Is Parkchester a safe area for a young woman to live? I am moving to NYC in September to student teach.

Asked by Kathleen, New York, NY Tue Jan 8, 2008

I have applied for and received housing in Parkchester, in the Bronx. Is this considered a safe area for a 22 year old, white female? Anything I should know before moving there? Thank you!

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Missy, , Houston, TX
Sun Mar 1, 2015
Back to the future P-Chester 2015 lol...

Safety and living conditions vary somewhat by the day, by block, by building, and by floor. Parkchester started out decades ago as white only, but caucasians are currently a tiny demographic minority. Depending in part on your personal style, you will probably receive special attention, especially doing laundry, shopping locally, or the further you go from Metropolitan Oval. This can happen to people almost anywhere in the world. But for most who appear caucasian (or Mexican, or...), there will be times and places and days in Parkchester when you will have rubberneckers or be treated with open hostility. If you are street smart and have a thick skin you will expect this at any time and not react much. On top of the Bronx having a somewhat cold vibe on the surface, due to the lack of rent control in NYC, people who have lived in NYC for decades have watched the historical cultural character of many neighborhoods disappear, while mostly caucasians moved in to pay the higher rents. People understand gentrification and are naturally not happy to lose their community and watch rents shoot up in one of the few more affordable areas convenient to Manhattan by bus and train. The Bronx can also have a pretty cold vibe on the surface, and there are occasional episodes of wilding on the train or on the street, loud music, and extended yelling matches on the train or in their apartments. There are bugs and mice in almost any apartment building in NYC, and pesticide applications. There is also cigarette and drug smoke in some of the buildings, which may result in your apartment being filled with same in 110 or 15 degree weather...and crime stats on Trulia can be misleading but may give you some idea of how things can vary as you move around the neighborhood. Apartments are mostly maintained but doors don't close well and word is management paints but doesn't want to sand the existing lead paint, and there is also asbestos in the ceilings and maybe walls. There is private wifi everywhere, plus cell towers on many of the buildings and this is not healthy, but that's most places and you get better phone reception lol. That said, there are a lot of warm, sweet people and a ton of quiet families and hardworking people living in and around Parkchester, and this is no criticism of them.
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Wah, Home Buyer, Bronx, NY
Fri Sep 23, 2016
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Mildred Vale…, Agent, Bronx, NY
Mon Nov 22, 2010
Well parkchester has a great amount of co-ops and condos on the market all in different price ranges.
If you are considering Parkchester try to find an apartment near the Oval, Metroploitan Oval but will cost you more!

Its a rising community, its a mixed community and in the summer is very busy. Its conveneint place to live in many aspects, your close to shopping areas, fast foods and Transportation into Manhattan.

They also have 24 hour security.

Best of Luck!

Mildred valentin, Realtor
Exit Realty
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Parkchester Security does not have rounds they only secure the store areas.
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Sue, Renter, Parkchester, Bronx, NY
Mon Nov 15, 2010
I've lived in this area for over 12 years. When I first moved here my son was 8 (not a deterrent). There is more police presence here than outside of Parkchester. I feel safe both in the parks (open until 11 with security guard in a guard box. The Mall is safe and busy Uno's is open until late.
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Aileen, , New Rochelle,Yonkers and the Bronx
Wed Jan 16, 2008
Hi Kathleen, as a realtor I can not answer your question. But please visit a very useful website:, it list crime rate, demographics, school scores and much much more. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me I lived in that area for over 12 years.
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Roksana, Home Buyer, Bronx, NY
Wed Aug 28, 2013
It is very safe, there are securities everywhere and its a natural nature place, it has lots of wide open parks for adults and children to hangout, i can even send my 10 year old daughter alone to school
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Missj, , Dover, NH
Sun Aug 9, 2009
This answer is obviously quite late, but I felt compelled to answer in case anyone were to look this up in the future.
Although I left home to attend boarding school and have not really returned to the area for extended stays since earlier in life (13), my family has always lived in Parkchester. I grew up in 1558 Unionport Rd. and NEVER once feared for my safety. I also am not one go wander at all hours of the night, but the few times on school breaks when I needed to walk home late from the subway, the most discomfort I ever experienced was some guy whistling at me.
Having been fortunate enough to travel extensively, I get really irritated by people's perceptions of safety and threat in a given area.The way I see it, if you carry yourself with confidence and exercise common sense, you're not likely to be a target. There are, of course, outlying factors that we can't anticipate.
The point of this is, I'm sure, like in anywhere you will ever live that drug deals, and violent confrontations, and disagreeable/aggressive individuals are around and maybe even prominent. Be aware of your surroundings and Parkchester should be as welcoming and non threatening to you as it continues to be to me.
(It should also be mentioned, though, that my building is near the Oval, which everyone is saying is a good thing, and that I live high enough that street noise doesn't factor into our comfort)
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Slumlord30, , Bronx, NY
Sun Aug 9, 2009
parkchester peace officers can do but so much every one is so quick to talk bad about these officers. How about you try to do their job to see how long all of you people would last. these officers are very courageous for responding to criminal calls and emergencies with no fire arm and with this being said. i do not recommend for you to move to parkchester
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Slumlord30, , Bronx, NY
Sun Aug 9, 2009
parkchester peace officers can do but so much every one is so quick to talk bad about these officers. How about you try to do their job to see how long all of you people would last. these officers are very courageous for responding to criminal calls and emergencies with no fire arm and with this being said. i do not recommend for you to move to parkchester
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Slumlord30, , Bronx, NY
Sun Aug 9, 2009
parkchester is very different at night. parkchester is very well known for robberies and shootings not to mention that there really isn't to many white people there. dont know if you will be comfortable with that. I been around parkchester for many years to know that it is not a safe place to live. The only thing you are going to benefit is the rent and I dont recommend buying property in parkchester. Then again nyc is not safe at all.
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Pat, ,
Fri Aug 22, 2008
I grew up in Parkchester when it was as community you were proud to say you lived in. All that changed when Helmsley bought it and converted the apartments into condos.
If you were my daughter, I would say NO, do not live there. It isn't safe---in the elevators or in the stairways. My father was mugged right outside his door during the daytime.
Try Riverdale, it's a lovely section or the Throggs Neck Area or Country Club Rd. But do not move into Parkchester----it isn't safe at all for you.
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I Lived there too from 1961 to 1983 and it is NOT a place for White People. Come to Westchester, New Rochelle, Larchmont., Much better
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Fairlyhappy, Home Buyer, Parkchester, Bronx, NY
Wed Aug 20, 2008
If you are considering Parkchester try to find an apartment near the Oval. I have lived here 20 years and love my apartment, but as in many urban neighborhoods, young folks especially during the summer months tend to hang out disturbing the peace. It's a convenient place to live in many respects, but again I'm not happy with the noise and wish the guards would do what they are paid to do. If you are mindful you'll be fine.
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Mia, ,
Thu Aug 7, 2008
Young lady, you are wise to ask. Gracefully decline the offer of the apartment and find a more safe residential area, especially for a young, single lady. It is relatively easy to get around the Bronx by car. However, if you won't be driving, just make sure public transportation is easily accessible. It usually is. I notice a realtor gave you a website to review. I suggest you take a look at that and revisit your housing plans. Good luck, and welcome to the Bronx.
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Like Parkche…, , Parkchester, Bronx, NY
Tue Aug 5, 2008
I live in Parkchester however I live in the South Condominium. The South and North are managed by separate management companies. I know someone in the North and the management does not maintain the buildings as well as South Condo Mgmt. If you want to live in Parkchester, then definitely live in the South. I've lived here for sixth months and so far so good. I live on McGraw Street (a block and half away from the train and the shopping area) and its relatively quiet block for a NYC block. My neighbors are quiet and diverse. I have families on my floor and the kids do not make noise. I am a single, 28 year old professional female and I have left my apt after midnight and didn't feel threatened. However I grew up in Brooklyn so I know how to be and what to expect .

The application/interview process is verrrry thorough which I appreciated greatly. What I see is a diverse neighborhood. I think they are trying to bring more young professional types. I think like anywhere you have generational problems. As for me, its been ok for me.
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Shaun, , Bronx, NY
Fri Jul 18, 2008
The answer to your question is NO!!!!!!! Look in Country Club, Pelham Bay. Parkchester is very dangerous!!
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Gloria, , Bronx, NY
Thu Jul 17, 2008
Dear K, I have lived in the Bronx, a few miles from Parkchester, for my entire life. In my opinion, ths would not be the safest place for you. Yes, it can be safe if you are careful, but I would not drive through or walk around Parkchester at night, and the subway line running through Parkchester is not the safest. I would recommend a nearby, but much safer and comfortable neighborhood in the Bronx, Morris Park. It is a young area, with a major medical school (Yeshiva) and hospitals in the area. I would recommend it as a much safer bet for you with equally good, if not better, transportation options to NYC and surrounding areas.
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Eduardo, , Parkchester, Bronx, NY
Thu Jul 17, 2008
I live in Parkchester now, and have lived there for 19 years. Although Parkchester used to be safer and quieter (WWII vets and their families lived there, their kids grew up there), many things have changed.

The population that lives there has changed: now more working families and young professionals live there.

Commercially the area used to be dominated by a few businesses, notably Macy's (the *second Macy's ever opened) and Woolworth's, the American movie theater and shoe stores, have now greatly increased in number and variety: AT&T wireless store, Macy's (still there), NY&Co, Zales, Starbucks, Sleepy's, Radio Shack, Game Stop, Foot Locker, etc. This brings more people (shoppers) to the area; there are several stores catering to children's clothes: it is profitable to sell children's clothes in Parkchester, which tells you that a lot of families live and shop there.

Unfortunately, there are some families with poor education, so you will see a lot of trash thrown in the streets, gum on the sidewalks and in general kids hanging out at all hours (where are their parents and what are they doing). Parkchester still has its own public safety officers (now North Condo and South Condo use the same Public Safety office), and you can always count on NYPD who often patrol the area.

It can be a good place to live; use precaution like in other areas of the city (get to know your neighbors, be cautious where you go, don't open the door to strangers, etc).
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Kim Buck, , Pennsylvania
Wed Jul 9, 2008
Run, don't walk to the nearest suburb, or even another borough. I am not going to lie. I was born in Parkchester and grew up in a time when you got a ticket if you put gum on a bench.

Parkchester is not safe. Articles are coming out stating that it has been gentrified. It's all hype to get people in there.

Back in the early 1970's a cop friend of my father's was called to our apartment building because the tenants were roasting a pig in a tub. Smoke and fire were billowing out of the window. No one in the immediate area could figure out what was going on. I kid you not. Once a cat was thrown off the roof, and landed right in front of our patio apartment.

A friend of my brothers: his mother was beaten up so bad in her elevator, coming home from getting groceries, she ended up in the hospital and almost died.

Sorry not to give you good news. But people have got to be honest when speaking of a development: whether good and bad.

I left Parkchester in 1979 and it was bad back then.

Find another place to live. It just may save your life.

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Vanessa Nich…, Home Buyer, 10468
Sat May 17, 2008
I live in the Bronx and heard Parkchester is not what it used to be. I have been looking for a condo to buy for a few months now and the ones I come across on the web in Parkchester is still available. Metropolitan Ave not the best place. Keep searchng. Pelham maybe a better buy.
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Jahmenj2, , New York, NY
Sat Mar 1, 2008
Hi K,

I hope they answered your question. I'm also applying to Parkchester.
I had a Walk Through (Open House) appointment this morning.
It was what I expected and a little more. They said I appeared to
meet the initial income eligibility requirements, so I have a second
interview (second phase of the screening process) which is an office
interview next week.

Do you know the real deal in getting through with all the requirements?
Or if anyone is reading this Post and can answer this question, I'll
appreciate the help...

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Xquizzyt1, , Atlanta, GA
Wed Jan 23, 2008
I moved out of Parkchester in 2001 to go to Atlanta, after living there for 30 years. I grew up there and attended PS 106 and 127. I must say that the neighborhood changed drastically over time, and I was even robbed once, but I believe that you can be safe there if you exercise adequate levels of caution and awareness. It's much more "urban" than it used to be which stems from the fact that back in the 70's and 80's when I was growing up there, it was a very beautiful community and the management strove to maintain its image as one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx. They did background checks on every applicant, including home visits, etc. Then, they went Condo. When that happened there were people buying up the apartments and subletting them to anyone that had cash. The neighborhood took a drastic turn for the worse as anyone was able to live in Parkchester if they found the right sublessor. And the problem worsened still, when the Condo venture was not successful and Parkchester decided to once again offer rentals. At this time they decided to accept Section 8 and the neighborhood changed yet again. It's a very different Parkchester than I used to know. However, if you live around the Oval it's usually very well maintained and pretty secure. Buildings like 1, 5, 7, 99, 14 Metropolitan Oval are close to all shopping in the area and a short walk to the train station. Those buildings have always been notoriously well-maintained and cared for. I've lived all over Parkchester, in 14 and 18 Met Oval, in 1521 Unionport Rd (my favorite building); in 1604 Met Ave., in 1594 Met. Ave, and as I said, I was there for 30 years. I have no idea where the "front" or "back" of Parkchester is, as it has always been set up in quadrants, North, East, South and West. There are areas in all of the quadrants that are better taken care of and less hangout spots, than others.

Also, be wary of realtors who call a lot of places Parkchester that really are not - but are just apartments in Parkchester's outskirts. That is definitely another consideration. Remember that there is no "Parkchester area" it's either a Parkchester apartment, or it's not - and all Parkchester apartments are the buildings within the development and they all look uniform.

And finally, I would do a drive-by of the area that the realtor is suggesting one night late on the weekend, it's cold out now, so you might not have a good idea, but drive through and see where it's quiet, where you see people hanging out. I can tell you that 1594 Met. Ave. and that area is awful. People are usually on the stoop and milling about.

Overall, I don't think it's anymore safe or dangerous than any other areas in the Bronx. But you definitely have to use the usual levels of common sense and precaution.
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Niema, Agent, New Rochelle, NY
Tue Jan 8, 2008
Can I ask what state are you moving from? If you are moving from a very quiet suburban area, I'm not sure if Parkchester is what your looking for. Parkchester has very spacious apts/condos, but it all depends on the area of the rental they have available at the time. It is preferred that you are placed in the front section. Do not go pass the oval! I lived on Archer Road, which is right next to White Plains Road. That wasn't such a good area. There was a corner store & a bowling Alley right across the street. At time it got very roudy, especially with people hanging out all times of night. However, I have a single friend that lives right behind Macys on West Ave and she has not problems (she live in the FRONT of Parkchester). Also I must mention, that the parking is Horrible!!! Please do not bring your car. You will have plenty of access to transportation via the 6 Train, Express Bus to Manhattan & local buses. Let me know if you have any other questions...I have to run.
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