Is it possible to raise my credit score over 100 points in 3 months?

Asked by Tamoka Richardson, Jacksonville, FL Mon Jun 17, 2013

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akcreditrepa…, Home Owner, Columbus, GA
Sat Nov 9, 2013

My name is Kevin Williams and I am a Sale Director with Financial Education Services. I specialize in helping people like yourself achieve a 730 credit score or higher. For your reference my websites are and

Now to answer your question of raising your score 100 point in 90 days. The answer is no. Here's why! According the fair reporting credit act that was passed by congress in 1970 you as a have the right to dispute and or investigate any negative item on your credit report. Once the investigation is started by law the 3 credit bureaus are given 30 days to give you a response to your dispute. Also, by law you have 30 days to respond to there disputes. It's a back and forth process that take at least 120 days to see results. I hope this helps you in any way and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Kevin Williams
Sale Director FEC
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Harrywest360, Home Buyer, Jacksonville, FL
Thu Oct 6, 2016
yooooooo! guys remember me harry west so i met some guy who mailed me saying he could helpe me raise my credit score to 750 i didnt believe him at first but i decided to try him out to my surprise he helped me raise my credit score in few days...i think you guys should try him out via
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Wendydavis05…, Home Buyer, Jacksonville, FL
Sat May 7, 2016
My FICO's score jumped from 599 to 635 in one month.. that's 36 points.. I didn't do anything special that month. I got a new card the previous month w/5 credit cards total. I only purchased $20 on each card and paid minimum balance. I've been trying to mimic what I did that month to make it jump up. I went from 599 in Jan, 635 in Feb, 642 March "paying my cc down over $1000, not much increase??, 651 in April.. So this month I'm just paying minimum to see if it increases dramatically..

My step sister got an FHA 1st time home buyer loan. She found a Foreclosure home that's $400,000+, she put forth her $220,000 home loan before it went into Auction and got it!! She got the list from the banks in the area. It wasn't a Pre-Approved Loan, it was the Loan "money in hand" that made the difference. So now I'm kicking up my FICO's score as high as I can so in September I will do the same.
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James Demano…, Home Buyer, Milwaukee, WI
Fri Nov 22, 2013
Hey, i currently am keeping close attention to my credit score . i subscribe to a credit monitoring website. I dont have great credit because i have not really established anything positive on my report and i really haven't had too many negative things hit my credit either. when i started monitoring my credit score it was 497. the next month it went up alittle bit. the 2nd month it went up alot and the only thing positive to hit my credit is paying my electric bill on time.. it went up 45 points . i recently added an auto loan to my credit report that is positive. and im going to get 2 secured credit cards since i do not qualify for a traditional credit card. and in 3 months i completly expect my score to go up 50-100 points. i did have my student loans hit my credit report with a late payment and it made alittle difference through trans-union - but my overall score still increased 45 points in 2 months. and thats with a 50 point deduction with trans union factored in. so personally yes i beleive if your credit report isn't cluttered with negative things and you haven't established your credit much i do believe a person can increase their score 100 points in 3 months
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Michael Abra…, Other Pro, Deerfield, IL
Wed Jul 31, 2013

Although it does happen, it is very rare that a credit score goes up that high in only 3 months.

I have seen credit scores increase 250 points in 3 months, but these cases are more of an exemption than the rule.

Don't look for the quick fix, legal credit repair takes time.

Good Luck in your search.
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Hickory & Do…, Agent, Jacksonville, FL
Tue Jun 18, 2013
Hi is POSSIBLE. It depends on SO many issues. The FIRST thing to do is to contact a REALLY good lender...someone who can HELP you reach your goal....NOT a "fly by night" lender...a lender recommended by an experience real estate agent will be able to REALISTICALLY assist you in clearing up any MISTAKES on your report, assist you in clearing up any misunderstanding, writing letters to explain some reports, assist you in paying off some debts, and ...possibly suggesting additional credit to balance the well as other things.
The lender you choose will help you decide which type of loan you will need....some types of loans require higher credit numbers than may qualify for "SPECIAL" loans...some of which are more "forgiving".
CONTACT a real estate agent you can TRUST....someone who will help you find the right lender.Remember....some lenders work with buyers in various price NEED someone who will RESPECT your needs....
There is NO GUARANTEE that you will be able to raise your credit score over 100 points in 3 will NOT know unless you speak to someone who CARES and who will work with you to find the correct LENDER for YOU.

Please contact us...if you choose. We will gladly work with you to help you reach your GOAL...Best of luck either way. If not in 3 months...perhaps there is a PLAN you can follow to get where you want to be SOONER THAN YOU THINK!

Donna Delegal
"The Real Estate Lady"
Oceanside Real Estate
(904) 732-PACK (904) 732-7225
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Christina Ha…, Other Pro, Morristown, TN
Tue Jun 18, 2013

Anything is possible. This all depends what is on your credit. The percentage of balances on open and revolving cards.

Have a great day;

Christina Solorzano;
CEO & SR Credit & Mortgage Consultant of
Everlasting Credit Repair
Making home ownership more than a dream...
Retired Mortgage Banker
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Patti ODwyer, Agent, Jacksonville, FL
Mon Jun 17, 2013
Tamoka, I raised my own by about 50 points just by correcting a few items a few years ago. I got a copy and found open accounts that had zero balances, years old. I closed the accounts, even old accounts from stores no longer in business, and wrote that to credit companies. With the combination of closing accounts, and deleting open accounts with defunk companies, my score went up 50 points. They count every open account you have.

You might even find other errors and have them removed. You have to contact the business directly to get that done, then have credit reporting company resweep for new information. Good luck.
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Andrew Saltm…, Mortgage Broker Or Lender, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Mon Jun 17, 2013
Yes I raised my credit score from 580 to 750 in about 2 months.
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by being white.
Flag Fri Feb 26, 2016
How can we Do that? It's very Urgent for me.
Flag Sun Mar 8, 2015
how did you do that
Flag Sun Feb 23, 2014
Curly Sue, , Texas
Mon Jun 17, 2013
Sure...if there are a bunch of errors & you correct them. I just had someone raise their score 35 points in a couple of days because he had a few errors.
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