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Is the crime really that bad in the Miami area?

Asked by Abiola Abdullah, Peabody, MA Sat Oct 6, 2007

really wanted to know if the crime in the Miami area is really as bad as people make it out to be? Moving my family down there soon hopefully, have a 10 year old and a infant, any insight as to where the family friendly neighborhoods are at, and where to stay away from! Also on a budget so nothing high end!

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Hagen H. Hen…, , Miami, FL
Sun Oct 7, 2007
Miami is like any other larger city; you have the good and the bad. Unfortunately, the bad seems to always get more media attention than the good and people seem to love to focus on the bad more, but let rest be assured, Miami is awesome. The beauty about Miami is its cultural diversity and how all these different cultures find ways to get along live in harmony and built fantastic friendships. Miami has long left the era of being known as a city of crime and drugs. Miami Vice might have been a fact many many years ago, but rest be assured, finding children at play, taking a stroll in the park or at the beach is your most common scenario in our times today.
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Ines Hegedus…, Agent, Miami, FL
Sat Oct 6, 2007
Abiola - hi again! I wrote an article about crime not long ago that may give you an idea. We are not allowed to discuss "family friendly" neighborhoods according to Fair Housing Laws, but I can tell you that there are tons of great neighborhoods in Miami.
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luis, , Miami, FL
Mon Dec 2, 2013
yall talking mad shyt tho, Miami is an amazing place, theres bad hood and theres beautiful rich and nice neighbor hoods, if u got money and u can afford nice luxurious houses, you'll live happy in miami, and if you dont have much money you'll most likely be in those hoods but if ur middle class theres pretty nice places that you can afford, and hialeah aint too bad, its just big so some parts are pretty ghetto, bad, or too spanish and alot of parts are nice and peaceful. check it out for you're self, stay one month in miami and travel everywhere and you'll see you'll wana stay
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Santiago Cla…, Home Buyer, Washington, PA
Wed Nov 20, 2013
I really dont live in miami but people that complain about crime in miami clearly havent lived in venezuela, things are crazy here, apparently in miami its just about avoiding certain places and ALWAYS be mindfull of your surroundings. And thats it!
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Reese, , Miami, FL
Sun Dec 6, 2009
There is crime everywhere in Miami. My suggestion to you would be to stay far, far away from this awful place.
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K060, , Miami, FL
Sat Dec 5, 2009
Also, being that you have a kid, you may want to look into schools. There seems to be a trend that anyone who can afford it goes for private school around here...I'm sure there's a reason for that. I'm not sure what the public school system is like because I'm not originally from here, but I know for sure that it's something you should definitely take a serious look into before making the big move.
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K060, , Miami, FL
Sat Dec 5, 2009
Honestly, if you are on a budget AND concerned about crime, this place will drive you out of your mind with stress. The reason I say this is because first of all, you will have to make a sacrifice...either your sacrifice your budget for safety or sacrifice safety for your budget. There are few instances in which you can find both together as far as housing around here. Then, on top of that, gas prices are out of control here, as are grocery costs.

I would recommend you check out the Kendall area. It's safer and more suburban and I would also say a lot more child friendly as well. Country Walk is one part of Kendall that's coming up as far as development (used to be pretty isolated). One thing to bear in mind is the highways near you and whether or not you'll have to pay toll to get to work. Some parts of Kendall may require you to take a highway with $1.25 toll to get out (Florida's Turnpike, for example) and that adds up if you're doing it 5 days, 10 times a week minimum for work.

Other safer areas, although they may not be as aesthetically pleasing, are Westchester, Sweetwater, and Fontainebleau. One of the places I mentioned are the best places to begin your search for something that doesn't sacrifice safety or your budget.

Avoid the following areas:
Little Haiti
Most of N. Miami in general with a few exceptions
West Little Havana
Opa-Locka Triangle
West Coconut Grove
Miami Gardens
Parts of Hialeah (the closer to Miami Lakes, the better)
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Carlos Ruiz…, , Miami, FL
Wed May 14, 2008
Dear Abiola,

Crime in Miami is like any other major city in the world. Some areas are good and some not so good. I've lived in Miami for 47 years and have been in just about every part of this county. I've never been the victim of a crime and neither have my wife or children who are now grown. Statistically Miami's crime rate is low in relation to other major cities in the US. But with programs like Miami Vice and now CSI Miami and others our image of crime is greater than our reality. That is not to say that we don't have some neighborhoods with high crime rate - we do. But you will find the same in just about every city in the world.

Just like every major city, Miami is not for everyone. If you like a homogeneous society, this is not the place. Miami is an exciting international city with people from just about every part of the world. Different communities have different cultures and flavors. Some are more expensive than other. But in the past two years the inventory of affordable housing under $300K has increased significantly.

Our school system has its ups and downs. There are some schools that have received national recognition and are considered among the best in the nation - some are not. However we have a school evaluation system that gives you a good idea about the school in your neighborhoonds. To know about our schools in Miami-Dade go to http://www2.dadeschools.net/schools/schoolinformation ,

In this market you can find some nice single family properties in good neighborhoods around $300/500,000. Townhouses can be found in the $200/400,000 range and condos are selling as low as the mid $100,000.
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Paul Estrada, Home Buyer, Miami, FL
Tue Apr 22, 2008
Crime in Miami IS BAD. Regardless of what anyone tells you I can honestly tell you that it is bad. All you have to do is visit the miamiherald.com on daily basis and see for yourself. I was raised here btw, then we moved out for a few years and recently returned. Up on our arrival, within 3 months, our new home (with alarm) was burglarized (this is the second time my home is burglarized living in Miami). Almost everyone I know has had their home burglarized. I can't even keep count how many times my cars have been burglarized or how many times I've seen police search helicopters hovering on top. I can go on with many stories. And I've only lived in "nice" upscaled neighborhoods.

As far raising children, well I would say Miami is near the bottom of the list. In my opinion, this is not one of the better places to raise a family (if you can avoid it that is). Of course this all depends on what you consider decent and what your standards are and what schools you want for your children and what type of friends you want your children to make. I went to school here, so I know. And things are worst now than 20 years ago.

You say that you're on a "budget", well unfortunately you will not be able to settle in anything I would consider decent in Miami. Of course this can subjective. If I had to stay in the Miami area, the only places that I would consider are not very affordable unfortunately. This includes "certain" areas in Coral Gables, "some" communities in the Pinecrest, and maybe some in Palmetto Bay. Of course, then you have the very high end areas like Gables by the sea, Gables estates, Cocoplum, etc.

Remember that there are many things that make up a city, things like level of education among residents, quality of schools, and the type of people for example will have a big influence on crime and the standard of living.
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Mott Marvin…, Agent, Sunny Isles Beach, FL
Mon Apr 21, 2008
The crime really is not as bad as the media at times makes it out to be. There are many great neighborhoods to choose from that are reasonably priced and safe. From South Dade, Kendall, Miami Beach, Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach... There is a place for you!
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Nice Profile, , Miami, FL
Fri Apr 18, 2008
For information about crime and other related issues in Miami, visit http://www.miamidade.gov or visit my website.
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