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Is crime an issue in Mill Valley?

Asked by Halley S., New York, NY Mon Apr 23, 2007

How safe is it or does it feel to walk around? And, is this the case across the city, or are there differences in different areas?

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Godihatemillvalley’s answer
i really hate mill valley a-holes they are b**ches and i am only sorry that this town didnt blow up and die like the poor people in san bruno.................screw these people i hate them and i hope they get whats coming to them
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I've lived in Mill Valley 19 years. Due to the over-bored and spoiled teenage population, there is a lot of crime in Mill Valley, although mostly theft and vandalism, which if you're living in Mill Valley, IS NOT CHEAP PETTY THEFT. Highly doubtful they'd mention that, you know, property values.My familie's house was broken into and robbed a little less than a month ago when we were gone for less than 45 minutes, and left with over $20,000 in my mother fine gold jewelry. They also stole an Ipod out of my car but I did leave it unlocked. Another friend had their house broken into and stole fine art and money, and two thousand dollar bikes on their porch. The police who came to my house said that there had been many breakins and robberies reported in Mill Valley, but everyone is so ignorant to this huge problem and are lied to that it's the best, safest place to live and think they can just leave anything unlocked. So, no, I don't consider Mill Valley to have no crime. And of course, these kids who also get caught are just released to their six-figure parents with hardly a slap on the wrist. (cough cough THE WICKHAM FAMILY, COP)
Be warned.
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There are alot of theft problems in Mill Valley. Many moms who pick up there kids from Old Mill Middle school think its ok to leave there car unlocked and have had had been robbed. My next door neughbors were robbed at 2 in the afternoon and 3 months b4 i had a friend who lived 2 blocks away and her house was robbed of all her jewelry and electronics. The point is lock your houses no matter what anyone says. After 11pm be extra careful at night. Dont walk alone. There are crazy ppl everywhere. There have been warnings about child molesters lurking around the day schools.
Ppl are incredibly snobby in Mill Valley, not everyone but alotttt. I had a neigbhor who raised chickens and they were considered that to be the biggest crime in town , they felt it was so bad that they had to have the police out there daily instead of allowing the police to do there jobs and keep real crime off the streets
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what's really funny is that all the people who want to sell you a house say that we have no crime but it's not really the truth. like susie said this town is full of kids and teens who think they can do whatever they want.
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Crime is not an issue in Mill Valley. Some of my clients have had to get new keys made for me as they never locked their home. Kids walk or ride their bikes to school. It is a good trick-or-treat community.
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You agents must be delusional - all the people who actually live there are saying there's a lot of crime and to lock your property and yet everyone saying "there's not crime here" are agents... Seems like most agents just care about selling than actual reality.
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Theft, burglary, and car break-ins are very common everywhere in the bay area regardless of neighborhood or affluence level. We have lived here 2.5 years in 2 neighborhoods w/ average home value well over 1MM, and our cars have been broken into 2X.

The attitude toward crime is very soft due to the political climate and to some extent denial. The average per capita crime rate is higher in the SF bay area than metropolitan LA or NY. You need to be very careful here. Lock your doors. Dont walk alone at night. Be aware of your surroundings.
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I lived in Mill Valley with my three preschool/elementary age children for several years and the whole town is extremely safe. I cannot think of another place in the whole Bay Area where my daughter would be able to ride her bike around town and go to shops and parks with her friends in complete safety. She is 10. I haven't had any problems with teenagers... but we have seen or heard of NO VIOLENCE. That is what is important. We never locked our doors or our car the whole time we lived there. People can be a bit snobby though... not all, just some =)
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The best resource for this information is the local police department or county sheriff's department. They have access to the most accurate and current information and are generally very willing to be helpful.

Good luck
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No. Mill Valley was rated in the 10 places to live in the U.S. by CNN/Money.
Web Reference: http://www.KelleyEling.com
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I see it is a consensus that there is very little crime in Mill Valley which is fantastic! In case you wanted to see hard data, here are a couple links:

Mill Valley Police Department statistics:

A random source of statistical information that has other information pertaining to Mill Valley besides its crime data:
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There is very little crime in Mill Valley. Please goto the folowing link for crime data. http://thedupontgroup.net/neighborhood
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Crime is not an issue, and it is safe to walk anywhere in town.
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Mill Valley has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation. For a town so close to a major city such as San Francisco, we are blessed to have a crime rate far lower than other communities is such proximity to a major metropolitan area.
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There is very little crime in Mill Valley.
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