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How can I rent if I have an eviction on my credit report?

Asked by Michael D. Burns, Holmesburg, Philadelphia, PA Mon Sep 13, 2010

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Your best bet will be to work with a small investor in your area. Have the problems that led to your eviction been solved? Were they for non payment of rent, disorderly conduct? Drugs? If non payment of rent, how can you assure the new landlord it will not happen again. Some things can be overlooked some not. Maybe look at Craigs list for a room rental by the week if you can find no other way.
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I am disabled can a landlord put an eviction on my credit report
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I have an eviction due to the landlord not maintaining the house I'm living in so I called land I on her I have to be out of this house in 8 days and don't want to be homeless with my 12 year old daughters how do I rent with an eviction in phila pa
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this is Yolanda0729

I am applying for Boston Housing Authority, and they are asking me to write an explanation letter as to what was my version of the eviction. I didn't have not non payment of rent or damage to the apartment. What really happened was that I was evict due to that they really didn't want me to have that apartment and the company verbally told me if I was to call the police once in the building that they were going to evict me. then when I had do call 911 for there services because of a DV they accused me of being disruptive in the building of course they are not going to tell the truth because from the beginning they didn't want me to have this apartment I am a disabled person and homeless at that and at the time of the eviction I just got tired of having to go to court cause I had an operation on December 20 2012 so I didn't have the strength to keep on fighting the courts on this matter how can I put this in a letter and there were also other circumstances that occurred also but I am having trouble putting it into words can you help me
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Just was saying will that not get me approve for renting a house and don"t owe any rent or damages.tired of apartments
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I got evicted/terminate but never late on rent and paid my last rent on 1-3/13 0n time 3 weeks later while on month to month lease i get two letters back to back invoilation of lease with an adult staying there mos at a time and got to be out by 2/6/13.will it cause me to get approve for renting a house eventho i paid rent on time never late but 1 time out of 12 months.and im on month to month lease.
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you can pay more rent up front, you can get a cosigner, you can be up front an honest...sometimes it works out.
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I co-signed for my mother in 2009. She was evicted do to the loss of her job. The balance has been resolved as of 02/12/2012. How long will this stay on her credit and does this eviction show on mine.
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if you have an eviction you can make arrangement with the previous landlord or the court system to repay them and get the paper work and it to the credit breau but it will to anywhere from 30 to 60 days to update
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Hi Michael,

If all other things on your credit are in good shape...and you can explain the eviction, you should be ok. You need to find a Realtor to help you and present you in a good light. If there is a good a really bad landlord, then explain it and give other references.

You might also find a landlord who is doing it themselves, allow you to work with them personally and again, get the opportunity to explain. You might also offer pre-paid rent or a larger deposit.

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It depends on the landlord! He may or may not choose to rent to you, depending on your circumstances and if he thinks you are a good credit risk or not. it is his call.
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Is there some kind of letter my ex landlord can write to the new landlord or something that states the eviction so I could rent again?
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You need to get that taken care of because leasing agent's and other housing professional's do look at that . See can you contact that landlord make a payment arrangement to get this off your credit report.
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I'm an investor, and Kevin is spot on. Those are exactly the kinds of questions that I'll ask, and that's exactly the kind of assurance that I'm looking for.
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Much will depend on the individual landlord--if needed, one could consider offering extra security deposit, pre-paying some of the rent, etc.
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Lyle is correct.

An eviction is like a foreclosure and all those people seem to find a place to live.

What I would do is to write a letter of explanation to the the landlord or explain your situation to him directly. Also, I would stay away from the apartment complexes and focus my efforts on the individual investor.
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It is up to the landlord whether they want to rent to you based on your past and current finacial situation. As a landlord myself I have rented to people who had previous financial problems due to a nasty divorce, past illness, or job loss. If the person's current financial / job situation is fine and they appear to be responsible, I might give them a chance.
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The Best thing you can do is get in touch with the landlord and offer to make a payment a arrange with him .You also need to make sure the all bad remarks are removed from your credit report or get letter from once you pay because it take a little while to have things removed from your credit report
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Hi, Michael.

Bruce put it best below by stating "renting is always a negotiation." Renting, unlike buying a home and qualifying for a mortgage, is a lot more flexible with qualifying and terms. Since it's a short-term commitment, it does not require such an extensive background check. Although, I will say that some landlords/landladies are more strict than others.

If you're interested in finding a rental, please let me know what I can do to help.


Timothy M. Garrity | Brown McKinney Real Estate, Co.
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The best thing you can do with moving forward get intouch with that old landlord offer to make an arragement to have that removed from your credit most landlord 's are understanding an at the end of the day all they want is there are money better late then never
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Dear Michael....renting is always a negotiation. I have rented to people with poor credit but required all rent paid up front for 6 or even 12 months. Sometimes, being honest and appropaching a landlord works. Good luck in your search.
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