Is there a good source online on how to brand yourself?

Asked by Bryan Boomershine, Chicago, IL Mon Jul 1, 2013

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Dan Chase, Home Buyer, Texas City, TX
Tue Jul 2, 2013

Simple ideas every realtor and other professionals online should follow to gain a great reputation.

Build up a good reputation.
That means answering questions that
1 are not old (look at the posting date)
2 have not already had the answer given 18 times before
3 that you can help with
4 or show someone else who could help with it
5 do not say contact me I can help.
6 you give the help. People will look at your profile and ask you for help through email if they like your replies.
7 always be professional
8 leave your resume for your profile. It is not needed in a reply
9 If a question is asked provide links that show pertinent information. Mortgage calculators and the IRS site for assistance in certain areas comes to mind.
10 say you disagree with a different reply if you do. But do not argue about it.
11 read the whole question. Look at the replies. Before to long you will see that there are some realtors who give great advice. There are even a few non-pro's here (myself included) who give decent replies and try to help. Do not think a non-pro lacks the ability to help. Do not think a pro always gives the best reply. Look for those who give good advice. Understand how they work, then emulate them. In that way you will do well.
12 do not consider the vip badges as worthwhile. They can be as much a sign of posts a lot as posting good replies.

In the end nothing you do will make you stand out above the crowd in a good way. But everything you do could make it happen. Giving good decent replies without asking the person to be a client will pay off with respect, and likely some calls to you for help from a buyer.

That is all I can give you. I am not a realtor. I have been here about 3 months. Several agents would tell you the kind of person I am, from what I have posted. In a few months the same could be done with you. How you act, react, post, and think here will determine if that is in a good, or in a bad way. I wish you luck and hope you will be one of the good ones. There is always room for one more.

I would love to see comments here from real estate professionals giving some more good ideas. If everyone were to give ways to help others succeed trulia would be a better place. I think more agents would get quality leads also.

On a personal note, please do not go around quoting NAR or its talking points. It makes you sound like a parrot.
How many times have I seen "there has never been a better time to buy" from how many agents? It is almost impossible to count that high. It also makes us buyers wonder where you have been. We know about the market forces at work. NAR seems not to.
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Annette Law…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Tue Jul 2, 2013
16,400,000 hits on the google - "real estate agent branding ideas."
The challenge becomes 'What is your message?" that has a chance of distinguishing you from all the smiling faces in the sea of real estate agents.
Some would argue..very justifiably...that unless you are selling consumer products (one thng to a gazillion people),,,branding is a waste of money. If real estate is truly local, heavily referral based and each transaction is you really think a bus bench will generate something meaningful? Too often branding efforts have their origin firmly based on ego. That often proves expensive.
Let's progress, next will be experimenting with the appeal. What works best with the message and the personality you want to convey?
Now that you have a consistant message and appeal, you've got to determine the best method to splatter your CTA in front of your desired audience. To not get lost in the sea of faces, I would advise looking at what NON-REAL ESTATE COMPANIES are doing. You will see, they do not attempt to convey everyting in their message...but only one thing per message.
GM for instance promotes just one thing....DON't DING the SUV hatch with the garage door.
GM....find the lost parked car
GM...rear detection to apply brakes in emergency
ONLY ONE MESSAGE per promotion.
So, those using 95 links in their signature line are not paying attention to what the big guys are doing as advised by the Madison Ave experts.
Bryan, unfortuneatly, you will kiss a lot of frogs before the right formual emerges. Make a list of five branding ideas (from the searrch results) you want to try, estabilish the goals, employ the tools to measure the results.
And most importantly, HAVE SOME FUN!
Reveal your vision. You will discover...'VISION' draws who you want to you. Seriously, who can not generate real passion for that which they possess true VISION. Give this a moment to sink in. When you were in the pesence of another whom you thought possessed did your respond.?.what did you feel?...what expectation was generated?
There are a lot if homeowners in Chicago looking for a real estate visionary, looking for just one element that raises one face from the sea of smileys all murmuring...'Pick me!"

Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
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Judi Monday,…, Agent, Green Valley, AZ
Tue Jul 2, 2013
I think the best source is to spend some time studying what the top agents in your area are doing and follow their example. Google them and see what pops up as that will give you an idea of their online "road map".
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