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Wed Aug 2, 2017
Susie Kay answered:
Your question is very general and no one can answer that without discussing further with you in detail. Lenders lend depending on your financial capability because they want to make sure that you can pay them back. I would suggest that you pick up the phone and call a lender or two. ... more
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Thu Dec 8, 2016
Spencer T asked:
I like the area and see a number of cheap homes listed for this area. I am curious if anyone knows why so many homes are for sale in case there is something I don't know about the area.
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Wed Apr 2, 2014
MaKay Swanson answered:
One of the first things I give my buyer clients is the website - Plug in your prospective address and do your due diligence. If a break in down the street doesn't freak you out, but an arson or murder would, this site tells you what your prospective neighborhood is up to. ... more
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Mon Feb 10, 2014
Malia Stamey (Bilingual) answered:
Hi! I can very easily perform the search for you and email you a list of all listed homes for rent in your desired school zone. If you would like me to do this for you please contact me at and I'll be very happy to help. ... more
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Fri Jan 24, 2014
Nereida Figueroa answered:
COBBCOUNTY.GOV...There is base in the area the property is located. Take the zip code, start from there
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Mon Dec 30, 2013
Hi Elizabeth,

Rent to own is a very popular “buzz topic” these days because so many people are not eligible for traditional forms of financing but are still driven by the desire to own a home. Astute real estate investors market to that combination because they know that the fear of not owning a home will cause people to throw caution to the wind.

I think I have only closed one end loan on a rent to own deal in all of the years I have been a loan officer. I have spoken to an untold number of “buyers” that collectively have lost millions trying to make one of these puppies work. The truth is, they work well for the seller, not so much for the buyer. Of course I am talking about sellers that are in it for profit, not the ones that are trapped on the other side of your profile, the ones that haven’t been able to sell.

There are two primary reasons rent to own does not work out for most buyers. First, the rent to own contract will rarely, hardly ever, never matches the mortgage underwriting guidelines the mortgage underwriter MUST follow when it is time to pay off the seller. Every buyer believes whatever they agree to with the seller is the way the rest of the world looks at it as well, nothing could be further from the truth. What are the guidelines? Who knows what they will be a year or two down the road when you apply for a mortgage? The ones that are in place on that day are the ones that must be used by the lender, not the ones that are existing today.

Which brings us to the second reason buyers fail using this path. Usually the reason someone chases a rent to own situation is because they have been denied or told they are not eligible for a traditional mortgage from a lender. The next question I get asked when that happens is, “when will I be eligible?” I call this a timeline. All loan officers should know the minimum timelines from whatever occurrence is causing the loan request to be turned down. When we utter that date the buyer thinks it is written in concrete and they run with the minimum timeline. In the real world that is a big mistake, I tell my clients to double or triple the timeline just to be safe. You did not get where you are today on a minimum timeline and you may not be in the position a year from now that you expect today.

I am not soliciting your business, not even licensed in GA so I don’t want anything from you, just trying to be helpful. If you think my comments above are just a lender’s prejudicial outlook, at least research the subject before giving away your hard earned money, I linked some more info below, good luck,

Jim Simms
NMLS # 6395
Financing Kentucky One Home at a Time
I answer questions about financing real estate based on my decades of experience dealing with mortgage underwriters. This answer is my personal opinion, has not been reviewed or approved by the company I work for. I do not offer legal or tax advice, if you need answers from an attorney or CPA find one knowledgeable in your local market.
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Fri Nov 2, 2012
Cpnmom answered:
Brookstone3 and 2 look nice on the outside, but on the inside, it's horrible. It is very cliquish. The neighbors take great joy in siccing the VERY aggressive homeowner's associate on each other and also like to call the county code enforcement on each other for petty things just for fun.

There's a lot of gossip and ugly backbiting and in-fighting because it's populated by bored moms that don't work, don't volunteer and just spend their time shopping and being ugly to their neighbors. You may get a home that will retain its value, but you will also get unparalleled harassment that reduces your quality of life to zero.

If you must buy in Brookstone, buy in the original Brookstone 1 - it is much less uppity and comfortable. But better yet, avoid Brookstone altogther and buy in one of the other lovely and less antagonistic neighborhoods nearby.
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Sat May 19, 2012
a answered:
Start by checking out the school districts. I use to get quick information. The Smyrna Vinings area is an excellent location. King Springs elementary, and Campbell Middle and High school are good schools. There are a few new mixed use subdivisions that offer walkability to shopping, nightlife, and a host of other neighborhood amenities. Contact me for more information. ... more
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Thu Apr 19, 2012
Samanthaa52 answered:
Thanks! well, I have looked around and I think 900 a month would be ok to spend. The 3rd bedroom would be an office/extra space so I could be flexible if it was a sun room type thing. Anywhere in Marietta would be fine. I need to be half way in between KSU and my husband will work in City of Atlanta as a firefighter paramedic. He may also start in the middle of June. Would it be possible to rent somewhere for half a month if that was the case instead of beginning the first of July? What would be even cooler is if we could find a first month free type thing on a townhouse or home. I just don't want an apartment. ... more
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Mon Dec 12, 2011
Jackye Mumphrey answered:
Schools in Mableton are always a hot topic as you can see by this thread. Here is an opinion that is very hard to argue over.

There are different ways in looking at schools that fit the needs of your child(ren). Looking just at schools scores isn't always the best indicator of how the school actually is until you visit it. School scores do not tell you how your child's teacher will treat them in class or how the principle runs the school. There are plenty of East Cobb schools that aren't as good as others in East Cobb or elsewhere in the city. Judge for yourself and go to the schools in person, sign in with the front office and take the tours and talk with the administrators yourself. They are good teachers and principles in low performing schools as there are poor teachers in top proforming schools. The best schools in "my opinion" are the schools that have the best repoire and involvement with the parents of the students attending their schools regardless of their scores. What I find that tends to be the 600 pound gorillia in the room when it comes to discussing schools in Cobb County and elsewhere is that people harp on school scores when the real issue may be cultural, social-economic or political.

Again do your own research.. your friends have told you about Mableton for a reason. Ask them why. Good luck

The Mableton Maven
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Fri Oct 29, 2010
User124 answered:
Honestly - if you see real estate improvement, you are lucky. Bentley Road is a PIT. If you (attempt) to contact Cobb County for crime stats (and I wish you the best of luck in getting a response), you will find that this area has steadily declined. A young person was murdered in the parking lot of one of the churches on Powers Ferry Road a few years ago. There are always "unsavory" characters roaming the area, I consider myself lucky to have moved away (far far away). Pay attention to the other apartments in the Delk/Powers Ferry area. Drive thru them - but be sure your doors are locked and you don't talk to anyone. It's a JOKE.
If you are hellbent on investing - stay away from Garden Villas - their "monthly maintenance fee" is over $275/month and it includes TRASH SERVICE - 1x/week. NOTHING ELSE. Don't believe the hype - they'll tell you landscaping is included - there is no landscaping. Tree maintenance is non-existent and requires an annual special assessment. Good luck!
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Sun Aug 1, 2010
Lynn Monachese, CRP, SFR answered:
This area of East Cobb is lovely, stable and offers all the conveniences in shopping, interstates and Atlanta. I live in this area in a neighboring sub to Hasty Meadows and we enjoy the quiet enjoyment that you look for when buying property.

Hasty Meadows is predominantly brick ranches in varying degree of updating; some properties have enclosed the carport and/or expanded the dwelling. Neighboring subdivisions offer membership in their swim/tennis community, and the properties are on large and predominantly flat lots. We enjoyed putting our children through the school district and if schools are an important choice in making your decision I will suggest looking up the scores and reports in the GA Dept. of Education websites. School districts and performance change from year to year, as does size of classrooms and curriculum.

I will be happy to assist you in obtaining the answers that will help you make the best decision for your household and your real estate purchase.

Lynn Monachese, CRP, SFR
Residential Sales
...A Resource You Can Trust!
Off: 678-784-4388
Mob: 678-462-3179
Fax: 678-301-4170
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Sun Aug 1, 2010
Stephanie McCarty answered:
I haven't done specific research relating to your question but over the years I've spoken to homeowners in several counties or have closed home sales in counties where a senior exemption can be obtained - and it is a substantial savings. I am pretty sure that the same exemption is available in Gwinnett and Walton counties. The counties around the metro are fairly competitive in their millage rates and exemptions so as to encourage growth and their tax base. ... more
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Tue Jul 21, 2009
Dallas Texas answered:
Professional real estate agents against our code of ethics to make comments.

RECOMMEND contacting a Trulia agent in that area go through a q & a session assist in you making a decision. Have you Google searched or read local media press release or visit city website many have direct links published articles.

National Featured Realtor and Consultant, Mortgage Loan Officer, Credit Repair Lecturer
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Sat Jan 24, 2009
Whatever answered:
I actually did this and it was the best financial thing I ever did. In 1997 I found a place that was rented out and the owners were sick and tired of their rotten tenants. I gave the owner $4000 and started making payments. I did NOT assume the loan. The loan stayed in the original owner's name. I did however, take title to the property. I made the payment on time each month. People who have not done this all say the lender will call the loan. They could. However, consider that the loan I took over was at 10% and it was 13 years into the loan and the property was distressed....what bank would want to let go of a 10% interest loan with regular payments? Consider today that banks have so much inventory to deal with, and property is going down in you really think they have the time or inclination to call the loan when someone is making the payments on time? NO.

In my case, I moved in. The way I looked at it, I needed a place to live. The worst I would be out was my $4000 as I would have had to pay rent anyway and the mortgage I took over was way less than the going rate for rents in the area.

If you can find people who have actually done this, I think you will find they are all very happy. I use the word ALL because I believe loans are hardly ever called under these circumstances. You have to weight the risks and rewards. I am currently looking for another property I can do this with. I am looking in blue collar areas. This time I hope to put down less than $4000! Last time it took me 9 months to find the deal.

That's my story.
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Thu Sep 11, 2008
Wendy Bunch answered:
Head to Smyrna/Vinings and the Mableton area. You need proof, check out the AJC & the MDJ about a month ago it stated..."despite a soft market these area's off Cobb County have stayed consistant and will continue to do so thru this "soft market"........remember..location location Greg H said as close to Sandy Springs as possible..does not get much closer than that....good luck:)
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Thu Sep 11, 2008
Wendy Bunch answered:
Is everyone for Real?

Location is key..........Matthew Share did make a great point do not rely on ZILLOW.COM, the prices are not accuarate. You have someone from Cherokee and Atlanta telling you about your home. I am sure they know their market very well.

**Best advice seek advice from an agent that know's your area. Good Luck!
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Mon Sep 1, 2008
Hank Miller answered:
Hi Maggie,

Cedar Forks is an older (25-35 yrs) neighborhood where you'll find primarily cedar sided multi level homes - many are contemporary in nature. Prices average about 180+- over the last two years and there have been distressed homes sold in here, one is presently pending and one is currently for sale. There are also a few rental homes in here as the price point and location make it an attractive investor development.

The community benefits from excellent schools and the conveniences found in the immediate area. As with anywhere, yuou must buy right and estimate the repairs accurately or you will twist in the wind. If you do that, this is a good 5-7 year bet, but don't expect any tremendous return as these homes have a slow but steady appreciation.

My office is right on Roswell Road, I know the area very well.

Hank Miller, SRA, ABR
Associate Broker - Certified Appraiser
REMAX Greater Atlanta
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Mon May 5, 2008
Krystine Shonfelt answered:
Hi there,
I happen to have a listing coming on the market in Oakley Downs (Goodwood dr.). The townhouse is multilevel and is not in great shape right now. My Investor has purchased and is going to completely redo the inside and outside. It will be priced below others for sale in the neighborhood but will look better than anything else in there once its done. One good/bad thing about the neighborhood is that there is no HOA which will save you money every month, but it also does not restrict home owners from letting their houses look trashy. So far, all the houses look pretty good in there, no wild colors and no lawns being over run with weeds. If you would like to keep in touch, please feel free to visit my website and contact me. You can search from there and I can set you up with a personalized search as well. Thanks for the interest! ... more
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Fri Oct 19, 2007
Tracy Bedenbaugh Cash answered:
If you are talking about the Park at Papermill in Marietta, GA...It is in a great location with access to several areas of town (Roswell, Alpharetta, Atlanta, Smyrna, Kennesaw, etc). The community was built in the early 90's and is in a great East Cobb school district. If I can be of further assistace, please let me know. I would be happy to assist you with finding a home anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area. ... more
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