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I'm new to the industry so I'm learning new things everyday. What is the best way to deal with difficult clients without you seeming rude to them?

Asked by Christian Smith, Chicago, IL Sat Feb 16, 2013

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Define "difficult." If the client is rude or abusive to us, we part ways quickly. It's our job to help our clients during a tough situation, not abuse their Realtor. My tolerance is very low with this topic.
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Understanding that buying or selling a home is a HUGE stress related issue. Many buyers/sellers have no idea how the process works.

Having a sit down and explaing everything will help. Many Buyers have no idea what's in the process of purchasing a home.

Many sellers have been in thier home for years and the selling process is scary.

The mountains of paperwork, giving up you signature, it's really a chalange.

If your clients are just plain rude, just let them go
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Kill them with kindness or let them go, some times we need to step back and make sure we are right for the client and when your just starting out that can be hard. It is better to let someone go then to pay the price for there be dissatisfied
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wow..this is a good answer
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At times it may seem that a buyer or seller is being difficult. Many times they are looking to you to ask them the right questions or to put them at ease with the questions you ask by the knowledge you have. The most important answer you can give someone is, “I don’t know, but I will get the answer for you.” As long as your client is not being disrespectful you continue to deliver great customer service. Remember part of your job us to overcome objections that make sense.

The word ‘difficult” can imply so many things. I will say I have had to part ways with a client before the best way is to do it respectfully and professionally. Sometimes people just don’t mesh and that is OK.
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Difficult is not a bad thing.
Failure to show respect and honor are entirely different.
The latter can leave scars with which you must deal with the remainder of your career.
Some folks are not worth the cost of doing business with.
Others, who are difficult, but do exhibit respect and honor, have other issues that they are protecting.
The difference between a real estate sales person and a real estate consultant, is the ability to ask the intelligent probing questions that reveal the pure motivation and fears and demonstrating the trade craft to deliver results and protect their vulnerabilities.
Your goal should be the Ritz Carlton experience, "Ladies and gentlemen doing business with ladies and gentlemen."

Best of success to you,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Reamx Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
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I think the best way to deal with "difficult" clients is to make them "easy" clients.

Honest people come with all sorts of personality types, and it is our job to learn the communication skills that enable us to understand them - it is not their job to understand us, but our job to understand them.

Personally, I have found classes in communication much more rewarding and beneficial than sales training. Just a thought.
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Be yourself, tell the truth & if you do not know the answer to a question, let them know you will find it out ASAP. In addition, I personally find that if the chemistry is not right, do not waste your time as certain individuals like that will not be loyal to you anyway. Best of Luck!!
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Christian, If people are rude it is a reflection of how miserable they are. Like Jeff said position yourself as an expert:) smile, laugh, compliment them and provide all data regarding property and benefits of area. Keep shining and rise above the dark depression of the public and show them you are a ROCK STAR!!!!
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I agree to all the answers of being honest and straightforward, entertaining their difficulties will only lead to a not very comfortable situation. Put them all-in and they will fold one way or another.
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Some times it is best to let them speak there mind - wait for a few seconds to respond, this gives them time to realize how they sounded, then you can respond with a quiet voice (that is disarming) and gain their trust through your knowledge and if you do not have the answer be honest and let them know you have a trusted source to go to to get the answers. We are dealing with people - people who have all kinds of personal stuff going on and sometimes they just need to vent and unfortunately we become that person. Never take anything personal and remember how much a smile can do. If you remain positive your clients have no choice but to follow that behavior. In the end they just need to know its all about them.
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Many great answers. But the simplest and shortest is:

Choose you clients carefully.

David Rudd
Kindred Real Estate

CA DRE # 01402946
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Dear Christian,
I have found that it's often a lack of information (resulting in fear and mistrust),that causes a person to be difficult. It sometimes helps to have additional input into the transaction, such as a trusted loan officer or broker that can smooth the way to a good relationship with your clients. You need one that can corroborate your advice and information so that there is good communication between you and the client knows what to expect.
Unfortunately, our industry has suffered with some 'bad apples", and consequently we have a poor image to overcome with some consumers. Thank goodness many of those types have lost their licenses and can no longer cause problems for us.
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Sometimes rude without the crude, if you know what I mean. You have to know when to hold em and know when to fold em.. that is not always easy. Welcome to my world.
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Be honest and straightforward. Never lose sight of the fact that they are making, what is for most people, the biggest financial decision of their life. And no one wants to make a mistake, so as a result, it is an emotionally charged time which can play out as someone being "difficult". But as Annette there is a big difference between being difficult and downright disrespectful--learning to tell the difference is what will help you become successful.
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Be Honest, Be Knowledgeable & Be Confident when dealing with your clients.
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You can agree to disagree. But there is no such thing as a client who isnt difficult. If they are looking to buy a place, they are about to buy probably the biggest purchase of their life. You need to learn to be respectful of this. If the client wants to be rude, you can simply choose to not work with them.
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Get rid of them. Not kidding. Some of them you have to say good riddance! I fired a landlord a few weeks ago. He was lax in responding to my showing requests. I told him to find another agent. Time Is money. Be professional, courteous but be firm. And if the client doesn't show they want to work with you, let them work with someone else. That's not being rude, that's being a true business person! Spend more time on the good clients, its not a perfect world.
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Get rid of them.... Just kidding ... But you will learn who to work with and who not to
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It is always harder to do business when you are new these days because buyers have access to tons of R E info via the Internet so they sometimes might know a bit more than you on various aspects of the business. Sometimes they 'think' they know more by readiong things on the internet yet they might be wrong. You need to set them straight in a nice way or perhaps just walk away.
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Define "difficult."

If it's clients asking a lot of questions, that's one thing. If it's clients being rude to you and not listening to you, that's another.
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Position yourself as the expert. I think buyers can sense if you are inexperienced or hesitant and you will have some that try to push you around or abuse your time. They need to realize that you are the one that has trained in this field and that you are there to guide them through the process.

Make sure you are a good listener, is there something that is causing htem to come across as difficult. Some people are just not easy and in those cases just remember to keep your cool!
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