Is Valley Village, Laurel Canyon Drive area, a safe place to live?

Asked by Annmarie, Valley Village, CA Tue Jul 29, 2008

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Real012, Renter, Valley Village, Los Angeles, CA
Fri May 18, 2012
Brian, Don't be ignorant.To say that anything past Chandler is ghetto is stupid and you obviously have no clue. Have you ever been between Chandler and Burbank between the 170 and Laurel Canyon? Even in North Hollywood between Burbank and Oxnard, have you been there? That neighborhood puts half of Valley Village to shame. Its very safe over there and you have your head too stuck up in your ass. People expect everything to be perfect but in reality it isn't. In fact, most of the crime is south of magnolia. Thats a fact south of Victory. Do your research. I hope this person hasn't moved here because people here are fake and there isn't a real since of team, instead, they create artificial boundaries like VV to pretend they aren't part of North Hollywood when they are. When people ask me where i live, i tell them North Hollywood because when i say Valley Village, they say "What. Where is that"
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Richard Jones, Home Buyer, North Hollywood, CA
Sat Jan 21, 2012
For the mosat part, I'd say most arrea are relatively safe. Safe neighborhoods don't 'just happen' - it takes the involvment of the REsidents to keep a watch out, and you, as a responsible person, being aware of your surroundings - their positives' and limitations. For example, don't walk alone after dark, or try to stay opn lighted thoroughfares. Be aware of your environment - are there 'dark' or hidden spots or unlit areas, or areas shaded or overgrown with plant life? In your walks, are 'unsavory' elements gathered together in an area? Practice a little 'common sense' and you'll enjoy Valley Village as I (and many others) do!
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Jeri Creson, Agent, Studio City, CA
Tue May 4, 2010
My fiancee owned a house at Laurel Canyon in Valley Village for years, just south of Magnolia - that area is lovely, with an enclave of well maintained homes, upscale, well-mannered professionals, families pushing strollers, walking dogs...saying "hello - how are ya" - all the niceties that one looks for in a Studio City/Sherman Oaks/Valley Village kind of nest. That being said, going North a bit, it gets a little less "pedestrian" and the line of demarcation that tends to make one feel less inclined to saunter care-free down the sidewalk becomes fairly obvious.

I like to tell my clients that "relative safety" is a factor best decided by one's own gut - and something that one should not take the word of another for. I suggest that before buying in ANY neighborhood - hang out there. If you have a dog - take it for a walk there. Observe, feel the neighborhood. Our own instincts will tell us naturally if we feel the need to mindlessly clutch our purses or wallets a bit tighter. Sometimes a neighborhood considered "safe" doesn't feel safe to a particular person - not because of crime statistics, but because, perhaps, there is a lot of animosity in the neighborhood or a few neighbors who overpower others with their lifestyle.

Check out a neighborhood at different times of day, for noise, nuisance levels, etc. But pay particular attention to what happens from 6pm to sunset - that's when the natives come out in force!

Happy shopping!
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Brian, Home Buyer, Valley Village, CA
Wed Mar 3, 2010
also...a move-in ready home in the BEST part of valley village averages around the $500k mark but you can find many fixers and townhouses/condos for much less. Do your research! Ex. A group of townhomes in a bad part of north hollywood about a mile away from good ol valley village went for an average of 450k/unit in a recent AUCTION...when there were many single family homes in a much better area down the street being sold in regular sales for under 400k. People who purchased those townhomes obviously did not know the area well. The agents at that auction swore that it was impossible to find anything under 500k in all of valley village and claimed that the bad part of north hollywood was as safe as valley village and studio city. What a laugh! Do your homework... Do not rely on word of mouth from a few money hungry realtors. In my opinion a new wave of foreclosures will drop values in the area even further soon... Do your research and be patient!
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Brian, Home Buyer, Valley Village, CA
Wed Mar 3, 2010
Anything south of laurel cyn/chandler is fine....north of that is ghetto and unsafe to walk. Ive lived in the area for 28 years. I know... Be careful with agents tryin to sell you property in bad parts of north hollywood claiming that it is still safe just like valley village... The valley is a strange place if you're unfamiliar with the area... You can be in the nicest neighborhood one minute and then just a mile down it can into into the most ghetto slum... GL!
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Yanni Raz, Mortgage Broker Or Lender, los angeles, CA
Fri Jun 12, 2009
Its a safe place for who?
If its for kids, so I don't think so. I have kids and I wouldn't want my kids to be running around in a busy street, its dangerous.
If you're scared of crime, it depends what cross streets you're talking about but crime is everywhere.
I know homes on laurel canyon that are beautiful and many people would love to live there.
You need to really know why you're asking your self this question.
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Ryan Shively, , Studio City, CA
Wed Oct 29, 2008
Hi Annmarie,

My wife and I moved to Valley Village from New York City in August of 2005. We had visited friends that rented here prior to moving, but knew very little about the area. After living here three years, we know that this is an area that we could live in for a long time.

We are trying to have children, and the Carpenter school district is one of the best.

We can get over the hill to Hollywood in under 20 minutes, as well as anywhere in the Valley relatively easily. Valley Village has wonderful neighborhoods of single family homes interspersed with multi-family dwellings and renters on the busier main streets.

Home values in Valley Village remain solidly above the $500K mark, which is why our first home will most likely be a little further northwest in the valley. But Valley Village would be our ideal if it was more in our price range.
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Yona Bello, , Studio City, CA
Tue Jul 29, 2008
Hi Annmarie,

It is a GREAT area and not only do I work in this area, I live here myself. I raised 2 children here in Valley Village, which is very close to Studio City. I love having the convenience of being near the 101, 134, 5,118, & 405 freeways. I feel that I am at the center of everything and within minutes I'm on a freeway going in any directions I need.

The shopping is phenomenal, everything from grocery stores such as, Gelson's, Ralph's, Von's, Cambridge Farms, Jons Market and drug stores like CVS, Rite Aid, Longs etc.. There are also many mini malls for neighborhood shopping that feature convenience stores, beauty shops, bakeries etc...

I moved to Valley Village in 1991 and I love it! There is a very strong Valley Village Homeowners Association, as well as the Valley Village Neighborhood Watch. In fact, in a recent Homeowners meeting where Zev Yaroslavsky was the keynote speaker, he announced that the Valley Village Homeowners Association was the most accomplished and successful.

My children went to school here in Valley Village and walked to the neighborhood ice cream shops, bakeries, Pizza shops, Blockbuster video, restaurants and places of worship. I highly recommend Valley Village for its neighborhood ambiance, you see the same people at the Post Office and grocery stores, the Starbucks Coffee at Laurel Cyn & Riverside, the beauty shops. It is a very friendly community and I truly welcome you to join us in our town.

Please let me know if you'd like to get more specific information about Valley Village - I'd be happy to do it as I truly love living here.
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David Krecker, Landlord, Whittier, CA
Tue Jul 29, 2008
I can set you up with some tools so you can get the answers.... email or call

David Krecker, BSBA, SRA, MRA
Centuryside Real Estate Inc.
David Krecker
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Keith Sorem, Agent, Glendale, CA
Tue Jul 29, 2008
You are asking some great questions. I happen to work with a Realtor that specializes in that area, so if you are interviewing agents, then we should talk.

In the interest of complete disclosure you should be aware that most Realtors will shy away from making statement about crime statistics and safety. You are best served by looking at the stats as suggested by Monique, and also by inspecting the areas that you are thinking of buying at different times of day, and different days of the week.
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Monique & Joe…, Agent, Beverly Hills, CA
Tue Jul 29, 2008
Hey Annmarie,
Both neighborhoods are terrific neighborhoods. Laurel Canyon for example has one of the best schools in LAUSD, Wonderland. They are the type of places I would feel comfortable walking my dogs at night. For crime stats you can go to


Monique Carrabba
The Reavis Group
Keller Williams
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