Investors / syndicates needed - also Inventory for bulk sales.

Asked by Condo Metropolis, Orlando, FL Fri Jan 25, 2008

There's a lot of interest in bulk sales right now - but also a lot of time wasting and BS. Are you DIRECT to either a solid group of investors - or to a developer that is ready, willing and able to sell at a deep (40% or more) discount? If so get in touch. There are deals to be made - even in this market.

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Juan Silva, , Miami, FL
Fri Jan 25, 2008
Hi Marcus i am an agent in Miami,Florida we have been working with developers willing to sell there remaining units at 50 cents on the dollar the only thing i have found cheeper than that has to do with RPO's from the banks that you can get at 35 to 45 cents on the dollar .the downside on that is after they get repaired sometimes (lots of them)you are well over the 60% of what its worth .save time and money buy at 50% ready to move in turn key with little head ach (no contracter to repair it ,or permits to chase after ) if you have buyers for this e-mail me i will try to help are changing it will be a sellers market soon if this keeps up .deels wont last long!
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Paula Bean, , Orlando, FL
Mon Jan 28, 2008
Congrats Marcus for changing your profile so it shows you as an agent and not a buyer.

Patrick, lol! Same thing happened to me once! Maybe that is where the saying came from "playing possum"??? I felt sorry for the poor thing, in the middle of the road with my dog annoying him... tried to get the dog away from the poor animal when "said poor animal" raised it's head and growled at me!! I then sicked the dog back on him ;-)

Juan, I tend to agree with Patrick as well on the 'sellers mkt' comment... They could lower the interest rate to 1% right now and if the house doesn't appraise, it won't matter. Everything I'm seeing or hearing and reading says we have another few years of this to come.

Then again, if anyone had a crystal ball and really KNEW, that person could buy out Microsoft ;-)
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Mr.P, , Arizona
Sun Jan 27, 2008
I once found a dead Opossum in my garage.
I was looking for the broom to sweep him up, and sure enough he came back to life and walked away. Amazing.
As far as I understand it Opossum are from Ireland, and they dropped the "O" when they came to America.

Juan Silva.
" rates are changing it will be a sellers market soon if this keeps up .deals wont last long!"
Well I would agree with you if I felt "soon" was 2 to 3 years
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Myke Atwater, Agent, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Fri Jan 25, 2008
I have a project that I just floated by a group of investors--so I have both a group of investors looking, as well as two projects that would be available at discount. Are you a buyer or a seller--or a realtor?
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Kyle, Home Seller, 60126
Wed Nov 5, 2008
I have 110 Single Family Homes & Duplexes in Flint MI. $440K. I am not a Broker or Agent. I own all properties. These REO's are Tax Foreclosures. If your intrested email me
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Paula Bean, , Orlando, FL
Fri Jan 25, 2008
well Marcus!
Welcome to coming out of the closet and admitting you are, in fact, an agent! My biggest question of the moment is WHY is it that you don't have your profile set up to say that you are an agent? Are you ashamed of it?

Additionally, in any form of advertising (of which I think Trulia IS ) you must identify yoursefl as an why is it you hide behind the cloack of "Marcus...just looking in Orlando"??

Now, regarding the "possum, or Opossum", that is much like you say "TOM-AH-TO" WE SAY TO MAY to, theory......but still, when all is said and done, the entire State of Florida is STILL not considered 'swampLand" ......
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Condo Metrop…, Agent, Orlando, FL
Fri Jan 25, 2008
You know, I think you may be wrong about not pronouncing the "O"... check this out...
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Condo Metrop…, Agent, Orlando, FL
Fri Jan 25, 2008
Thanks Paula/Marlene. Yes, I'm an Orlando broker. Right now I have both buyers and sellers - and a lot of flakes and B.S. on both sides. I'm really looking for situations where there are no long daisy chains - just reliable buyers and sellers who have been pre-qualified. I don't mind reliable agents either! I'd be happy to chat with either of you - or anyone else who can provide solid parties who are actually willing to perform and take advantage of some good deals. You can email me direct at: - or call: 407-290-3408.
Thanks to you both!
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Paula Bean, , Orlando, FL
Fri Jan 25, 2008
Marlene, you'll find Marcus at
still not sure if he is an agent, investor or what, but Marcus, I read your latest blog post, and I beg to differ with you on your latest post:

" And while I’m on my soap-box, let me get this out of my system too. They’re not “possums” okay, they’re Opossums. And they’re not rodents - but pretty remarkable animals. I found one outside my front door not too long ago. And I needed a new friend on MySpace"

It IS, in fact pronounced POSSUM. The O is silent ;-)
Furthermore, not ALL of the State of Florida is "swampland" but I do agree with your statement that if you don't like wildlife, you shouldn't live here, or Alaska, or many other States.....but I digress ;-)

I would be interested in what you are doing with bulk sales. If you'd care to elaborate here, or send email direct. I'm a native Orlando born swamp lover and have been in real estate for almost 30 yrs and I, TOO, am not going to do anymore 'one off' reo, short sales, loss mitt deals. I have enough gray hair ...

I have some investors, a few developers beginning to 'get it' and would love to know what part of the swamp you live and work in ;-)

ps - not all of my inventory are condo's, is that a limiting factor?

LOL, can't wait to see if you respond to this ;-)
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