I am thinking about buying a cute mobile home at Casitas del Sol and am not sure about the crime rate in that park and weather I would be safe.

Asked by Civilla09, San Marcos, CA Wed Nov 7, 2012

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Hobobobby16’s answer
Hobobobby16, Home Buyer, San Diego, CA
Tue Jul 30, 2013
Hello ;

I have lived in Casitas Del Sol Mobile Home Park since 1990 and it is about 2 miles from Costco and Walmart and Grocery Stores , etc. etc. and the is a NEW Palomar Hospital about 1+ miles behind our Park .

We have a Swimming pool , Hot Tub , a Big Club House , RV Parking , and a 1 Bedroom Apartment for your Guests to use .

San Marcos is a safe place to live and you are close to many Shopping Centers .
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John Arendsen, Agent, Leucadia, CA
Wed Nov 7, 2012
Casitas del Sol is a Sweetheart of a resident-owned Manufactured Houme Development and has a great reputation for safety. I have lived 5 miles from this beautiful little community for the pas 32 years and have worked there for alomst 3 decades.

It is one of the nicess retirement communities in San Diego and San Diego is one of the finest places in the World to live out ones life. The folks in that development are very friendly and easy to get to know. It is wonderfully maintained and supurbly managed by a very capable HOA.

Many of the homes are old but very well maintained if not entirely remodeled. There are also a number of new homes that have replaced several of the older PRE HUD (built before June 15, 1976) and have reall helped gentrify the community overall.

I would caution you, however, to think long and hard about purchasing a PRE HUD home unless you are planning to remove it and replace it with a new one. Homes built during this time were largely made with many very caustic and carcinogenic chemicals i.e. formaldehyde and asbestos. Additionally they may have many other structural problems that will cost you far more than what you would ever realize when you try to get all your money out.

In any event be sure to have it thoroughly inspected by an experienced MH inspector and not just any home inspector as there are several nuances with MHs that you don't have in a conventional site-built home and most home inspectors not familiar with these nuances will not even know what to look for.

Make sure the inspector crawls under the home and thoroughly inspects each and every pier and pad assembly for rust, deterioration and decomposition if steel and for decompsition if concrete as homes that close to the ocean can be severely impacted by salt.

They should also make sure the home is level by checking all the doors and windows to make sure that they are not swinging or sticking and that all the strike plates on the doors are properly aligned and the doors close soundly.

The inspector should also inspect the steel mainframe for rust and decomposition as well. I can't tell you how many mainframes we've had to repair that were suffering and in some cases even failing from rust and deterioration related issues.

Be sure and have the inspector check for rips and tears in the vapor barrier under the floor. If there are openings in this membrane it could allow the insulation under the floor to become compromised and even fall on the ground.

Openings in the vapor barrier are also a great place for rodents and cats to habitate and reproduce. We've eradicated countless critters from these cavities over the years and it's not a very pleasant experience.

Finally and very importantly make sure the home has a state Housing and Coummunity Development Department (HCD) certified earthquake resistant bracing system (ERBS) as this area is classified as a Zone 4 earthquake area.

We are a California licensed and experienced manufacured home and general contractor and manufactured home dealer, developer and real estate brokerage with decades of experience in the MH industry.

We have worked in all the park/communities in San Marcos for decades area and would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about purchasing a MH. Please feel free to contact us anytime at onthelevel@cox.net or you can call me at 760 815-6977.

Please feel free to log onto any of our very user friendly websites:
http://www.mh-processing.com http://www.tagrealestatesales.com http://www.chadofalltrades.com http://www.intimatelivinginteriors.com
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John Arendsen, Agent, Leucadia, CA
Tue Nov 18, 2014
I've been seeing an inordinate amount of these questions popping up on Trulia in recent weeks. As I've said on the other threads I've commented on there's absolutely no way of guaranteeing that any neighborhood will have little or especially NO CRIME.

We're living in a very different time and place today. Unlike anytime since possibly the Great Depression we are living in very volatile socio economic times everywhere in America as well as most places in the World.

What with dynamics like poverty, homelessness, unemployment, illegal immigration and shear desperation it's clearly obvious why crime is on the rise everywhere. What were once considered very safe and secure upscale neighborhoods are now viable high value targets for those who wish to prey on them.

I've livee in a very laid back, low key semi rural North San Diego country neighborhood in the Buean Creek area of Vista for the past 33 years. My home is approximately 5 miles from Casitas del Sol. During that time we've never locked the doors on our cars or homes and we've always left our bicycles out unlocked.

In the past several months we've had an influx of multi-family or multi-tenant renters moving into several of the single family residents that have come up for rent throughout our neighborhood. Sometimes there are as many as a dozen old cars and trucks parked in the driveways and on the streets.

Common sense has to tell you that these folks aren't the most financially privileged or steadily employeed. Hence, lot's of folks are hungry and desperate to pay the rent so voila our once very safe and quiet neighborhoods become not so safe and secure.

As a result we've seen a dramatic increase in break-ins and burglaries. Fortunetley there has been no violent crime. Just folks stealing bicycles, lawn mowers & myriad garden tools or anything of value that's not secured. We even have a neighbor who's had 4 chickens stolen in the past month. Duh........ya think they might be hungry?

So we took measures into our own hands and with the help of local law enforcement we've facilitated a NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAM. Since the signs have gone up and we've installed or activated existing security systems and video cameras and our buddies at the Sheriff's Dept have been making their presence known and we've all been keeping in touch with one another and notifying one another when we'll be out of town things have really calmed down. In fact there have been no incidents in the past couple of months.

So the long and short of it is that there is no totally safe and secure way of keeping your neighborhood free of crime. The best thing you can do is become involved in your community and stay aware of the folks who live around you.

We've been working in Casitas del Sol for 3 decades and to date that's the only violent crime we've ever heard of there. It's a very safe and cozy little park and the residents there are quality senior citizens who are a very well organized tight knit community. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend that park to anyone.
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Davis287, Home Buyer, San Marcos, CA
Fri Sep 5, 2014
There was one MURDER of a Senior Woman in this mobilehome park about 4 years ago by a MEXICAN ILLEGAL !! and he is still running Free !! ask the police they will tell you everything . Also there has been some things STOLEN !!
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John Arendsen, Agent, Leucadia, CA
Thu Nov 8, 2012
We are a real estate broker and a manufactured home dealer as well as a general and manufactured home contractor. We know this market extremely well and would be happy to work with you in any way we can. Please feel free to call me on my cell anytime at 760 815-6977 or email me at onthelevel@cox.net
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John Arendsen, Agent, Leucadia, CA
Thu Nov 8, 2012
BTW, should you need a loan please let us know. We work with all the lenders and would be happy to refer a good one to you. We don't accept referral fees for this. We just want to help prospective homeowners in any way we can.
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John Arendsen, Agent, Leucadia, CA
Thu Nov 8, 2012
Actually, there is no local PD. It would be the San Diego County Sherriff's Department and they would certainly know the crime stats. But I can tell you first hand that that area is a very save and comfortable place to live and that MH community is one of the best in North County.
Web Reference:  http://www.mh-processing.com
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Ruth, Home Buyer, Cornville, AZ
Thu Nov 8, 2012
Call the local PD, they will tell you.
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