ePERKS sues Vlad Zablotskyy - Search your email for ePERKs IP - .167 the proof to set Vlad FREE

Asked by Mr.P, Arizona Sun Jun 15, 2008

ePerks solicited editorial advertising (blog posts recommending their service) on real estate blogs
Vlad wrote such a post and was complimentary
Commenters on the post came in and talked about how bad the ePerks service was and how they were swindled
Vlad writes a response piece to acknowledge reader comments:
Comment frenzy ensues on this post. At some point the comments turn into a battle between a number of anonymous commenters plus one person who claims to be an employee of Eperks. The suspicious part is that all these commenters seem to come from the same block of IP addresses ( - 167) that when traced lead you back to where ePerks lives
Now, it gets NASTY. This same ip block has been traced to personal attacks on Vlad himself. Calling him a Child molester http://www.rsspieces.com/eperks-sues-real-estate-blogger-blo…
ePerks sues Vlad

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Sylvia Barry,…, Agent, Marin, CA
Sun Jun 15, 2008
First, I don't know Val and this si the first time I am made aware of the story.

This is pretty amazing. Reading the lawyer's letter, certain things such as Val 'is fully aware of those fals stories, ..etc' is just difficult for me to believe.

I guess I am thinking that if I posted something on Trulia and received 200+ comments, how am I supposed to know whether the comments are true or not?

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J R, , New York, NY
Sun Jun 15, 2008
I seriously question the professionalism of an attorney who uses the word "bogus".
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J R, , New York, NY
Sun Jun 15, 2008
Horrifying, isn't it.......................?
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Mr.P, , Arizona
Mon Jun 16, 2008
Exactly Sylvia,
Here are a few of the comments inorder. The one`s that would ( in my opinion seem fake are the one`s that support eJerks

2007-08-13 01:45:58
I have had the same experience with ePerks- BAD. Took my money, have received no results and I cannot find where their advertising is either. I bought 7 zip codes - have not gotten a single response/prospect!

2007-10-05 19:23:43

I’m a Realtor also. I hae been contacted by Eperk, both pre-lunch and today. I looked at the site today and it’s up with agents in my area. Maybe it just got up and running???

Are you still having those same problems? Are they still not contacting you?

2007-10-05 20:47:32
Eperks initially had a section with your credit card number where you could change credit card numbers or cancel… that was removed. I manually went into my panel and removed my zip codes and sent an email to customer service stating I wanted to cancel and then I got an email saying I had to call some particular person who wasn’t even my initial sales representative. (he left also)

When I called this guy on the 3 of October he said I would be billed for October regardless what I told him and he denied that the eperks site had any issues. Their not interested in customer service, just taking your money. I have contacted the District Attorney’s office in the county where Pleasanton is located and sent a letter to NAR
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2007-10-18 02:02:22
as far as im concerned all these comments seem absolutely ridiculous. If an agent were to partner up with eperks, they would have to be smarter than to knock down a company that they are invested in, and if they aren’t signed on with eperks, why would they care enough to post unless they were competitors that are concerned about a better concept and system that will probably wipe them off the market…and i guess if i was an agent that didn’t want to use the internet for its potential cause i was old school and like sitting around and making phone calls, that would make sense aswell. Might as well beat up on the new ideas. This is sort of like the fight between church and state. Its about capitalism, making money, and going with a program that makes sense…this is real estate not politics, and this is the last comment i will post on this subject. Eperks is a legitimate company, with a straight up, honest owner and an amazing system that will surely have agents and consumers going through them and reaping the benefits…ePerks, and anyone who is familiar with any successful startup company/investment knows its not an overnight thing. You get on in the beginning because thats where the most potential lies, all good concepts need fine tuning, something that eperks has continually done and is showing continuous success. Companies that start out well and go downhill are what you want to look out for, not companies that start out well and get better and better as they quickly expand exponential. A brilliant, revolutionary concept, with the support team to market, develope, and refine any quirk that rears its head. Powerful concepts executed properly are what keeps modern day moving into the future…ePerks is absolutely a revolutionary tool in the future of real estate, automotive sales, general contractors, and has incredible potential to work well in all consumer services. Think about it? : )

Comment by Vlad - the owner of Go Beyond MLS |Edit This
2007-10-18 02:17:54
Steve are you reading the comments or you just here to spam as were other ePerks employees?

Look ,these agents feel they were mislead, it’s not like they are buying company’s shares on Wall Street. They have purchased the service and ePerks failed to deliver. How can you blame them for criticizing ePerks

2007-08-13 12:43:44
Wow…sounds like ePerks is a big scam. Glad I never got involved.

2007-08-17 17:48:59
I got into ePerks, too. Considering that it’s a startup, I went into it knowing it might be slow. So far, no conacts, but I’m willing to hold out a little longer. I figure with my three zips and the guarantee, I’ll be good riding the program for eight months. If anything, I’ll get all my money back in one lump sum. Love the commercial, BTW.

2007-08-18 17:06:00
I just received 2 buyers last week and they are real leads. So far I am happy and I have seen the ads on googles and yahoo homepage. I think its great but I think its going to take a little time all parts of the nation to work perfectly. If you are an agent that wants to make $20,000 with $21 investment you are confused and should’t use it.
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Mr.P, , Arizona
Sun Jun 15, 2008
Nice JR, I read it five times and didn`t not catch it.
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Mr.P, , Arizona
Sun Jun 15, 2008
It really is JR
In this big World of the Internet, the level, transparent playing field. You can`t speak the truth, or you will be bullied, and sued
Read what the lawyer had to say http://www.go-beyond-mls.com/eperks/
If we don't stand up to these eBitches, and our rights to free speech, the corporate world that feeds off of Realtors will push us back 30 years. Back to the day you waited for your almighty broker, to give you a book of the current listings.

Have you ever had someone say something untrue about you to millions of people, and then financially strangle you in a out of state lawsuit?

Support Vlad here http://www.bloodhoundrealty.com/BloodhoundBlog/?p=3236
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