I have been hearing negative things about the Woodbrooke Estates development in Rossville.

Asked by Anthony Iorizzo, Brooklyn, NY Tue Nov 27, 2007

Is this development really as bad as I have heard it is?

A co-worker who lives in neighboring Prince's Bay tells me that this development is filled with juvenile delinquents, vandals, and drug dealers.

Is this information correct?

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nics730’s answer
nics730, Home Buyer, Staten Island, NY
Mon Apr 15, 2013
I have been living in Woodbrooke for 3 years now. I have small children. I really love the neighborhood. I think its perfect for a young family. The pool is great in the summer, and for the most part, my neighbors arew friendly. I have heard mixed reviews about some other blocks. I live on redwood and think the block is fine. definitely something perfect for a young family starting out, or maybe an older couple.
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Kenneth Cole, , Staten Island, NY
Wed Nov 28, 2007
You can check out crime stats at http://www.zipskinny.com
Best bet is to go there and knock on some doors. Tell people you are thinking of living there and ask them for the best and worst things they think about the area.
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Nunzio, Renter, Staten Island, NY
Tue Apr 12, 2011
Well to all of you that have neg. things to say about woodbrooke estates yous are funny. I'm looking to buy in there within the next 12 months so if any of you are looking to get out for really cheap or if you want to do rent to own let me know cause I will be ready to buy. I love it over there and have alot of friends over there and its in the best school district on Staten Island. So feel freel to contact me at Bignunz1031@gmail.com.
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Hey Nunzio: You sound just like the kind of person that most decent people try to steer clear of! If you like this place, it must be a dump!
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The Dude, Home Seller, Staten Island, NY
Wed Dec 19, 2007
Sorry Woody, but I am telling the truth about Woodbrooke Estates!

I don't believe that I will have any problem selling my condo because it is very clean and I have had tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and improvements made since I purchased it!

Unlike many other people in this community who have their condos on the market, I will not be asking an unrealistic amount for my home!

There are many Russians and Koreans who don't care about what a dump this development is!

Besides, If I can't sell, I will just rent to a Section 8 family for a big profit!
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Woody, Home Buyer, Staten Island, NY
Wed Dec 19, 2007
Wow, that is smart trash the neighborhood where you live before you sell your home. I'm sure that will give your home some additional value. Not Smart.
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The Dude, Home Seller, Staten Island, NY
Wed Dec 19, 2007
My name is Mike, and I live on Arrowood Court, which is located in Section 6 of Woodbrooke Estates. I have lived in this community since May 2001, and just as soon as my new house in New Jersey is completed in the spring, I'm outta here!

The stories which you have heard about Woodbrooke Estates are true! The development is a dump, and if I were you, I would steer clear of the place!

The local police (123rd Precinct) are the laziest in the city, and it takes them literally HOURS (if at all) to respond to calls for assistance. Woodbrooke Estates does not bother to provide professional security during the summer months, so the juvenile delinquent punks who live in the community run amok, vandalizing and writing graffitti all over the development!

The "amenities" (if you want to call them that) consist of an undersized swimming pool, a clubhouse and clubhouse parking lot which the residents are forbidden to use, dilapidated handball, tennis, and basketball courts, and a so-called "meadow" which is usually filled with teenage kids hanging out, drinking beer, and having sex!

Don't believe me? Take a walk throughout the development on a weekend evening and see for yourself!

Google "Woodbrooke Estates Staten Island" for more information!
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Anthony Licc…, , Staten Island, NY
Sat Dec 15, 2007
Staten Island’s south shore is the safest in NYC. Now that being said that particular community has many young families. The reason many young families moved to the area over the past decade, is because the public schools in the area are the best in the city.
There can be issues with young kids at times just because of the concentration of young families. However, these communities are very good by anyone’s standard.
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Ramancini, Home Buyer, Staten Island, NY
Mon Oct 31, 2016
the neighborhood is fine; however, the Board of Directors (especially in Section 6 are not really good at all) i have personally had some issues with them. Then when you try to call, you can never get a returned phone call. In addition, i hear a lot of complaints from neighbors over the same issues.
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Sellbythebug, Home Buyer, Wilsonville, OR
Fri Mar 7, 2014
Yeah, blame the kids why don't you. I lived on Azalea Court in 1982. I was 13 and cleaning my neighbors home to earn money. I asked Louise Roaenthal of 36 Azalea Court if he knew of any other neighbors who needed their homes cleaned. He then offered me cocaine and asked me to have sex with him and his friends for money. I didn't take him up on his offer, but being a young girl I made the mistake of not telling an adult. Lou and Susan Rosenthal still reside on Azalea court. In addition, a different "adult" neighbor, also on Azalea paid the teen neighbor that babysat for him in pot instead of cash. Those two families no longer reside there but hey, you will learn a lot once you move into the community.
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Sellbythebug and Flyindrew: Susan Rosenthal, the wife of Louis, is still living on Azalea Court. She is always talking about selling the house and joining her husband down in Florida, but she never does. There are only two or three original families left on the block. The rest of the residents on the block, for the most, are newbies.
Flag Sat Aug 2, 2014
Wow. I lived on that block back in the early 80's. I was 10 at the time and looked at these people with the innocent eyes of a child. I remember fat Louis very well. Would love to hear more "stories".
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Ll23467, Home Owner, Staten Island, NY
Wed Aug 22, 2012
I have been living in woodbrooke for many years now and it is a great place to live. I have awesome neighbors and the house are roomy. The pool and kids parks are always clean and locked at night to keep everything like new. Plus there are secuirity cameras all over. The people are always friendly when I walk around. Plus the schools are excellent.
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Ihatewoodbro…, Home Buyer, Staten Island, NY
Wed Aug 25, 2010
i have been living in this developement for 8 years, (section 6) and it has to be the worst experience i ever had!!!!! the board itself are a bunch of communist backstabbers. There are 10 people on this board and one is worst then the other.,I am putting up my house for sale and when i sell it i sware i am selling to the lowest trashest people i can find, i would even sell my home for a dollar and loose all the money i put into this just so i can get rid of it to anyone. I advice any hard working person NOT to buy into woodbrooke estates!!!! They are terrible!!!!!!!
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Rosanna, Home Buyer, Staten Island, NY
Sat Aug 30, 2008
this answer is inccorrect, i have been living here for 3 years and it is a very nice place, i am a single mom and this is a very friendly place ( if you want it to be) i mostly keep to myself.
the pool is clean, the play ground is new. not a bad place..or i would move my kids out of here in a second, i grew up a few blocks away from here the arear is top notch
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Arlene Trunzo…, Agent, Staten Island, NY
Sun Jun 29, 2008
There will always people that will say negative tings about any place or any one. If you are considering a purchase anywhere you should drive around the community at different times and check things for yourself.
If you have questions in regard to any community you can contact the nearest police station to inquire.
You can contact people already living in a community and ask them questions. Sometimes what one person calls juvenile delinquents another person calls teenagers being teenagers. You may be able to get some information from community board 3.

Arlene Trunzo, CRS,GRI,SRES / Broker Owner
(BCREP) Board certified
718-317-0949 0R 917-359-1985
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Caesar Galin…, , Staten Island, NY
Fri Mar 7, 2008
Give me a call at (718) 698-2179 at Prosperity Real Estate Group, We are on Richmond ave as well, I can help you answer any questions you may have, this is not commitment to come with us. YOu can come and inquire about this even if you are already working with someone. Buying and inquiring about a properity is a constitutional right, and we are here to make sure you are not provided with erroneous information.

My Name is Caesar Galindo Office manager, and Law Student at CUNY Law School.
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Paul Stabile, , Staten Island, NY
Tue Nov 27, 2007

Woodbrooke Estates is no different than any other neighborhood in the city. It has the same problems with teens that every other area has. For the most part the kids are OK, but there are always a few rotten apples. The local police have always been happy to assist any neighborhood with any problems. Anywhere there are a lot of kids there will always be problems...but none that should keep you away.
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