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Hugo Torres, Real Estate Pro in Arcadia, CA

How often are you updating your professional photo?

Asked by Hugo Torres, Arcadia, CA Tue Feb 17, 2009

As I get older I find that I am updating my professional every year. I am also guiding my agents to take photos that are not as 'studio' oriented but instead have a more natural feel. So how often should you be updating your photo? What styles are popular out there? Has anyone ever been shocked by someone's actual appearance after seeing their business card?

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I personally feel that as professional's meeting the public every day we owe it to ourselves and the general public we meet to maintain an updated photo. I have went to closings and ask the agent, "usually" a female where is the other agent. I have agents become upset with the question because they had a professional photo taken when they were Twenty Three and they are now Fifty Three. They had long brown hair and now have very short blonde hair among other very great differences. I want to look as good as I possibly can look but I also want people to recognize me when I walk into the room. Our office just had all of our photos updated by a professional and I feel he made each of us look as good as possible and very business professional. Give your card to a stranger and ask if they know the person on the card. If they say it is you, great. If they do not have a clue who it is and you have to tell them it is you, get a new picture. Please!
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I was at a real estate class and when we came in ,you had to drop a card in the basket for a drawing. The talker then picked up the cards and tried to find anyone in there that looked like their picture on the card. He couldn't recognize one person from their photo. He said it happens all the time, where ever he goes.
I was lucky, I don't have my picture on my card. Mine is 4 years old, just to let you know.
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Thank you Heidi. I think I was referencing more photos where someone is pretending to make a phone call or have a clip board in their hand. For instance, take my professional photo for example:… It is an professionally taken photo but with an outdoor setting.
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I try to update my photo at least once a year, since my haircut changes between winter and summer. I have seen agents with picture taken at least 10 years ago and it is shocking to see the difference in person.
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Shocked? All the time! So many of these pictures were taken 20 years and 30 pounds ago! I had mine done in 2004 when i started & am just waiting until i complete my last GRI (scheduled for late April) to get a new picture and business card.
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When your husband/wife tells you that your photo
is false advertising.
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I have seen colleagues' headshots that are at least 20 years old! The last thing I'd want a new client to comment on is that I don't "look" like my picture! It's an individual decision; once a year might be over doing it, but as you change, so should the face on the picture you are placing your branding on.
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I think every two to three years is appropriate. I laugh every time I see photos taken 20 years ago. I think an agent should represent themselves as they look today. We're all getting older and should be proud of the wisdom that comes with age!
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I try to update everytime my look changes I would disagree though about less "studio" shots in a business filled with non-professionals the agents that truly are professionals should do everything we can to show that. It is of course my opinion but you can appear friendly without looking like you are in your backyard at a party. I am always shocked about hos different associates look I am even more shocked about how many people are using vacation pictures and special events like weddings and just cropping out everyone else in the picture.
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I would recommend updating that professional photo every one to two years to keep up with our smiling and changing faces. Also, we are seeing a softer photo emerging.
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Pam Winterba…, Real Estate Pro in Danville, VA
Donna, I appreciate the compliment and you have given me something to think about. I guess there is something odd about wearing a nice suit in the middle of the park. Glad to be my own photographer so I'll save the re-sitting fee.
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Oh! And as far as the more "natural feel" photos- Please take the commentary lightly, Hugo, but while you do look great in your "natural" shot you attached, I find it difficult to see how a man dressed in a suite on a sunny day in the park looks at all natural or comfortable.

Here in the Columbia metro, we have this wonderful photographer. Almost all of the top agents here use him. He has a fantastic way of taking photos with no background so that they can be easily uploaded into any background that you need at the moment. His work makes it easy for me to pass the digital image on for my business acrads or my recent billboard :

Check him out!
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When I first entered the sales side of real estate 2.5 years ago, my hair was very long. My professional photo looked great, but I made the strange move of cutting my hair 2 weeks after my rather expensive photos were taken. I have often been told I can look completely different from one hair style to the next.

I try to make any business expense last at least one year. All I heard everytime I handed out my card was, "Is this your sister?" Or some other comment. -For a whole year! Conversation topic every time. I held out for the year like I had promised myself. I'm not going to have new photos taken just because people can't see that my hair is just altered.

This time, I am actually growing my hair out again. I guess I just like change. :-D
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I can not wait to meet you if the picture here is an actual depiction!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Sometimes we need something to lighten our day and you did that for me today thanks!!!
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Chris that was classic! Thank you for that. I'm often mistaken for an attractive blonde myself.
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I think every couple of years you should update your photo. As long as you don't look dated, some photos can look great for years. Keep in mind, you need to like it, it represents you.
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LOL...I'm sure that regulation would be received with open arms.

You defenately have to suit the style of photo for the market/demograpic you're targeting. We tend to be high maintenance in Southern California.

The way I'm figuring..every other year should suffice.
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Great point........
Do you think a regulation is necessary to keep us all current.

For us it's been 4 years...
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What I find to be amazing is the fact that many female agents get "dolled up" with the makeup & hair for their business photos, then go to the office, meetings or appointments all "naturale". I just find it to be somewhat deceiving...I for one, would never even THINK of leaving the house without the bare, mascara, blush and lipgloss!
BTW, the photo I use now was made at a wedding I attended...I just cropped it to fit my needs, and , it is a much better representation of how I really look versus the expensive "studio" photo I previously used!
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I don't feel your picture has to be retaken every year or season (who has the time?).

Ask several agents you work with for their honest opinion of your current photo, and don't get defensive.
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Some pic's amaze me !... updating can be expensive we use 2 pic's based on marketing

Casual vs. business suit image
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