any good bpo companies?

Asked by RaeAnne Owen, Chico, CA Tue Feb 12, 2008

Does anyone know how to get started in the BPO's? I want to get started does anyone know who to sign up with in California?

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Mytodo2012, Home Buyer, Midlothian, VA
Sun Nov 11, 2012
If you want to do BPOs you will find lot of good companies but stay away from BROKERPRICEOPINION.COM from Westminster CO. I did 26 BPOs for them since June 8,2012 and I did not receive even sigle penny of compensation. On Oct 31, 2012 I got offer from them to pay me only 50% what they owe me and if I will accept it they will mail me a check within 2 days. I said OK and today is November 11 and I stil got NOTHING from them.

Tracina Buchanan
Agent, Chesterfield VA
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Take them to small claims court and ask for court cost too. You will see how fast they pay. Years ago I did that with one in Cal. that geve me the run around for over three months and they sent me every penny plus court costs to drop the suit.
Flag Wed May 11, 2016
YESSS I am going through the same thing with them... they still owe me money from July 2015... they are the worst company ever.. I HATE BROKERPRICEOPINION.COM WITH A PASSION
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Very sorry to hear that.
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Akil Walker, Agent, Upper Marlboro, MD
Fri Jul 1, 2011
Hello RaeAnn,

I suggest going the companies that do not charge. Here is a good company below to sign up with.
Web Reference:
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Scarlet, Home Owner, Phoenix, AZ
Mon Oct 22, 2012
Heres a sample list of about 30 bpo and 10 reo companies -
For the full list see this page (around 200 i think) -
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This is one of the Rip off sites that want you to pay them money. Don't ever pay for lists or to get the BPO orders.
Flag Fri Jun 19, 2015
This is simply a LINK to a page that SELLS you a list of 200+ BPO REO and Asset Management companies for $29 and according to the Date on the bottom of the page FYI all 3 LINKS above take you to the same page. Save yourself the money and just do a few google searches post should probably be removed as it is simply attempt to drive business to a site.
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Ed Portillo, , Roseville, CA
Sat Feb 18, 2012
If you are a Real Estate Agent in need of serious income, this is not for you. Yes there are many BPO companies out there, and yes many will ask you for registration money, some will charge you a monthly fee, some will charge you up to $500 to sign up. Once you sign up if you decide to so, you are on your own, you pay for your own gas, with some companies depending on the agreement you sign will want you to appear in court to testify on your valuation, all on your dime not the BPO company. Lastly you will be lucky if in a year you make more than $7,000 doing BPOS. Wish you all luck.
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Thomas R., , West Hollywood, CA
Sun May 22, 2011
Hello I found which go me started on some great bpo and reo companies.

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Kevin Olson,…, Agent, Colorado Springs, CO
Fri Sep 24, 2010…

The link above is to a blog I posted with a full list including contact phone numbers.
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Kevin Olson,…, Agent, Colorado Springs, CO
Tue Sep 14, 2010
Hi RaeAnne,

There are several good BPO companies, FARVV (now Corelogic), Fiserv (ISGN), Safeguard, Emortgage, etc. The hard part is getting in with the companies, and we can help with that. Nothing beats getting BPOs from the largest companies that pay consistently. Currently a lot of banks are trying out the idea of having their own BPO company to cut out the middle man, it's a different process but it could be where the BPOs will be in the future. Check us out and see what you think, we only deal with the good companies, and let you know what companies will give you what problems.
Web Reference:
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The Monson C…, , Portland, OR
Tue Feb 23, 2010
You might try contacting bankruptcy attorneys.

They also need valuations conducted pursuant to bankruptcies in progress.

There probably isn't a lot of competition for this business as few Realtors are actively pursuing these leads.
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Sam Shueh, , San Jose, CA
Sun Sep 27, 2009
This is a good source for additional income and you learn a lot about prices and preview potential homes being refinanced, loan moded, short sale candidates. Sign up as many as you can. It may be a few months, a year or longer(or never) before you get your first assignment. You only get 1 shot at the first one so you need to quickly and deliver the results as you are being rated on.

This is a seasonal job as no company will guarantee work load. You are busy doing a few then bye bye and when they have order you get a few again weeks later. If you stay with a few companies you will get quite good and may be other opportunities... There are also blogs for each company to network.....
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Marcus Valdez, Agent, Fort Collins, CO
Thu Feb 14, 2008
You might have to get googling but sign up with as many banks as you can. A great source is
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Christopher…, Agent, Hemet, CA
Thu Feb 14, 2008 is a company providing Business Process Outsourcing. A bit different than Broker Price Opinions. BPO in the corporate world referrs to outsourcing our jobs in customer service and minor technology are sent to places like India.

BPO means different things to different sectors. The good news is that Broker Price Opinions could never be processed through a call center in Bangladesh. For the time being, we get to keep our jobs!
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Christopher…, Agent, Hemet, CA
Thu Feb 14, 2008
Most of what is out there now are BPO mills. You will be completing BPO orders with very little or no chance of getting a listing. The chances of getting anywhere by calling a loss mitigator or asset manager are less than nil. There are many "pay for inclusion" directories popping up yet, I would not recommend wasting your money.

Whats the best way at this point....with literally thousands of agents asking the same question? Work with a brokerage that is already established in the REO market. Many of them, including ours, are overwhelmed with orders. You can gain much experience from those that have already been in the game, establish relationships within the REO market and will be far mare successful in the long run.
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Pam Winterba…, Agent, Danville, VA
Tue Feb 12, 2008
You may want to contact your local lenders loss mitigation deparements to see who they are using or if they are looking for a local realtor to do BPO's.
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John Peak, Agent, seattle, WA
Wed Nov 2, 2016
I also got burned by . they finally paid me but it took almost a year and a lot of threatening. A couple of my favorite companies are emortgage and corelogic. you can get a list at
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Nicole Ocean, Home Buyer, Miramar Beach, FL
Thu Sep 8, 2016
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Jeaneen Gant, Agent, Jenkintown, PA
Mon Mar 14, 2016
I'm always looking for a good BPO company to do BPO's for. Clear Capital and Emortgage are my top two. Can anyone recommend another company who pay either weekly or biweekly..

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Alisaaaddison, , New York, NY
Thu Jul 30, 2015
Top BPO Companies are

1. Capgemini
2. Wipro
3. Firstsource
4. HCL
5. Accenture
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Nancy Luckhu…, Home Buyer, Fort Myers, FL
Fri Jun 19, 2015
Yes there are some very good companies that pay well. I am a virtual assistant to Realtors in the BPO side of their business. My guys and gals are doing very well but then I negotiate the fees higher for them with the companies. What they offer and what they will pay are 2 different animals. If they don't have many Realtors in the area and they can't find anyone to do the reports they will pay very well depending on how far you have to drive and how soon they need it.
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Alice Roth of…, , Woodstock, GA
Sun Dec 9, 2012
Nolin BPO Services Co. Ltd ( is a good company based on the Albay, Philiipines.
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different type of BPOs Alice --- we're referring to broker price opinions...
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fmalburk, , New York, NY
Wed Sep 19, 2012
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Feel free to contact us to get more information

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Brooks Conkle, Agent, Mobile, AL
Thu Jun 2, 2011
A colleague of mine and I will be putting together an educational resource in order to show people how to get into the BPO industry ---- she actually makes a full time income from BPO's that pay her bills and still does REO listings with our company as well!
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Kevin Olson,…, Agent, Colorado Springs, CO
Sun Mar 27, 2011
I just posted a blog on LAMCO, Lenders Asset Management Company. I actually met face to face with them, and it sounds like the hardest area to get in with them for CA is around San Diego. Call them up and see if it's right for you. They order BPOs, pay more than most other companies (can't post fees to be legal), and the checks come consistently. Another big one that has been playing with fees is ISGN. ISGN will even do direct deposit for you.
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Rob Henry, , Ohio
Fri May 21, 2010
Hi RaeAnne, I have a blog that gives a bunch of free information about BPOs, it's great for agents wanting to get started doing BPOs. Your question (and much more) is answered in my blog posts.

-Rob Henry
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