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Which candidate for the Republican Presidential race will move forward legislation to help the housing market recover and boost consumer confidence?

Asked by Wes Black, Louisville, KY Tue Nov 15, 2011

The NAR conference says housing issues should make a difference in whom voters choose. Do you agree and why?

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Where is Ronald Reagan now, when we need him?
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Being in finance, I can assure you ANYONE other than who currently sits in the White House would be an improvement. There has been systematic targeting of our industry and it's gotten so bad that I can only help but a fraction of who I used to be able to help. And the big banks (who buy lender's loans) have turned up their noses as if to say, we don't need to lend money. We've got enough reserves (thanks to taxpayer bailouts) to hold us through the millennium. Obviously the mortgage industry was ready for much needed reforms, but we were given handcuffs, both on our hands and our feet and then blindfolded! What we need is a business friendly Administration. Look around, how many vacant office spaces and strip centers do you see. I would like to expand my branch and hire a new secretary, loan processors, and sign a new office lease. But no, not now! Consider this, why would HUD (overseen by Obama) lower the FHA loan limits further stagnating the already crippled housing market? Made no sense at all!!! Only after thousands of disgruntled people called their Congressmen screaming did they reverse course. Dummies! Who would be a better alternative? You my friend!.... Anyone!
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To answer Ron's question, Ronald Reagan WAS here when we needed him.

Unfortunately, we desperately need someone like him again--someone who puts the needs of the country over the needs to promote his/her own agenda or image.
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Mack is correct. Zero!! And I ask my fellow Realtors® this question... Why do we always get "forced" to pick a candidate(no political affiliation here) that seems to be the "lesser of two evils"??
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I believe that Newt Gingrich would be the best candidate for the housing market. He has a better understanding of the housing issues at hand. His program to move the general economy to recovery will also move the housing market. When people are working the housing market will grow once again. The key is to get people back to work.
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None of them.

At this point the focus needs to be on creating sustainable long term employment. There are also 16 million children living in poverty which is a major concern for the next generation. Once people have stable employment the housing market will in turn improve.

To George's point of FHA limit levels being lowered and crippling the market, I disagree. it does not help it but I would not describe it as crippling the market.
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The Super Committee apparently lacked real motivation. All twelve should be lined up and givin the 'Pepper Spray' inspiration that is apparently justified when encountering peaceful protesters whose actions will not cause harm to every American household.

If only we had another Pat Paulsen.
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For me it’s more of the issue of the economy, tax reform and jobs. I don’t like it when the federal government artificially stimulates any industry because of the effects are always felt later, no matter how good the intent was to improve the situation. In our area we have plenty of local/ state programs to “stimulate” our industry and some are taking advantage of USDA programs, bond money, urban stimulus, and even no money down programs. There seems to be a growing sentiment for transparency in the tax code where ALL pay into the system and many of the sacred cows such as the home interest deduction may be sacrificed on the alter of the tax code. The politicians who get this concept will probably be the ones to win the next election and improve the economy and improve our industry.
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I think it is a "jobs issue" not a "housing issue". Should be interesting to see the next debate, and whether they ever discuss anything about jobs!
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You asked two questions here. I don't think that voters are voting on housing issues, even if they should. Their attention spans are too short to understand what the government has to do with their home value.

The best thing that WE can do as realtors is continue to educate our clients and deal in an ethical manner--and rise above all the other BS.
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It seems as though we never are able to see what we've got until AFTER the election!

It also seems as though we are not looking for another FDR or JFK, we just don't want another Nixon.

Jimmy Carter was a lame duck, but he probably was one of the best presidents we've had.

And no one wants to take responsibility for electing Clinton or Obama.

But most of all; the Presidents always get the Credit for what their successors do, and the Blame for what their predecessors did.

If anyone has a working Ouiga Board, please let us know.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Wed Nov 16, 2011
As Mack and Allan imply, when we get to cast a vote we will be choosing the 'least worst' option. What a sad state of affairs.

Unfortunately, who sits in the big chair at the white house have very little influence on the quality of life we all will experience. At every city square in America the 99% must let our local leaders understand they must take action and they will be held accountable.
Every city counsel member, county administrator, chief of police, state representative, congressman, Governor needs to know they, not the president, are responsible for removing the stranglehold the banks and insurance companies have on the economy of this country. But of course we are all too busy. Evil prevails when good people do nothing. We simply don't want to be inconvenienced with seeing the homeless, encountering Wall Street protesters or collecting and keeping the contact information for all your local officials. We do now have, after 40 years of constant special interest pressure, the democracy we deserve.
Wes Black for President!
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I think Romney will be the best choice for the housing market. Keep any eye out for Huntsman, though.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Tue Nov 15, 2011
Well Wes, you opened this one up! I don't believe any candidate will move legislation to help boost housing and consumer confidence, unless of course it is politically beneficial to him/her. I have never been so disappointed in the politics of this country as I am now. Both sides are totally screwing this up with their partisan battles and frankly they all need to go and now. The corruption appears rampant and incompetence and inexperience in dealing with these major issues at the top is deplorable. I don't consider it the politicians' job to create jobs or they would be doing something else in life. But I do expect them to act responsibly and on my behalf, which very few are doing right now. When consumer confidence comes back the housing demand will come back.
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none of the GOP candidates have made real estate a topic of priority thus far.
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Actually, Fred, Ronald Reagan is here again, but his party has left him behind.

Even as Reagan cut taxes and raised them again, he set records for borrowing money to pump into the economy. He was the Great Stimulator, you can look it up. He created dazzling record-setting deficits, and something happened between 1980 and 2000 that set the United States on a course to pay off the entire national debt.

The Republican Party, in the meantime, has left Ronald Reagan. The party is now solidly against stimulating the economy. Go figure.
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Hard to tell. All candidates have focused primarily on job creation and not the real estate market.
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Ron, it's not Reagan that we need as much as his Congress!

Reagan was the first great peacetime deficit spender, borrowing to pay for stimulus programs, and he raised taxes on the wealthy. If anybody thinks the economy of the 80s rocked, well, that's why. But he had a Congress that would go along with him. Today, Obama suggests the same thing, and Republicans call him a socialist Nigerian Muslim esohbee.
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Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain. And Ron, I totally agree with you. Reading his unabridged diaries right now and miss him more each and every day!
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16 Million Children!

In the United States of America.

How we treat our young. our old, and those without voice...a measure of the society in which we live.

It is time to be heard.
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I don't usually get political online either............but I am not at all enthused with any politicians these days (actually, for longer than that) matter which side of the fence they are on. All that posturing and yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah stuff to appease the audience they are in front of at the moment makes me nauseous!

Looks like that "super committee" (less than super apparently) is going to be a failure....shame on all of them........I think we should fire all policiticans....hire a few top rated businessmen, maybe handful of financial/economic academics, and let them have a go at it! (just not the former pizza CEO businessman, though, as that 9 9 9 plan is a bit, shall we say, fuzzy!!!)

Ok I am done venting............:)

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I am surprised you didn't get a ton of comments! I don't like to discuss politics on public forums so I will just say - until we fix the housing market we will be in the hurt locker!
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Everybody thinks that their field is the center of the economy and the universe; there's a schoolyard joke about a body's organs arguing over which is most important.

I think that as Realtors(r), we should at least consider how our vote impacts our day job. But it affects our home life, as well, and sometimes we have to decide what's more important in our lives. I know that for some people, putting prayer in the classroom is more important than sorting out the housing market.

So far, I think that the number of presidential candidates who have spoken of a plan to help the housing market recover is zero.
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Absolutely. The fall of this economy stemmed from the housing market.. There are so many businesses that get their livelihood from real estate, that it should be a top factor when choosing your candidate.
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