Can I get one more round of feedback for my website? Danny Speagle

Asked by Danny Speagle, Denver, CO Wed Jan 2, 2008

My website traffic has increased considerably. However, I still haven't been able to get investors to pick up the phone. Any insight would be helpful. Don't hold back.

Danny Speagle

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Donald J. Le…, Other Pro, Tacoma, WA
Wed Jan 2, 2008
Hey Danny,

I still think that you are fishing for Agents to help you build a better website and ...maybe along the way pick up some new clients? - In any case Ginger and Nadia are so kind to give you such valuable feedback, when Trulia IMHO is more for real estate related questions and answers that will help real people with real issues in this market we find ourselves in. Not for web building or attracting clients... personally I think my sites (all 8 of them) look terrible, so I am changing them all slowly, but I still get good traffic. --- aaaaak, what am I doing here? Getting caught up in the web design forum? ;)

That being "my 2 cents worth".... here is one tip, I am a webmaster with 63 commercial sites built. I get leads from my sites and closed sales as a result. You will to in time, but you need to get your look down pat and do some SEO with marketing. Try for free and cheap website templates, there are tons of others and free is good. Hosting a site can be just $5 a month, yep... its like that. EZ stuff.

I hope I have not stepped on any others toes here. I just would really like to see some down to earth real issues being discussed here from buyers and sellers who want answers to burning questions.
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Nadia, Home Buyer, Maine
Wed Jan 2, 2008
Hi, Danny. You're really opening yourself up for criticism here! Here's feedback, from the heart, with the best of intentions.

I looked at your website and had a gut-level negative reaction to the font style and the colors. I can't tell you why, but your font choice makes me expect your website to be an "as seen on tv" sales pitch for some useless gadget. Not sure the green/red combination works in your favor, as it's SO associated with the holidays. I just wonder if a slightly more sophisticated font and color scheme might give your site the credibility that investors would take more seriously.

Just my two cents - not an investor, but I do spend most of my day online, and I see a lot of websites. Good luck to you!
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Andy, , California
Sun Mar 8, 2009
Go to other local real estate websites to take a look. Ask your family, your friends the feedback about those websites. That would be the information you are looking for. Especially, pay attention on the high valume and successful agents as your competitors in your area.

By the way, Remember that do not copy anything simply from other websites.
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Sam Shueh, , San Jose, CA
Fri Feb 13, 2009
You need to have some products to sell. Home listings with quality images.
The green color does not look attractive. Since you are using why
not upgrade to the next level.

Good luck.
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John Limbaugh, , Baltimore, MD
Thu Feb 12, 2009
Don't be afraid to beg. Feel free to take as you please. Remember that. This has been the driving force behind you. This is not in anyway to say that Dan takes. This is to say take it easy and watch how you beg, and do so in the right matter. You know X_I? Do you anything about the Montauk conspiracy? Do you know anything about T.T. You know what I am speaking about. Remember Biology? Remember S.L.? Remember J.D.? Remember that I know a lot about the same as you know. As for the beginning of this, it should have said: "Feel free to beg." Remember one last thing------THE HORSES. Write back and ask. I may tell you as towho I am. But I may never tell you because I am not someone you think because I know the where about she is now. Remember, never underestimate someone else. Why? Because there might be someone a little smarter than you. Again, I dare to ask.
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John Limbaugh, , Baltimore, MD
Wed Feb 11, 2009
I think you are a great person and so does others think the same way. It would be super if you stop selling yourself short and start selling yourself. Sell the product not web sites and sell the products that will be attractive to the home buyer. That is how you sell yourself. And the web doesn't make that much different in terms of whether you want to sell the web site only in the minds of the buyers. Yes, that is important, but sell yourself through the web and not yourself as the web. Have I made myself clear? You know who I am? And that is something I will not say. I will give you two letters. S.L. And this is not who this person may be in your mind.
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Ryan Carver, Both Buyer And Seller, Lone Tree, IA
Sat Feb 9, 2008
I love the concept, but the web site is horrible. The first thing I did after reding through the site was look at cost for this valuable information. I may be an idiot, but I didn't find it. I also didn't want to call anyone and have them hassle me for my info and give me their schpiel. Anyway, it may be helpful to actually give the prices on the site. Also, the entire design looks like something I could have designed-which is probably pretty bad for you. No hard feelings man, good luck.....
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Realtor, ,
Wed Jan 2, 2008
Hi Danny, I think your font is very small. There needs to be more eye catching links and pictures on your site too. I got my site from and I love it!!!! Check them out. for some ideas for your own site.
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Ginger R., Home Seller, Massachusetts
Wed Jan 2, 2008
Hi Danny - Kudos to you for acting on the numerous comments you received in your previous post.
I think your website is greatly improved. Honestly.
Minor comments: I really like the great deals table. But it is very hard to read in small type. It is easier to entice if it is readable.
Overall, the website still feels a little slim. I would add a "Testimonials" tab and Page. Try to get your former clients to add investor like details to their testimonials. I actually read agent testimonials when considering working with an agent. How about a Links page, with links to local assessor, county record, etc , maybe Hud foreclosure and other links that investors might use in researching investment property?
Lastly, since you are trying to entice numbers oriented investors, put more numerical analysis on yr website. I understand you don't want to give away the "deal info" but you can show investors that you know the market if you give away market info. How about a year over year price trend analysis reviewing price changes, inventory levels, DOM, etc. If one neighborhood is selling but another is stagnant, show off your knowledge by highlighting that!! I would post this as a monthly blog to my web site. I would mention and include a web address for this data analysis in any print advertising that I might do.
Lastly, you are a Buyer's Agent, albeit a specialized one representing Investors. Put your Buyer Agent accreditation on your About Us page. And if you don't have any, get some. I usually tell agents that Buyer's don't care about inward industry focused real estate credentials. But in this case, where it feels slim, I do think it would help. It shows the buyers that you have made an educational investment in yourself.
Lastly, forgive me for asking but there is no indication on yr web site. How many of these invester deals have you brokered? If not a lot, then I think you need to take a more general Buyer's Agent approach to your website and keep the investor aspect as part of it, but not all of it.
Do you have research that tells you how big your client (investors in yr area) universe is? Are you advertising your services in the right print or web arenas to reach them? Is it possible that your investor base is too small? Are you in ActiveRain? Is there a commercial mortage broker you know that will refer clients to you and vice versa?
Danny, I think your database needs to be the gravy of your service but not the meat and potatoes.
I think you are on the right track by studying these issues. Good luck and pls keep us posted.
P.S. I reread my reply, and boy, I am opinionated, LOL. But I do invest in real estate, although not commercial, and I really check out a lot of real estate and agent sites. Hope it helps.
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