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Bruno Tarqui…, Real Estate Pro in Greenbelt, MD

What closing gifts do you give your buyers and sellers?

Asked by Bruno Tarquinii, Greenbelt, MD Mon Mar 12, 2012

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We just put together a new gift basket that we are going to start using this month. We have found most of the gifts ideas that come across our desk from vendors less than we developed our own. We thought, what would a new buyer need that they don't already have nor have access to immediately? And eureka! There it was....

We put together a list of all of the things they need when they are in the process of moving in, but can't locate/put their hands on when they need it. Everything is still boxed what are those items?

Case of bottled water- we put it in the fridge before closing.
Milk- in the fridge as well (goes great with the cookies below)
Toilet paper- no job is done till the paperwork is in
Handy wipes- moist towels in a box
Hand soap
Paper Plates
Plastic cups
Plastic utensils (at least for the first day or two)
Plastic trash bags
Hand towels
Roll of paper towels
Snacks- nuts, snickers bars, granola, M&M's, etc
Girl Scouts Thin Mints

By putting together a basket of these ready to use, gotta find items, our clients are going to be pleased as punch when they move in and it didn’t break the bank.....

If you liked my idea, give me the "thumbs up". If you really liked my answer, please reward me with the best answer! I appreciate it!


Chris Schilling, ABR, CRS, GRI, GREEN
Turbo Realty
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Helton Tool creates one, I recieved it from a large home builder when I closed. It has all the things we needed to start un-packing like a utility knife to open boxes
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Excellent idea! Thank you for sharing it.
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Love the idea of girl scout cookies! You should add Homebuyer Journals to your list too!
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Love your idea! Thanks for sharing ;0)
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I really like your idea.
Thanks for sharing.
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Light bulbs!
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I have a deal worked out with a local pizza place. If I sell a home in their delivery area, I put $20 worth of gift certificates in the basket (that I don't pay for). Perfect for people moving into a new house and have all their pots and pans in boxes. It is a win-win because the pizza place gets a brand new customer who will probably order many more pizzas in the future (they really do have great pizza).
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That is a great idea!
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Great idea!
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A great closing gift is a personalized sign, we even attach your business card to the back for long-term retention and referrals. We like to say it works for you long after the deal is over. Check our what we can do for you today:

Send us an email or chat if you have any questions.
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Great gift and great concept. I plan to order one now!!
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Great gift and great concept. I plan to order one now!!
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This is great (the link above). Perfect gift and great concept!
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I start thinking about closing gift ideas from the very onset of my relationship with the client. Do they have kids? What are their hobbies? Do they like to drink wine, smoke cigars, go to live performances? As time goes by I jot down notes for closing gift ideas in a special field on my "Contact Record Sheet" I use for each client, whether they be buyers or sellers.

I've given many bottles of nice wine. The key is to pay attention to what sort of wine they prefer. One buyer was a Jack Daniels "enthusiast," so when he arrived at his new town home after the closing he had a 1.75 liter bottle along with some soft drinks in the refrigerator.

Another client has a young autistic son. I gave her a gift basket as a closing gift and in the basket I tucked a book titled, "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time." If you haven't read the book I highly recommend it, especially for those of you with autistic children. The mystery novel won tons of awards and features a 15-year old boy named Christopher who has Asperger syndrome. I can only tell you that the mom I gave this gift to was very touched and appreciative.

For many clients who have been short on cash I've paid a locksmith friend to rekey their new homes so they can sleep soundly knowing nobody else has keys to their property. For a sale I made last month I knew my buyer was arriving from out of state, having never even seen the town home I sold him, and he would need some basic supplies. When he arrived he had a box of cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, plastic silverware, paper cups, paper plates, a case of spring water, a bottle of red wine and bottle of white wine (both with screw tops), 2 plastic wine glasses and a thank you card.

I approach each client as a unique person and don't go for the generic thank you gifts very often. Sometimes I do give a gift card to Home Depot but only when I've heard the buyer talking about remodeling after moving in. Buying closing gifts is pretty fun.
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Great stuff!
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Closing gifts are always dependent upon the relationship between the client and agent. A few examples: I was working with first time home buyers on a short sale. The listing agent did not do her due diligence and the title company found a lien on the property. This wouldn't have come up if the listing agent had pulled the preliminary title report when she got the listing, but never mind. The lien was $400.00. I convinced the listing agent to split it so we could close the deal. I told my clients, that was their gift. They were thrilled.

I had out-of-state clients that moved from Chicago to five acres in in a very rural area. They inherited an enchanted garden, half of which they had no idea how to identify or take care of. I got them a Sunset Gardener's Guide and a bird identification book. Thrilled.

I think the gifts are a token of the relationship you create. Sometimes, there isn't much of a relationship and a decent gift card at a local hardware store or landscaping nursery will suffice. I do make it a point to support local businesses through my gift cards. Heck I have even donated to a charity because that's what the client wanted!

Megan Paul
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this is perfect... the amount of feedback I receive, clients love this! I have seen a lot of success when referring real estate professionals to this site: Their clients love the personalized gifts!
Hope this helps!
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I also agree and also base gifts on the specific client.
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I agree. It depends on the relationship you have had with the client.
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take a garden hose that packed in a circle and fill with small garden items. - they will think of you every summer when they use the hose :)
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I give a variety of closing gifts but the one that seems to make the most sense and is really appreciated is the gift of having the buyer's doors rekeyed. We all know the importance of making this recommendation to the new owners but how many actually take your advice.

This gift gives me peace of mind, knowing that I've done my part in creating a safe environment for the new owners....allowing me a good nights sleep.

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Since we work and live in a retirement area. We like to give the home buyers a residential lock box that can ONLY be accessed by the local Fire Department. Many accidents happen in the home and people are unable to answer the door when help arrives. The key box allows the first responders to access your home to provide immediate patient care and eliminate unavoidable damage such as breaking down a door. These lock boxes are sold by SUPRA. and for an additional fee the fire department installs the boxes.
These are good for any home not just for retirement communities.
I enjoy giving these boxes and they love receiving them, knowing that we care about there well being and are still looking after them. Its a gift that lasts forever!
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That's a great idea!! I think I want to do that for my own parents.
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It depends on the client and the type of transaction.

- For buyers, I typically put a bottle of champagne in the fridge or do a gift basket in the kitchen with a note welcoming them to their new home. If there was something super specific to the deal, I may tailor it case by case. Costs less than $50 and is a great way to show you care about their business.

- For renters, I put a "Move-In" basket in the kitchen filled with essentials like hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper, snacks, etc. It is helpful, memorable and you can usually get a great basket together for less than $15. < I've had multiple clients comment on how much they love that.

For homeowners, I prefer a gift that gives them a moment to reflect and celebrate their new home. For renters, I usually go with something practical to help them get settled.

I think the key is to show you care and thank them for their business.
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House portraits are definitely a real estate closing gift that definitely won't be forgotten.

When you add your name to the image it becomes a 100% tax deduction (and advertisement/testimonial? that will be displayed in your buyer's home for years to come.

There's some real nice ones you can see at
Cute House Portraits .com
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I love this idea ... excellent
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Gift card to Home Depot or Lowe's.
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I normally hand deliver a gift basket to the client's place of business or work with munchies that they can share with their co-workers. Some ideas are fruit baskets or wine/chocolate baskets. This is something that my clients usually tell me they love!
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Sometime it's hard to figure out what to get your Buyers and Sellers. I have always tried to do something personnel so they will think of me. Sometimes it hard to pin point what to get them.

What I have been doing now for about 2 years is I get my Buyers a Costco membership. Our Costco's in our area will put together a little house warming gift with a bunch of things that a new home owner usually needs along with a membership.

So every time they use it they are remind of me and Costco helps make this so easy.

No fuss, and every client has been so happy, If they already have a membership then it can be used toward renewing their membership also. While I am getting to know my buyer or seller, I just kind of mention in conversation about how close the nearest Costco is and then they till you they either do or don't have a membership.

All you have to do is call the Membership desk and ask to talk to the person in charge of corp accounts and it's easy as 1 2 3.
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This house warming basket has all the items that they need for moving into their new home, (snacks like nuts and granola, paper towel, wet wipes, note pads and pens, hand soap, paper plates cups, water and juice, fruit snacks, chips, etc. Most new home owners get so busy with moving in they forget to feed them selves or sometime the children so this house warming package and a membership helps them in their time of need.
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We are offering a one year subscription to a health and wellness platform that provides video instruction on yoga, nutrition, exercising, and positive mindfulness. All for $45.00 for a family of five. The web platform is branded with the agent's name and contact information.
A gift of good health. Health. The one thing that matters.
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These are all great, creative answers, but what about a gift for the sellers? Any thoughts there? I work for the title company, but I do want to give something to the sellers that we are representing too. It is another touch that can make the agent or LO shine even more. Thanks!!
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I used to give gourmet gift baskets or something for the house. However these days I find most of the buyers are happiest when they get a gift card which they can use to go out or buy something for their home.
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If a buyer is moving into a new neighborhood, I find a local small business and get them a gift card. I explain it as a way for them to get more acquainted with their new area.
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I'm closing on an $85k condo next Friday. While showing these buyers listings I gathered that she likes to drink Black Kraken Rum and he prefers Knob Creek Whiskey. So I just bought a bottle of each and that will be my closing gift.

Just listen to your clients as you develop a relationship with them. And then try to get something that they will enjoy.
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My gift to my clients is me.

Let's say that you just closed a deal with a $750,000 buyer. You go out and get them a very expensive gift because you made a hefty commission at closing.

Then you close a $100,000 deal and get that buyer a $25 gift card to Applebee's.

Let's just say that somehow the two of these clients meet and the conversation ends up going back to real estate, and eventually to you. What if they compared closing gifts and the $100,000 buyer is upset that the other buyer got a nicer gift?

Could that spell trouble? Maybe.

I know it sounds ridiculous and I'm being a bit extreme, but it could happen. Aren't we supposed to treat all of our clients the same?

My two cents, and only because you asked.
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You are so right on target Amanda and Jared. I get the same for both. Since I go by "Blessed Diva" I cater to the Diva of the household. On my website I offer a Spa Package as a closing gift. Same price for everyone. If they choose to upgrade or continue regular service then that is their decision. But each will get that same relaxing, rejuvenating, stress reducing massage and facial which they will probably be more than ready to engage in after a stressful move.....or a difficult By the same token you are giving back to local businesses in the community. Just my two!!
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Please tell me you're not serious. Omg.
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The chance of the two buyers in your scenario actually knowing each other and discussing closing gifts is pretty remote. And then the chance of them knowing each other, discussing their closing gifts, and then one of them being offended is even more remote.

But even if these two buyers did end up discussing the closing gifts you gave them I have a feeling the $100,000 buyer would be completely understanding of receiving a lower priced gift than the $750,000 buyer.

It seems to me that your fear of offending a buyer one day serves as justification for not ever giving closing gifts. I'd rather run the risk of offending one irrational buyer than offend 100% of my buyers by not showing appreciation in the form of a closing gift.
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Where I live the $750k buyer and the $100k buyer are probably not running in the same circles but you make a good point, especially if one of them referred the other.
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For Buyers, a keychain (in the state they live in) - something like this - with their new keys on it. Perfect.
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I work with some local Realtors and make personalized painted signs for all their closing gifts. The home buyers (and sellers) love the personalized and handmade aspect of the gift, and it’s a no-brainer easy buy for the agents.
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We like to do something that's local to our area. We are from Colorado Springs and my favorite gift to give are these beautiful gold covered aspen leaves. They are not extremely expensive but they look like they should be. They are also something that won't get thrown away and will hopefully be something they keep for a long time and remember us. Some clients have told us they have used them for Christmas ornaments each year, some say they have hung them in front of a window to catch the sun off of them but I have never heard of a client saying they weren't impressed. Give something unique, people love the splurges. Sometime we get caught up in practial items and forget everyone to think they have a splurge!
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Have you ever considered Cutlery pieces. Most Realtors will agree that a kitchen can really make or break a sale. People spend quite a bit of time in this room, especially when entertaining (which is want your name to come up). CUTCO Cutlery will engrave your custom logo or contact information on almost any item they sell. Instead of a gift card, wine basket, coupons, and the like - be unique and give them something they will use on a regular basis for years and years. Starting at $50 its a bargain considering the longevity of the advertising!

Email me at for more information.
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Hey Bruno,

Good Question.

You can give gift basket or a flowers bouquet to your buyer or seller.
There are many verity available online for corporate gift basket filled with some chocolate or some fruit and many different items.
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Hi Bruno, I live in Colorado and very involved with our community here. My husband and I offer part of our home as an Airbnb/VRBO. This would allow either the buyer or seller to have a space away from the mess of moving and getting settled. I would like to start partnering with Realtors in my area and wondered if you know if there would be a monetary limit. For instance, my portion would be 50% so essentially a couple and maybe 2 kids could spend two nights for $85, which would be a closing gift from the Realtor. Thoughts?

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We have gorgeous Personalized Corporate Candles, Cutting Boards, Pillows, Wall Art and Plantable Greeting Cards that make amazing closing gifts.

Shop - Gift Baskets And Flowers - Corporate, Fundraiser and Events - Private Labeling category for the Corporate Candles
Shop - Personalized Gifts - Cutting Boards
Shop - Personalized Gifts - Wall and Canvas Art
Shop - Personalized Gifts - Home Decor for the Throw Pillows
Shop - Personalized Gifts - Plantable Greeting Cards
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Mar 10, 2016 sends agency branded shipments of air filters to the buyers door, 4 times a year for only $100. Great closing gift to keep your name fresh in your clients heads. After the 4 shipments, if your client choses to sign up for FilterEasy's services they will continue placing your branding on each package for the life of the customer. Could potentially be 5-10 years of brand recognition for $100.
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A closing gift needs to be different, memorable and something they will keep. Put your name and log on a waste basket or a planter container. Make it a lasting memory and personalized with your logo so they remember you. Put this in a gift-basket with snacks, great as a night light., cleaning supplies with your logo on the waste basket, lots of options:
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Refrigerator with stenciled plate on face. Daily reminder of great service
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I'm always at a loss for a really good closing gift for the seller.. especially when they live several states away.... Any suggestions?
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Make it personalized. Lots of options but you should have your name and logo on it. Here are some ideas.
Flag Wed Sep 2, 2015

I think a wonderful closing gift would be there last name framed. You will be amazed at the number of compliments you get from these one of a kind Creations.

All Creative Letter Art© is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Question? Don't hesitate in asking or requesting something very unique. There isn't anything we can't create and frame.

Drop us a line or request a custom Item Today Eliscia at or call 800-610-4180 SAMPLE
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I love giving a personalized pillow from
My buyers love it and I can brand it by uploading my logo and contact info!
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Our realtor clients want to give quality gifts to show their appreciation in a way that lasts long after the bottles of wine and gift baskets have been used and forgotten…

At Black Canyon Woodworks, our realtor clients like to give heirloom-quality, handcrafted cutting boards with their realtor logo/info on the back and their client names on the front. These beautiful boards continue to be valued by our realtor clients as “the business card that their client never throws away”… Great for future referrals too!

A few facts that our realtors consider when purchasing gifts
· National presence and reputation for the gift provider- customer reviews and ratings need to be excellent to ensure quality.

· Existence of a professional e-commerce site to streamline ordering for our realtor clients. Example:

· Local products made in the USA
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I like to give Scentsy. They are stylish and can go with different home decor. I also have the Scentsy rep call them every six months to see if they need any more scents. During this call she asks which of their friends are looking for the same great service that was provided to them.
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I'm still somewhat new at this.
I have in mind for a specific client something that can be useful like a cutting board.
I can get an inexpensive metal plaque with my contact information and place it on the bottom.
Every time they use it, my name will be on it and only on view when they need it.
Otherwise, who knows if they'll remember me for a referral after a few years?
With my business information on it, it's advertising so I can deduct it.
I'll be more consistent with subsequent gifts.
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One thing I love is Lowes gift cards. Lowes has a realtor program which also allows you to send coupons to your buyers and sellers and also gives you a discount as an agent to purchase a gift card, It is fantastic! My clients have always appreciated this gift as it helps them to get fans, light fixtures, paint etc. that can be costly after closing. Another great idea is with Odenza . They have vacation packages for your clients. I have done this also where I purchase a cruise for two. Either way, they will love it!

Best of Luck!

Stefani Mitchell
Hill and Associates
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Gift cards to home depot or lowes, Gift cards for dinner. Depending on the client I will get them their favorite alcohol. If we are closing towards the end of the year I always go to Hallmark and get a new home ornament. I always try to include something for the. kids as well
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Check out Pillows you can personalize with your clients names/move in dates and you can also upload your logo and contact info onto the sewn on tag=Full Write off!!
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I give a Wii at closing to all my clients that buy or sell a home through me.
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You should check out the great closing gifts they have at Unique, personalized apparel. 350+ design on over 100 printed/embroidered products. And at a discount!
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Our son Nick owns SafeLink Security and gives a free installation certificate for new homeowners. He's made custom certificates for other agents as well. Often times, they can get the security system installed the same day they close, which buyers love. His website for the free installation certificate is and you can contact him on there if you want a personalized certificate made. Any agents looking to provide this gift for their clients, Nick has national installation coverage and it is a wonderful closing gift.
Web Reference:
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For the sellers, a home warranty is a great closing gift. This is a safety net that they do not need to think of any worries in case any of the systems in the house fails. A warranty for a year covering the buyers and the sellers till closing helps to show your dedication to them. It also makes very attractive option for prospective buyers that this listing you represent has coverage already. This extra has been proven to help sell the home faster.
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Check out
Personalized pillows with the ability to upload your logo and contact info into the sewn in tag=tax benefit!!
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There are a lot of gifts that we can give to buyers and sellers, like a real estate agent can make an efficient deal between them that they can have a stress free deal. We can offer many more else this.
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I just started using Cutco Knives. They keep on branding you every time people use it.
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A custom address plaque would be a unique and thoughtful closing gift. Take a look at Urban Mettle on Etsy, they have address plaques that double as planters!
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This can be as simple as a plant, a gift certificate to a local restaurant, a cutting board engraved with your named on the back, to name a few. Hopefully they will remember you and call you in the future or refer you to there family and friends.
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I have seen a lot of success when referring real estate professionals to this site: Their clients love the personalized gifts! If you're in the Phoenix area and need head shots or an updated gallery, stop by and you'll receive an additional 20% off your gift purchases!
Hope this helps!
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Edible arrangements are the best way to show your compassion to both the sellers and the buyers.409
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I give a gift card to Lowe's or Home Depot (or Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond, if they prefer). Everyone needs some things for their new home, and I'd prefer they have the opportunity to select those items themselves. New locks, paint, or maybe just some necessities like diapers as they get settled into their new home. Up to $500, depending on the purchase price. Plus, they'll spend the money in our local community, which helps retailiers and jobs close to home.
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I have seen a lot of success when referring real estate professionals to this site: Their clients love the personalized gifts! If you're in the Phoenix area and need head shots or an updated gallery, stop by and you'll receive an additional 20% off your gift purchases!
Hope this helps!
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