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Patti Cupak,  in Westfield, MA

What is the best way for a new Realtor, to gain clients and get name exposure?

Asked by Patti Cupak, Westfield, MA Fri Oct 22, 2010

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The process of creating a successful real estate business is as easy as A,B,C, but it not easier than A,B, C.
Any of the suggestions of the professionals preceding my response can work. For them to work you must do A, B and C! Not A, B and d.
Most agents fail because they simply do not have the skills to change their behavior. Therefore they do A, B and e. Cause they've done 'e' since they sat on Momma's knee.
An example. "Separate work from play." Let your work be work, then leave it at the office.
Yesterday I listed a home BECAUSE A, B and C means wearing your name badge where ever you go. So the fellow having lunch at McDonalds (yep, I was there too) was working for someone who had a situation, and seeing the Brand that is synonyms with real estate, approached me. The homeowner with the situation called me and the pathway to their solution is clearly laid out.
A, B and C means fully execute what you are instructed to do. The results are inevitable. Those who do not see those got it, they suffer from alphabet dyslexia and did A, B and f.
1. Define you business (see mission statement in your business plan)
2. Mine the MLS until you know your target area. (that takes a day or two)
3. Share your plan with your broker/mentor
4. Set the goal of being engaged in a transaction in 30 days. Broker or mentor will lay out the plan A, B, and C.
5. Fully execute A, B and C. It is NOT EASIER THAN THAT!

Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
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I have found that some of the biggest things holding new agents back can also be their biggest strengths. When you look at something with fresh eyes you can sometimes spot something an experienced agent has overlooked or is too busy to try out., or they have failed with their approach.
Go out and network HARD.! Go to local meetups and join some groups.. this can be exhausting so remember to have fun. When I started out I was told to hit my sphere hard.. but to be honest most of my sphere happened to be out of state and the locals didn't seem to be to supportive, Talk to local Business owners and let them know you're in the business.
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Hi Patti. I absolutely say your sphere of influence. Don't be a "secret agent". Make everyone you know aware that you are in real estate. I agree with Angela - websites / social media / trulia - etc. I would recommend that you send monthly letters / newsletters to your sphere - referrals are such an important part of the business.
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Send postcards to the people that you know, let them know that you are in business and appreciate any referrals. 80% of your business will come from referrals. Whatever you do, don't buy leads, for most agents, they are are waste of money. I also like the idea of you doing open houses for other agents (not the overpriced ones) do them every week, until you build up enough clientele to keep you busy, oh and please look professional.

Remember this business, like many, requires hard work and instant gratification is a no, no, You will need to work hard, practice you business honestly and train, train, train.

All the best.

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Work, it's that simple. Siting behind a desk will get you nowhere. Go out and talk to people. Pick a neighborhood and go door to door introducing yourself. Go into businesses and introduce yourself. The more people you talk to the more you will stir up. Remember most potential deals will not pan out. You have to get lots of activity to get deals that close.
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Utilize every opportunity to professionally promote yourself! Prospect and "TALK" to people. Ask them for business or ask them who they know that can give you business. You can't buy customers and clients. The System will work if you do! Most importantly ... there is no magic answer on the internet! This is a People Business ... talk to the people!!!
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The absolute best way is to go strolling through strip malls and areas of town and have some cards and a smile ready to introduce yourself and let folks know who you are and where you'll be when they need real estate help... You would be amazed at the business you will "drum" up after a solid 5-7 hours of walking and talking while handing out your card. Also, I think it is important to not hand your card out to someone who is negative toward you and will probably throw your card away after you turn your back. This doesn't do anything for your internal self esteem, and when you are more selective just a bit, your showing your value. Genuine smiles in person, nothing works better!
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In my area the best and fastest way is with Open Houses. That's a short term payoff. At the same time you are looking for "immediate gratification" be sure to be working on the long term plan to grow your business--website, strong online presence.
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I suggest you visit open houses in search of unrepresented home buyers.
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I put my add in online newspaper. My first clients were people looking for rent a house. I did not get much money, but did get many referrals and future customers. Always do your best and be patient.People do not like pushy and sharky agents.
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Patti, Welcome to the world of Real Estate.
-If your agency offers floor duty, sign up for it.
-Start using social media and do blogging on sites such as Trulia, Twitter, FaceBook, Word Press, Active Rain, Linked In, Hi5, Merchant Circle, Blogger, and many more.
-Send out mailings to your sphere of influence and target areas of interest to you as well as your own neighborhood.
-Contact For Sale By Owners.
-Contact Expired Listings.
-Have at least one web page, more if possible.
-Contact everyone on your email list to let them know you are now a Realtor.
-Do open houses. If you don't have any listings, ask another Realtor or your Broker if you can have an open house at one of their listings. I even have done an open house for a for sale by owner that lived out of state and her house was vacant.
-Join a club or activity where you can meet more people.
-Hand out cards whever you go - grocery store, beauty salon, gas station, etc.
-Set up a monthly newsletter.
-Go to vendors that you may use such as title companies, contractors, inspectors, and leave your business card.
-And - anything else you can think of.
Good luck.

Tammy Hayes, Realtor, Sandals Realty, Punta Gorda, FL
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So much to do.
Open houses work. You have little control over how many people you will reach.
Postcard Mailings can be expensive, but targeted. Repetition is key.
Social Media for the most part is free. Time consuming at first, yet you can reach an audience is already familiar with you. Facebook, Linkedin are key.
Blog - Activerain and Trulia - this gets your expertise out there. Incoroprating video helps people get to know you if you are comfortable being in front of a camera.
E-Newsletters- monthly - be specific to your market and give pertinent info and you will retain your audience.
Network - BNI, Chamber of Commerces, Women's clubs, any and as many as you can fit.
It is gradual and time consuming, but do as much as possible. Waiting for the phone to ring or someone to walk in to the office or open house is a death knell. Be proactive and be consistent. Happy Sales.
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Hi Patti - welcome to real estate! I would also suggest building a website, and not just the one your company will give you since it may be pretty standard. My team just did one and also put community links on it, links to some of the towns we work in, etc. - a good way to ask people to contribute AND have a reason to look at your website. :o)

I would also get into different websites, like Trulia, and also get yourself on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter to start. How about looking into doing a blog on Active Rain or Wordpress? In this day and age, having an internet presence will also help get you noticed. When you establish a website, put these links on them, and then on all correspondences with people, put your website address so people are going to it. The more people who click on your website, the better you'll be in the search engines.

Good luck!

Angela Dolber
Prudential Prime Properties
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Everything I have ever heard points to sitting open houses. There are probably a number of agents at your firm who have listings they cannot sit every weekend. Ask them to sit their open houses and get scheduled. This way you are meeting real buyers and sellers and developing those clients.
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Network! Get out in your community and meet people. Make sure you dress professionally and ask people if they know of anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Friends and Neighbors can also be a great resource for referrals. Just make sure that you have an experienced agent to help you with any market analysis for listings or for offers until you gt a good feel for it. Lots of people will help a new agent get started because they can give them more time and attention but they don't deserve to get poor advice because of a lack of experience.
Also, FSBOs are a great way to start. You know they want to sell their home!
For this you will have to practice your objection handlers and be prepared! I don't mean to feed them a line of bull. There are many, many valid reasons why a FSBO is better off listing especially in a buyers market.
Be friendly and helpful to them. Ask what problems they are having and tell them how you can help. Ask them to please let you interview for the job to sell their home when they are ready or help them buy one when they sell. I think it is best to go in person and introduce yourself, give them your contact info and ask if there is anything you can do to help at this time? Don't be condescending, keep in touch regularly to see how things are but don't call everyday. You would be surprised at how many will respond to a agent who treats them with respect and kindness. Not usually right away but often within a month or two.
Best wishes,
Web Reference:
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My suggestion would be to host open houses. If you don't have listings of your own, ask a colleague if you could do one for them. When choosing an open house to host, select one that is located in a town or area that you are familiar with and want to "farm". Also, try to do one for a home that isn't stale (DOM) or that has just had a price reduction. the Second part of the equation is to prepare well for it. Have area information, a list of open houses in the area, and a list of what's sold in the last 6 mos. in the area as well as the entire town. Provide information on buyer agency and what service you can provide to prospective buyers. Be yourself, and don't follow people around --no one likes a hoverer. Good luck!
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Welcome to the business Patti.
The best way is hard to say, but a reliable way is to be where people are, introduce yourself and let folks know what you do. Being involved with public, civic, school or religious groups can get you exposure to a broad array of people who know other people and may get you a chance with a client.
Another option is to do open houses for other agents. This puts you in front of people who have at least some level of interest in buying. I would plan to do opens regularly until you are busy. Best of luck.
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Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone! I'm new into the business and am networked pretty well, but these are great ideas to find new ways to meet potential clients.
courtney spears
Broker Hasson Lake Oswego
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