydoyaga, Agent, gouldsboro, PA
Wed Jun 6, 2012
Do you want to see the community for yourself so you can make the decision? I will be happy to show you some homes.
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Matt Duffy, Home Buyer, Philadelphia County, PA
Wed Jun 6, 2012
I contacted them......I don't think they feel that it is soooooooo bad that you wouldn't buy a home if you found the right home for the right price in the right location. They painted the pic that there is crime everywhere and that, yes, there is a gang and thug presence in the poconos and in some communities more so than others. But when it comes to Pocono country place....the sentiment seemed to be that......yes.....there have been some bad things that have happened there....and there might be again.....but that if you were a law abiding citizen with the smarts to avoid trouble....that you would probably be ok there....
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We have lived here over 10 years. Buying a home in PCP was the worst mistake we ever made. You have no rights in here the community can damage your property and the Police dept. will not help you with anything. You loose your rights when that gate closes behind you Beware!!!!! Disgusted homeowner!! Security is a joke bunch of wannbe cops running around in this dump!
Flag Tue Mar 19, 2013
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