As a new agent whats the best way to get clients? Best marketing strategy? I have started with my sphere but i am getting alot of bad credits

Asked by castrose302, Houston, TX Mon Sep 23, 2013

and people that want to buy but cannot at this moment, i give my business cards out to everyone i meet, have done a few open houses but nothing yet any advice?

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Tim Cigal, Agent, Los Angeles, CA
Thu Jan 2, 2014
I only use referral/lead generation sites that are FREE! Check out they offer free listing leads that they refer to agents who create a profile. It's a newer site but it's FREE and if it works out that you only receive one listing lead at least you paid NOTHING! Good luck
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Tim, how long have YOU been using agentspresents?
Do you receive any compensation or participate in their management?
Any results? Any referrals? Did fees materialize when a request was received?
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Mark McNitt, Agent, Houston, TX
Mon Sep 23, 2013

Get yourself on the Internet. Answer questions here on Trulia, set up a blog and small web site. Add content several times a week. Set up a profile on all real estate related web sites http://(,, just to get started!). The more your out "there", the more buyers and sellers can find you.

Don't forget to network with other busy agents. They will not be able to handle all of the business that comes in and they may provide a few leads to you. Also be available for leases and apartment locating. Many older agents don't like to work these type of leads. Many will turn in to buyers in a year or two. Finally, network with a good lender that might be getting leads from buyers that do not have an agent (works well with builders and their on-site sales reps).

Mark McNitt
m 832-567-4357
Bernstein Realty, Inc.
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Irina Karan, Agent, Aventura, FL
Sat Sep 28, 2013
You can start your prospects on a credit fixing program, so they can buy within 6-8 months.
Open houses can yield results, so continue those. Work with a super star agent who does not have time to work all of his leads. Ask your broker for leads or change the broker if they don't give any.
Start buying leads on Trulia. Do rentals to get quick income. Door knocking, cold it persistently, and you'll get results.

Hope this helps and best of luck,

Irina Karan
Beachfront Realty, Inc.
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Christopher…, Agent, Tarrytown, NY
Tue Sep 24, 2013
Position yourself in the community as a resource for good, useful information. Blogging is a great way to do this and you will be amazed at the results. The key is to be consistent!

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David Tansey, Agent, Houston, TX
Tue Sep 24, 2013
I teach open houses for Keller Williams Memorial. I started my business September 2009 (real estate meltdown and hurricane Ike hit Houston). This year I sold circa $5 million. I built my business with open houses, floor time at the brokerage and farming my own neighborhood.

Open HouseTips:
1) Pick an area, stick with it, and learn all you can about the area. People want to use you if they believe you are an expert.

2) $200,000-$500,000 is the sweet spot for unrepresented buyers

3) Follow Up.
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Annette Law…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Mon Sep 23, 2013
CR in Houston,
It was important that you did exactly what you report. You should spend some time door knocking also. The results will be the same, but you will chage. "In what way?", you might ask.
Such exercises compels YOU to know what you are going to say that has any relevance to whom you are speaking. This requires YOU to ake instananeous evaluations and respond accordingly. When all the nonsense you have been filled with by those 'Training' companies have been reduced to smoldering ruiins piled around your ankles, you have arrived at a teachable moment.
At some point you will come to realize...PEOPLE DO NOT BUY REAL ESTATE SERVICES!
There are only FIVE things people buy.
2. Results
4. Benefits
You need to learn to wrap your "1, 2, 3 or 4" into a story relevant to the listener or reader.
The, when you actually believe YOURSELF, you will come that 'revelation' moment that folks are attracted to those of vision.
This is NOT and elementry question, but one which you are compelled to know in your bones.
"What value do you 'really' bring that deserves a piece of the homeonwers equity?"
Now you are qualified to actally talk to someone about the solutions, results, outcomes and benefits you can provide to help them sell or find a home.
Where do you find them.....EVERYWHERE! But if you keep your 1, 2, 3 and 4 a are destined to become a team member.
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Joe Cano Jr, Agent, Houston, TX
Mon Sep 23, 2013

Every place is an opportunity. Describe your service, speak positively, & let God take care of the rest. Handing out your cards is great. Opens the door to a conversation. Hum, maybe about your service? Now, I do believe knowledge is power. The best thing I've learned, knowing what not to say. Live it, love it and be blessed. You improve from past incidents/transactions, you get to decide, good or bad. The cup is half full, my friend. Of course, we want to close deals, make people happy because there is thrill in accomplishment, assisting people, solving problems, etc. It's evident, you will probably not close or finish every deal, but this is what we do. God bless.

Joe Cano - Realtor/Locator
(281) 785-5132
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Scott Godzyk, Agent, Manchester, NH
Thu Mar 24, 2016
The best way to attract new clients is through one's blog. The best community i have found is Active Rain. I have posted a link below to sign up for free. There is nothing like it where your blog promotes you 24 hours a day 7 days a week for ever,
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Info, Home Buyer, Houston, TX
Thu Mar 24, 2016
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Danielle Pur…, Agent, Laguna Beach, CA
Wed Mar 11, 2015 that is the best starter. it syncs to other sites
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Tue Oct 1, 2013
Stay positive and do open houses in the area you want to farm so you get to know your market area. With your sphere find a loan officer that will help them and eventually they will buy with you.
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Judi Monday,…, Agent, Green Valley, AZ
Wed Sep 25, 2013
I found the best and fastest way to build a client base was by doing open houses. At the same time I worked behind the scenes to build my on-line presence. Best of luck to you!
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Alan May, Agent, Evanston, IL
Mon Sep 23, 2013
When I first started in this business, I also found that my sphere of influence (as they call it) was virtually worthless.

I built my business by taking as many open-houses as I could find, and taking floor-time (or up-time as some call it) in my office. I had clients almost right away, I made connections with many buyers at the open houses (I did 51 opens that first year), and floor-time (i had 17 floor-times in a single month) made for a highly successful spring.
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Hello Alan,
My name is John Sudic and myself and my wife recently moved to Evanston. I am a contractor and a real estate agent. I truly enjoy construction but also would like to supplement my income with real estate. I realize your last post was in 2013 but if your business is still booming and you are looking to off load some potential buyers I would definitely be interested in speaking more with you about it and appropriate compensation. I am very well versed and my construction knowledge definitely plays a positive with buyers. If you have some time and are interested please feel free to call me at 312. 350.3013. Thanks and have a great night!
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Because it overlapped with a very good family friend who was the #1 agent in the area.... all of my personal contacts were her contacts as well.
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Alan why was your sphere of influence worthless to help you grow your business?
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Lupe Salazar, Agent, Houston, TX
Mon Sep 23, 2013
Be where the buyers are at. Go preview properties late afternoons during the week and on weekends and you will run into buyers that are driving around with no agent.

If your office is not sending you leads, ask for them or change company.

Volunteer with different organizations so you can network, a lot of those volunteers are professionals who are worth networking with.

Hope this helps
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Chase Coleman, Agent, Houston, TX
Mon Sep 23, 2013
Speaking from my own personal experience, I started with leases. Most people in my office would delegate them out because they are not worth their time any more. I would let everyone know in your office that you would be willing to take on leases if they do not want them. From there you can get comfortable showing property, dealing with people and handling contracts. Treat them like gold because of course they know other people buying, selling, or leasing and of course will eventually buy and then need to sell. Also, if you are currently doing open houses you should preview the inventory around the open house so if you speak with someone at the one you are doing you can match the inventory to what they are looking for. It is also a good idea to look at some open house training videos before you go into it so you can feel comfortable with the dialogue.

You are off to a good start and definitely continue to nurture your database and once you get some traction you will be fine.

Good luck!
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Don Tepper, Agent, Burke, VA
Mon Sep 23, 2013
While it's a numbers game, handing out cards "to everyone I meet" is virtually worthless.

Most people aren't in the market to buy or sell a house. They just aren't. What's the figure--that the average person sells/buys every 7 years? What are the odds you're going to hit someone at the precise moment he/she is looking? Or that the person is going to hang onto your card for months or years?

As Willie Sutton didn't say (but is often quoted as saying), he robbed banks because that's where the money was. You've got to find people who are thinking about buying or selling. So: Open houses are OK. Most folks are tire-kickers and curious neighbors, but some are real prospects.

You say you're running into people with credit issues or who can't buy at the moment. That's great, actually. Those people are serious about buying. If they're only 6-12 months or so away from qualifying (cleaning up slight to moderate credit glitches), refer them to a lender or mortgage broker who's willing to work with people needing better credit. Stay in touch with the lender or broker, and with the potential client. Once their credit is acceptable, you're likely to be near the top of their list of agents. And/or do some homework and find some lenders who will lend to people with weaker credit. They're out there.

And focus on finding properties with seller financing. Even if your potential clients can't qualify with a bank, it's possible that an owner will be willing to do seller financing.

As Willie Sutton didn't say, go where the money is. And if the money is with people with weak credit, go there. (Besides, you will have far less competition from other agents who simply write those folks off.)

Hope that helps.
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