In Pittsburgh - What are the worst areas to live.

Asked by Maria, West Virginia Wed Dec 19, 2007

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Joey Rahimi, Both Buyer And Seller, Pittsburgh, PA
Wed Dec 19, 2007
Stay away from:

The Hill District
Mt. Oliver
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It's a shame what happened to Wilkinsburg. I grew up there in the 40's and 50's when it was nearly all white.
Then in the 60's the blacks from Brushton and Homewood started to move into Wilkinsburg. Home prices started to drop and taxes started to rise.
Now it is all black with one of the highest crime rates in the country.
There are many vacant houses in this city. The schools are bad and in poor condition. Don't tell me that black's can't run-down a city, Wilkinsburg is proof of it.
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Duquesne is also an unsafe, high crime neighborhood of pgh...As a resident on a "quiet street";;I've had my car painted on w/ white paint. My landlord up the street had his car window shattered. There are many abandoned properties here. There is nothing up and coming in this neighborhood.. I've seen at least 3 fights in front of my house..I 've been here little over a year and can't wit to get out of this depressed neglected area.
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Gem050584, Home Buyer, Houston, TX
Sun Mar 10, 2013
Just read this from someone who has been looking at this subject for years.
Absolute worst, hands down, Homewood and all wards in a 5 mi radius (other than if you cross over Penn into Point Breeze). Just listen to the news. That being said, that isn't too far from East Liberty which is starting to get gentrified. But as you can imagine you get spill-over. Just like someone mentioned about getting their car taken in Friendship... Go figure, it's 2 mi. Away from Garfield.

Next crappiest: Hill District, even though it's kind of emptying out... Sort of vacant, but historically the worst part of Pittsburgh.

3rd crappiest: entire Northside behind central Northside. I hesitate to say that because I'm covering a lot of area with this statement, but in general.

4th tier: just in total decline with some crime; Mt. Washington (South) it gets worse and worse the further off Grandview ave that you go then you hit: Allentown, beltzhoover, Knoxville, Southside slopes sucks too., hazel wood can be put in this category too and far north Northside (Brighton Heights, Perry North)

5th tier: just in decline... For sure just to get crappier or stay crappy: west end, sheraden, esplen... Swissvale looks ok but seems to be heading in tge wrong direction. Troy hill too

Nicest areas? Squirrel Hill (north of Forbes), shadyside. Super nice areas but thanks to the over abundance of crappy people in crapiy areas you always hear about bank robberies in SH and assaults on Shadyside.

Want something different (or even a big house) in a ok area? Highland park, allegheny west, Southside if you are young (but annoying because if the bar scene), Lawrenceville if you like a little more quiet, Mt. Washington (close to Grandview) seems to have a lot of 20 something young professionals

No comment: Bloomfield (seems ok?), Stanton heights (never hear anything good or bad... Don't really know). Oakland is just college kids

Outside if the city:

Stay the hell away from: Wilkinsburg, McKeesport, Duquesne, Braddock

Getting crappy: penn hills, McKees Rocks, n versailles, carrick

Nothing bad reported but I wouldn't invest my $ (people will prob disagree, just my observation) Crafton, Coraopolis (old part), Carnegie, lower Ross Park, Avalon/bellvue (along 65), Millville, parts of Monroeville, West Mifflin, forest hills and Churchill (once really nice... And still cute and maintained, but hit my the merger into the crap woodland hills school district)

Good investment (not so expensive...young families) Brookline, mt pleasant, dormont, whitehall, moon two/Robinson, glenshaw, north huntingdon, plum, aspinwall, Ohio twp, Chartiers/Bridgeville

Nice: mt Lebanon, entire north hills and Hampton ( can get some good deals, most really nice) moon, murrysville, Sewickley area, upper st Clair, Fox chapel
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gfhf, , Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
Sat Feb 7, 2009
southside: Mount Oliver, Beltzhoover, Knoxville, Arlington heights, and Saint Clair
the whole north side
Westside: Sheraden and Eliot, don't kno much about the west
Eastside: Pretty much the whole area if u wanna move to pittsburh then the safest would be the southside since carrick isn't neccessarily bad but they want to be, there's also brentwood, beachview places like that
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michael, Home Buyer, Pittsburgh, PA
Thu May 22, 2008
i can tell you now stay away from

spring hill and troy hill
hill district

i live in spring hill now and the kids that live in the projects break out my car windows for fun throw rocks at my house for no reason and my son who is gonna be 8 has been in at least 6 fighs this school year alon
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Crystal Alfo…, Agent, Pittsburgh, PA
Wed Dec 19, 2007
That is such a subjective question that I don't think there is any way to answer it. Each person has to research what is important to them. Research the best schools, or the ones with the smallest class sizes or best athletics. You can research what neighborhood has the best crime statistics or what neighborhood has the best prices or the best local services like number of police, number of fire trucks, public works and road maintenance crews, etc. Some people want quick access to public transportation or shopping close by. Some people want to have an acre or more of land, some people want lots of neighbors close by, some don't.

There are too many factors that go into a person's choice of where to live that I don't think anybody can answer it for you. There are a couple of great websites for the area including;;;

Good Luck...the internet is so handy for getting information of all sorts...Also, check out the local newspaper online !
Web Reference:
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Gem050584, Home Buyer, Houston, TX
Sun Mar 10, 2013
To add;

Homestead and Munhall, wilmerding in decline, little crime, wouldn't invest

Bethel park: nice, some good deals

Trying to be all-inclusive for those looking for info!
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Yinzz81, Home Buyer, Bloomfield, PA
Tue Feb 2, 2010
Mt. Lebanon
Fox Chapel
Peter's Township
Not really in the city, but close enough. Parents in these communities are so wrapped up in self image and the image of their family, that they neglect to teach their kids core values. The drugs in these school districts are just as present as in Westinghouse, Peabody and Carrick, if not more so. But again, because parents are so concerned about image, they do whatever it takes to mask these problems. Teen pregnancy rates are only higher in the city because they are not as educated in birthcontrol as the teens in the suburbs. There are plenty of teens in the suburbs that are sexually active, and they would contribute to the statistics, had their parents not 'taken care of it.'
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Sixteenstaxx, , Pittsburgh, PA
Wed Jan 27, 2010
The WORST might have to be:
**westside-sheraden & elliot.
**southside-st.clair village & belthoover

other BAD places
*northside-brighton hights,perry,& spring hill!
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Yinzz81, Home Buyer, Bloomfield, PA
Thu Jun 6, 2013
Ecm4u, you realize that no one understands that, right? I mean, if you read that back to yourself, can you even understand it?
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ecm4u, Renter, Pittsburgh, PA
Wed Jun 5, 2013
every where you go is good and bad people we are all sinners in GODs, you have ignorance in all race of people from those who tell lies about others to those who know the truth an willing to accept any human being regardless of color those of those who mention all the hoods mostly black had an still have what you have its a shame example black on black crime is no different then white kids who kill their parents an then use insanity plea to justify their crime then go shoot others or drugs in white hoods stop masking lies an just like the devil who lies steal an destroy you can have your hoods but its a joke now people wants to move in the hoods mention the facts is some people hate to see others have what they have
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Liz Caplan, Agent, Pittsburgh, PA
Mon May 20, 2013
It's amazing to read the variety of different answers. Pittsburgh neighborhoods like other cites are constantly evolving and changing. Pittsburgh has some nice transitional areas which weren't so popular not so long ago. I am intentionally not mentioning any specific neighborhoods because I think people should consult accurate crime data before deciding an area is unsafe just because someone else said it was bad! Crime is always going to be more concentrated in the city neighborhoods but it happens all over the city and suburbs. I've been an agent for 13 years and I have never felt threatened because of the neighbor some areas are a little rougher then others.
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You are correct in the sense that each person should do the research of a perspective area of interest. But no matter how much you research, you will never change the fact that areas like the Hill district, McKeesrocks, Sheraden and Wilkinsburg will always be bad areas. I will go almost anywhere during the day, except the Hill District. Been there, done that, never again.
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cmiller1312, Renter, Pittsburgh, PA
Sun May 12, 2013
I am no raciest. You volunteer on the N. Side but you don't reside there.
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Yinzz81, Home Buyer, Bloomfield, PA
Sat May 11, 2013
@cmiller Not surprised you're a racist but am surprised you actually admit to it. Good for you! Anyways, don't have to live there to experience it. My son goes to conroy elementary in Manchester. I volunteer regularly at humane society and light of life mission. I went to Ccac. I have friends all over the north side. Every neighborhood has its unique characteristics and the north side neighborhoods are especially amazing. When you bash these great neighborhoods I don't think you realize you bash the awesome people that live there. Quit blindly following the media and grow your own opinions.
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cmiller1312, Renter, Pittsburgh, PA
Sat May 11, 2013
since 1980's.
live in the hood and experience it for yourself!
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Yinzz81, Home Buyer, Bloomfield, PA
Fri May 10, 2013
Drive-byes are everyday issues? Since when? Please stop bashing the city, admit you're a racist, and go back to your suburb where you pretend your teenagers aren't doing drugs and having sex.
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cmiller1312, Renter, Pittsburgh, PA
Fri May 10, 2013
The North. Side is the worst for Renters, Investors, and Purchasers.
Neighborhoods such as Manchester, Northview Heights, Perry Hilltop, Perry North and Perry South Fineview, troy Hill, Brighton Heights, Woodsrun. Drugs and Drive-byes are a everyday issue.
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Yinzz81, Home Buyer, Bloomfield, PA
Sun Mar 10, 2013
Yeah, take some advice from someone who rates neighborhoods as either 'crappy' or 'not crappy'. Haven't heard anything about Stanton heights? If you never heard of the biggest new story in pittsburgh in the last ten years coming from Stanton heights you probably shouldn't be giving advice on this topic. Look, the bottom line is, if you care enough to help potential home buyers about what's safe and what's not safe, then I must ask,"why don't you care as much if not more about the youth that grow up in the depressed neighborhoods?" Are you waiting for deliverance from a politician? This is how stupid we are, we move away from the city to the whiter neighborhoods where it's way more expensive, costs more to travel to work, and we act like it has nothing to do with moving away from black people. Then when black people move in, we move further out. Here's my close to the city. The suburbs are racist(we all know it). To me, raising your kids as racists is way more damaging than breakins or car jackings. The drugs are everywhere so don't kid yourself. Teen sex is everywhere, it's just that Buffy and Babs "take care of it" in the suburbs. Lets be honest with ourselves. Everyone needs to ask themselves, why they list certain neighborhoods as bad and why they list others as good. If we all can learn to live together and live without fear and embrace each other for our differences, pittsburgh WILL be the BEST CITY IN THE WORLD.
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I don't agree totally. I came here from New England. It's shocking how dirty and gross Pittsburgh is. The smoking everywhere, the houses falling Squirrel Hill especially, trash just sitting out on the street all over on tradh day..not even in cans. It looks like a slum in many parts of Pittsburgh. It's shocking to the senses to see such filth on the streets. Suburbs are not racist. I can't breathe any fresh air here. Diesel fumes and horrible burning smells all night, sulphur smells. I am much more used to attractive cities such as Boston, Kansas City, Dallas and Providence. Pittsburgh has some really fun areas, nice art shops, boutiques, and coffee shops for sure. And my favorite thing about living here is how friendly people are. I am not used to being called, ma'am all the time. Most areas have their ok parts and not so great parts. Suburbs equals fresh air. That's it really...more land and less city problems.
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I grew up in the white suburbs and then lived all over the city for ten years, including north side and Wilkinsburg. I completely agree that there are some lovely areas on the Northside, and I always felt safe and welcomed by my neighbors there. However, I truly RESENT your indicating that all parents in the suburbs are obsessed with image and are shallow, bad parents. My mother and father put themselves through college with two kids and were FANTASTIC people and parents. Please take care to not make the same mistake against others that you feel they have made against you. Get to know people before you make decisions about them.
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kimberleejjjj, Renter, McKeesport, PA
Sun Mar 3, 2013
Why don't people in Duquesne do something about this depressed neighborhood..?The KIDs look depressed... They are most important...Gross neglect on the neighborhoods part..Nothing to do;. High crime.;Poor schools.; Why is this such an undesirble gloomy place...Star with making a a healther happier place for the children!!
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K, , Mount Lebanon, PA
Wed Aug 29, 2012
Its not subjective at all..there are some really bad areas in pgh and surrounding areas...people need to know...from not a realtor but someone who cares.
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Yinzz81, Home Buyer, Bloomfield, PA
Sun Oct 16, 2011
Of course it's a generalization...but that's the whOle nature of this post. Everyone says avoid this neighborhood and avoid that one. Avoiding neighborhoods and moving out to
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Sammyboy, Renter, Pittsburgh, PA
Sun Oct 16, 2011
anywhere im the city limits is run down and crime ridden, except squirrel hill and shadyside, they are nice. As for the suburbs most of them are pretty nice, but try to stay away from river/steel towns. They are going down hill as well. Also avoid penn hills. personally i think springdale/cheswick is the best area to raise a family. it has that small town atmosphere and is still relativley close to the city. With great road access such as rt. 28 and the turnpike running through the area, you are easily connected to other pittsburgh areas. The mills mall is also very close. If you are not a fan of the mills, monroeville and ross park arent that far away either.
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Amanda, Home Owner, Allentown, Pittsburgh, PA
Thu May 12, 2011
I must agree with the above answers as they are correct Allentown is another community to stay away from the problem is FAR TOO many section 8 housing.In general houses in unlivable condition people don't take pride in their homes anymore. as a person who does live here I would not recommend it if your looking for a place to settle down and raise a good stable family.
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K, , Mount Lebanon, PA
Tue Feb 9, 2010
What a generalization, there are ALOT of middle class folks in Mt Lebanon...I should know I live here, sure there are snobs, they LIVE everywhere. AT least I know I am safe when I walk down the street and that my children attend one of the best schools around here.

I will agree however, its cliquish..if your not catholic or can do something for someone, your find yourself with very few friends, but that does not mean they are not out there, its just hard to find people when you do not attend church or can do something for someone...but remember this is EVERYWHERE!

I would stay far away from the following....due to possible loss of life and injury and bad schools...

Woodland School District (which includes some nice areas that are now going downhill
Hill District
City Schools except maybe the magnet schools
Mt OLiver and spring hill and all the ones except what the first poster had posted!

MT LEBO and Upper ST CLair and Bethel PArk and peters twnp is what is left around here as being safe and family friendly....anywhere else there are alot of iffy areas...
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Jessica, Home Buyer, Pittsburgh, PA
Wed Jan 27, 2010
I agree with all of the above answers but I have been a victim of robbery in Oakland (someone broke in to my apartment complex) and also I have been a victim of auto theft in Friendship. Friendship is a realatively nice area and it is close to Shadside but someone stole my car from right in front of my apartment and all of the houses on my block are long time residents of the area. I dont feel completely safe in any Pittsburgh neighborhood, but if you want to raise a family and live near the city I would suggest Penn Hills, Shadyside, or parts of Squirrel Hill. Crime is everywhere in this city but if you take the proper precautions you are at much less of a risk to become a victim.
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Lilolkjjhhth…, Home Buyer, Pittsburgh, PA
Sun Mar 12, 2017
Carrik is the drug capital of pittsburgh
Northside were shootings are
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Earthwoods20…, Home Buyer, Pittsburgh, PA
Thu Sep 3, 2015
Homestead,Pa. Is the very worst area of all. Ask any taxi driver, and they'll tell you the cops are afraid to walk the streets in Homestead.Becomevery good friends with your gun, and you'll be a happy camper.
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We live in Squirrel Hill, but really enjoy going to the homestead library. We went to see Raffi in concert. The homes around the library are beautiful. I have met the friendliest people in The Dollar Tree. 8th Ave. Is lovely in its architecture and we like Aldies. True, we don't live there, but there are some gorgeous homes if you drive up and down the hills. It's generally quiet. There are some stylish new apt bldg around there. It's up and coming.
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