Any experience with How can they possibly be worth a 30% referral fee!?

Asked by Florida Citizen, Tampa, FL Wed Nov 17, 2010

An agent for whom I coordinate advertising, referred a call from this company to me. Movoto's Joanna described the process to me and it sounds just like an unqualified internet lead....for a 30% referral fee. If you have any experience with Movoto (especially related to procuring cause) please share.

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E. "Manny" Barrios’ answer
E. "Manny" B…, Agent, Champions gate, FL
Sat Mar 30, 2013
I Joined Movoto 2 years ago. Is about 10% of my closing deals, the leads conversion rate is about 10 to 15 %, The only bad thing is that they are expecting an update on a new lead on a 30 min to a 1 hr after received the email, hard to do when you are on the field with other client.
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10 - 15% conversion rate? Wow. How are those numbers now almost 4 years later? Still using Movoto?
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Randy Dicken, , Mansfield, TX
Thu Jun 20, 2013
I just read about the low dollar figure leads that come through.
No one can control the price point that people are searching.

I have been on this program for about a month and have one buyer ($170k) under contract, and several more getting prequalified. At this rate, I can add 12 additional deals per year.

Somehow I think the disgruntled Realtor would gripe regardless.
Leads are leads ... and Skill is skill.
Don't blame the lead. A skilled agent can turn a lead.
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This is correct.
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Doing some research on Movoto. Well said!
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Hey Randy, any skills or systems that convert leads, you would like to share with a n ew agent? It would be very much appreciated! Thanks
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Ted Stewart, Agent, Baltimore, MD
Mon Apr 29, 2013
My experience was very negative. I was inundated with 10-20 text/email lead requests/day. Most of these buyers were for properties under $35,000 (my average sales price is over $500k and the average in my market is close to $250k). You are allowed to refuse as many leads as you want. However, the company assigned me leads with no notice and then flooded me with emails chastising me for not following their procedure. I spoke to one buyer who showed some promise - until we obtained a credit report. I am a professional and work very hard to provide the best service for my clients. I will not work with a vendor who doesn't strive to do the same.
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Dina Castigl…, Agent, Tewksbury, MA
Thu Mar 7, 2013
OK folks here is what i have to say. I have been receiving referral leads from Movoto for 3-4 years now. THey are in fact internet by definition some will pan out and some won't. However as a Broker owner I have tried several systems... Movoto being one of the only I ever found that require no upfront fee! 30% for a referral that closed is way better than putting out a ton of my hard earned cash upfront not knowing the end result for closing ratios. I have sold some for under 100K and one last year for over 1.7million. So I think they"re GREAT! I have closed over 11 transactions with Movoto since May 14,2009.
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An average of 2.75 leads over a 4 year span is good but not great. What was the amount of unqualified leads you had to turn through to get those 2.75 transaction? If it was the conventional 10% that's understandable but if it was 1% that's horrendous and really a LPA in my view. Shuffling through two hundred and 75 people for those almost three leads sounds infuriatingly dismal. More information would be appreciated.
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How much did they pay you to write da review?
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Hi Dina,

thanks for the review!

-Sandeep @ Movoto
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Christine Mo…, Agent, Wilbraham, MA
Fri Nov 30, 2012
I got a bunch of low level leads. Not one panned out. After they fill you up with garbage leads they stop sending them. It is a waste of time.
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Flag Fri Jul 4, 2014
I have closed 3 recent transactions with Movoto leads. I'm sure you are aware that it's a numbers game...if you call them ASAP and work them they will pan out. It hasn't been a waste of time for me!
Flag Mon Jan 27, 2014
We experienced the exact same scenario, though we are still waiting for something to pan out.
Flag Fri Sep 6, 2013
My experience was very similar. I went into this fully preparing to work the leads and use this to add to my income stream. I got only garbage, repeats and a mind-numbing number of emails from Movoto. I will not work with companies/vendors that don't live up to my level of service and professionalism.
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HI Christine,

Sorry the Movoto Partnership didnt work out for you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

-Sandeep @ Movoto
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Annette Law…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Sat Nov 20, 2010
Citizen - 30% is what many relocation companies charge real estate agents. Relocation companies provide an array of services financed by these fees. I would have to ask what additional services is movoto providing to justify such a huge fee for a lead they have vetted in no way.

Kellie - What you describe sounds like all the other internet leads one can obtain. This typically means, in today's market, up to 36 months incubation before the lead is at a decision point. The market value for leads of this nature are $2 to $25 not $1,800 to $2,500.

The good point you make is nothing is paid until it closes. This means the vendor is demonstrating faith in the ability of the agent, and perhaps faith in the quality of the lead they generate. There does seem to be an element of shared interests.

You last statement is really accurate. Internet leads are very skittish. If you call before they request, they disappear.

Plan for an exceptional 2011.
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boatloadofcr…, , Chicago, IL
Sat Mar 9, 2013
Movoto truly thinks green! Excellent at recycling leads.
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Bad leads - Excellent at recycling , horrible
Flag Wed Jan 22, 2014
HI Jason Palermo,

I tried calling you right now, but go no answer. Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the Movoto Partnership It seems like you might disagree with the way we send out referrals, but I do have a solution for you.

-Sandeep @ Movoto
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Paul Cionczyk, Agent, GLENVIEW, IL
Mon Mar 4, 2013
Thank you to all the agents that posted their experiences with MOVOTO. Yes, relocation services provide leads and take a very large chunk of the commission, but at least on that front people are likely in need of a relocation and much more of a qualified lead.

Saves some much valuable time,

Paul Cionczyk
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Hi Paul,

Movoto is not just a relocation company, it is a brokerage that helps home buyers and sellers connect with local agents to help them with their home search. Contact me if you have any questions about the Movoto Partnership.

-Sandeep @ Movoto
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Scott Miller, Agent, Boca Raton, FL
Sat Feb 23, 2013
I still don't understand why agents don't take the initiative and run their own marketing campaigns instead of taking the easy/lazy way out, which usually ends in failure and lost funds anyway.
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Hi Scott,

Great point! We do provide marketing campaigns for our agents and they are all free WE do not charge. We have agent profiles available where clients can review you as an agent (and soon it will have agents transaction history) and connect with you. We can help put up widgets on your site that show market trends, new listings that come out on your local MLS, etc. We only ask for a referral fee if you close with one of our clients we send over. E-mail me if you have any questions about our partnership.

Sandeep @ Movoto
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Jennifer How…, , Fresno, CA
Wed Nov 17, 2010
I had joined the program and was getting quite a few leads. So far to date, about 2.5 months later. none of them have turned into sales. A lot of these folks use you to go see a house, you set them up in the system to receive listings, thinking you're working with them, and they don't respond to your emails or calls. Many are not really ready to buy yet, just kicking tires. If you develop a good relationship with them early, maybe make them sign a contract, you might have better luck. Some never told me they were working with other agents, even when I asked them. The good thing about it is you are not billed for any that don't work out. But they do want to see some sales and you are accountable for the outcome, otherwise, they will cut you off. Which I don't blame them because they obviously are putting money into getting these leads. I never had any sign a contract, which was a mistake, because the first time they see another agent's listing sign, they call them and boom, they're gone! I think that is my fault...
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John Williams, Agent, Pearland, TX
Mon Aug 19, 2013
I have tried many lead generation companies. Zillow, Reply and Homegain since they began and others. Homegain has been very successful for me including in Florida and Texas. In fact, I have had several repeat customers so at the end of the day, we have had closed transactions. We will pay referral fees up to 30%. I'm going to try it and see if Movoto will work. If you have any buyers or sellers in the Houston area, please refer them to us and we will pay referral fees.

Good Hunting
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Hi John, how's it going with Movoto?
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Edgar Rojas, Agent, Pembroke Pines, FL
Thu Jun 20, 2013
To begin Movoto is just another way for us Realtors to make a living, and gain clientele via their internet based referral network. Yes it is true the leads are unqualified and nothing is written in stone but tell me who sends you qualified buyers and we can have yet another discussion in this forum. I have seen Trulia in action and they do not send qualified leads neither does Zillow what you have to do is evaluate each “lead generating engine” and see which one fits your need and analyze their business model and make a choice on which one will work for you.
Clients do get shuffle for one reason and that is when the assigned realtor does not show or provide good customer service that is an indicative that the Movoto Team is also there making sure you as a realtor focus your services to that buyer. Once that buyer is assigned to you and you follow the program this client is not taken away from you. The only time it happens is when you the realtor does not step up to the plate or neglect your client.
Ted describes how Movoto does manage and maintain close tabs on their lead generating system for better customer service. It is true not all transactions are on the high $400k but my take is that the more you close the better off you are. Here is a quick compare and contrast if you will:
• Movoto: you pay 30% no zip code restriction or charge
• Trulia: you pay per zip code the more zip codes the more money you will spend monthly
• Zillow: you pay per zip code zillow is similar to trulia and they tell you the amount of exposure and views you will have per zip code and again the more zip codes the more money you will spend monthly.
Bottom line is you will pay on either one
Think about it and chose the lead generating system that works for you, the question is and still remain would you be able to secure 30 clients a month by yourself?
I agree entirely with Adriana Castiglia.
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Robert Engli…, Home Buyer, Hideaway, TX
Thu Jun 20, 2013
I have been working with Movoto for a little while and have a pretty darn good turn ratio; yet I do work the leads. They have a great customer care department and have been right there with me when I needed them. I have enjoyed working the leads they provide and yes they are unqualified. I would be smoking crack to think that I would receive pre-qualified leads that walked into my office with their lender letter and ready to buy. I mean seriously I think some agents have gotten lazy. 30%, yeah that's the referral fee but 70% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

It's going to be exactly what you make of it. I am not afraid to get on the phone and call which is what is required. Overall, I am enjoying my partnership with Movoto and hope that it is a long lasting relationship.
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How has Movoto worked out for these past few years?
Flag Tue Mar 21, 2017
How has Movoto panned out over these years since this post in 2013?
Flag Tue Mar 21, 2017
Is this 30% taken off the top or is it taken off the individual salesperson's portion?
Flag Wed May 21, 2014
Is this 30% off the top or off the salesperson's portion?
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Damoun Yashar, Agent, Rutherford, NJ
Fri May 24, 2013
What other systems like MOVOTO would you guys recommend?
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Eric Vazquez, Agent, Highland Mills, NY
Fri Mar 29, 2013
I just cancelled my agreement with Movoto after two weeks. I've done internet marketing and yielded as much or more leads on avg per week as they say you can get from them. At first I was told leads are prequalifed, then upon taking their orientation webinar - not all leads may be prequalified. After receiving several leads - not a one were ever prequalified. To do what I do as a Realtor on a normal basis when obtaining leads via internet marketing, why pay someone else 30% for your efforts? It is just not worth it.

Yes, they are quick to recycle leads - like cattle at a slaughterhouse, how often are these people being shuffled about from agent to agent? They actually assigned leads without getting an acknowledgement of the requests and then reassigned them later on. How does this reflect upon me? How does this reflect upon Movoto? One guess who gets the short end in the marketing.
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I think Eric is right everybodys complaint its the same
Erick tiene razon
Flag Tue Jan 21, 2014
HI Eric,

I do apologize that you were given wrong information about the Movoto Partnership. As you know internet referrals require more work than traditional referrals that come your way.

Many of them are not pre qualified., what our successful agents do is set up a face to face meeting with the client in their office so they get to know them as an agent and visa versa. Along with a buyers consultation they usually have their lender present to help them get pre approved. Agents see more transactions close this way rather than telling them to call their lender and follow up later.

Our referral process is actually in line with industry standards. We give an agent 5 minutes to respond "Yes" or "No" to take on a client. IF you say no, we move along to the next agent, our goal is to get the client to an agent who is ready to help them. We do sometimes send out a request directly to you if the client request to work with a specific agent or all other agents not available

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Russ Ravary, Agent, Commerce Township, MI
Sat Mar 9, 2013
I too have heard they recycle leads. I do not have time for that.
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Hi Russ,

We send out a request to one agent at a time, if they are not available to take it, we send the request over to the next available agent. We do not recycle leads. Agents can choose who they want to work with when they are available. However there might be times where all of our other agents are busy and we send the client directly to the agent or a client might request to work with a specific agent. Hope this helps, if not please feel free to contact me.

Sandeep @ Movoto
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allan erps,A…, Agent, Pearl River, NY
Mon Mar 4, 2013
Worked with them for over two years and never closed anything(no harm, no foul). My advice is it is not worth it as quality of leads were not up to par.
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Hi Allen,

I'm Sorry the Movoto Partnership didnt work out for you. Hope you have a successful 2013!

-Sandeep @ Movoto
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John Souerbry, Agent, Fairfield, CA
Sun Feb 24, 2013
I have to agree with Scott, lead generation companies do nothing that agents can't do for themselves. Most clutter the internet with false advertising to generate their "leads."
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This is correct, they list foreclosures as real sales! That's a shady company in my opinion.
Flag Wed Apr 1, 2015
Hi John,

There is no false advertising on our site. We strive to have the most up to date listings on our site from the local MLS. If you have questions about Movoto Partnership please feel free to contact me.

-Sandeep @ Movoto
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fluffcrete, , Chicago, IL
Sat Feb 23, 2013
I'm partnered with Movoto and must testify that their business model will be a waste of agent time and energy for most ultimately its a numbers game. Beware they recycle leads and hand them off to unsuspecting partner agents. Fortunately, I have closed one deal and submitted multiple offers from different clients referred from Movoto and have always kept them up-to-date with progress reports. Unfortunately, the leads stopped coming! Ninety seven percent of my leads are for $50,000 or less and a large part of those are recycled but I have always work every lead completely. If you have thick skin and don't mind a lack of transparency, communication or redundancy from a referral service then Movoto can work for you.

Please if you have other options put your valued resources there and only use this service as a last resort. They'll keep you in the dark and never disclose their policies on how customers are assigned and send you reconstituted leads then act like itches and cut you off without explanation if you do anything other than jump high and fast at their call.

Its a business model with potential only if it were run with customer screening more communication and they treated partner agents like stake holders. Their referral fee of 30% is on par with relocation services minus all the added value.

The only consolation I am tempered by some of the wonderful customers that I call clients and I am thankful for that.
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I'm sorry your experience with Movoto was not that great. As the Agent Relations Manager, please give me a call to address your concerns and see what we can do to send you more referrals. Hope to hear from you soon.

Sandeep @ Movoto
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Keith Jean-P…, Agent, East Brunswick, NJ
Thu Feb 21, 2013
Thank you for all the information guys. I was searching for some information on this company and you guys handled beautifully!
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Hi Keith,

Please feel free to contact me and I can explain Movoto Partnership to you. All our services are free to our agents, other than a referral fee if you close with one of our clients. I can let you know what we expect from our agents and what are agents are closing in your area. Hope to hear from you soon.

Sandeep @ Movoto
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Wade Lovell, Agent, San Diego, CA
Mon Jan 14, 2013
I joined Movoto two months ago. The first lead I received is the only one that has closed but I have two others with promise. They are a buyer-facing lead generator with a good CRM system. They know who they sent your way and they require enough updates they should know how each panned out. I will keep this arrow in my quiver for now.
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HI Wade,

Thanks for the review on our company.

-Sandeep @ Movoto
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Scott Miller, Agent, Boca Raton, FL
Sun Nov 11, 2012
Wow, I really don't like companies that prey on agents and sell below par leads like this one.

If I had paid for leads and received all unqualified contacts, I would not hesitate for a moment to charge back the entire amount I paid them with a credit card.

Very, very bad.


Scott Miller
Boca Raton, FL
2 votes
HI Scott,

Movoto does not ask for your credit card, its a 30% fee only if you close a transaction.
Flag Sat Feb 2, 2013
John Walin, Agent, Libertyville, IL
Sat Nov 10, 2012
I signed up earlier this year and kept for 3 months. All buyers unresponsive that I got. The few i did make contact with were not actively looking. I think movoto never throws away a contact and recycles contact info amongst agents in a market. So in all liklihood a new lead to you was turned away from another agent. Side note, I am not for a website capturing a name for someone that looked on their website at a house and then trying to sell that contact for a refferal fee. I do a lot of real relo referral business and these are bad leads, not referrals. better off farming yourself and don't expect fresh hot leads to be dropped in your lap.
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Dena Smith, Agent, Irving, TX
Tue Mar 20, 2012
Movoto will send you un qualified leads for the areas you have set up with them. If you close any of the leads you pay the referral fee that you have agreed on. (Personally I think it is a long shot to get any of their leads closed.)

What they don't tell you is that after you have received 20 leads - if you don't write an offer you will not receive additional leads. They will 'pause' your account without telling you. It took me 3 weeks to get them to tell me what was going on my account.

So I suspect most of the partner agents fall into this no man's land - like me. I can't work the leads they have sent mainly because those prospects do not want to be contacted by an agent and refuse to respond to inquiries. Frankly I think they acidentally click on a part of the web site that triggers the process of having an agent contact them. Many of my leads needed an agent that spoke a different language than I spoke.

I found the process very frustrating - Movoto doesn't communicate well with their agents. There is no training on how they expect you to work their web site - and yes they have definite expectations about that. They don't tell you these little details about how the system works in advance.

Overall my impression is that this is a company that is run very poorly and if they manage make some money off an agent's hard work - it's purely luck. You can give them a try - maybe you can close a lead if your'e lucky.
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HI Dena,

Thanks for the review. I am sorry you had a bad experience with the Movoto Partnership. It seems like we got disconnected on 2/24/12 when we spoke to you. We tried to call back but no answer. Please feel free to give me a call so we can discuss your partnership.

-Sandeep @ Movoto
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David Reed, Agent, Chantilly, VA
Wed Jan 12, 2011
I work for an agent how has been receiving leads from Movoto for almost a year now. Yes some of the leads dont pan out, but she has closed 7 sales from Movoto so far.... So I'd say its working out.
Good luck!
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Frances Camp…, Agent, Missouri City, TX
Fri Nov 13, 2015
Movoto's new referral fee is 35%, as I was told just yesterday by Rachel. She says they are getting more leads and are qualifying them better. I told her agents don't charge each other that much on a referral. They are greedy, no question.
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Sue Enos, Agent, Davis, CA
Tue Oct 27, 2015
Yes, I've been working their leads occasionally over the past few years and will NOT be working with them any longer! I have 27 years experience and for the second time in the past 3 years they are trying to take a referral fee on a family I was already working with. Now 1 year after the sale closed they are telling me I owe the 30% referral fee on this sale. This was a very large family all surfing the Internet with limited understanding of what sites they were signing up for and most had the same last name . One of the leads I was sent (per Movoto although names don't match again) I called them immediately and told them this was possibly already my client (e-mail address and name didn't match) - they agreed to drop from my dashboard and remove - well, now one year later they seem to have forgotten our conversations and trying to tell me I owe them 30% commission on a sale I made. It is a lot of hassel and a pure waste of time - 3 e-mails and they are ignoring my responses now trying to involve my broker saying they want the commission. I had another sale at the same time one year ago which I paid the commission on (have my paycheck to prove I paid the fee) now they are trying to say they never received their money - another problem no fault of mine. This company is a huge waste of time - they should be paying me for their poor record keeping! I consistently make a six figure income and will not recommend them to anyone!
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J.M. Miller, Agent, Los Angeles, CA
Sun Sep 13, 2015
Movato sucks........ They give you a profile that you don't ask for and allow anyone to post their reviews on you even though you have not claimed the profile. I imagine this is against the law... I plan to find out.
These companies are ridiculous and as for your question about giving them a referral for a lead, why not if they are real... nothing to lose.
I am assuming good buyers are not on their site though, its terrible. From when I hear they are not really qualified leads, folks sign in and they pass the info on that and then the referring agent needs to then really qualify them... thats a hell of a lot of money for a name and e-mail address. If they are pre qualified and good buyers then of corse its worth it.

Ewwww Mavato
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Kelly Bequet…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Thu Jan 8, 2015
Here's the deal, they live and work in the Bay area (my guess, that's what they know) and have no clue of about the demographics or health your state or the city you live in, to them a lead is a lead no matter how unqualified it is. The key is to know your own local market and use the local tools not an algorithm. Movoto is simply bootstrapping on your local MLS to gather the spoils.
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Roger & Chr…, Agent, Lexington, KY
Fri May 16, 2014
I don't understand their agent rating system. I closed a transaction with them and my Movoto agent rating didn't improve. You get points for contacting people but no points for closing. I would think if you get 10 points for contacting someone you should get 200 points for closing. It took me over 50 leads to close one transaction. Most that I tried to contact refused contact, or were renters. I am sticking with it but it is a numbers game
1 vote, Home Buyer, Pittsburgh, PA
Sat Apr 5, 2014
The whole concept of movoto makes me mad. When I call about a listing, I want to talk to the listing agent, or at least an agent familiar with the property. Putting an agents contact info with the listing when that agent hasn't even seen the property and knows nothing about it is just wrong.
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Barbara Gran…, Agent, Anaheim, CA
Tue Jan 21, 2014

I had a few in depth discussions with them and for all the reasons you mentioned, decided they weren't for me.

Barbara Grandolfo
1 vote
Ann Marie Di…, Agent, Schaumburg, IL
Tue Jan 21, 2014
I have been working with them for a year now and they have a lot of leads. some good and some not so good . The ones I have converted into buyers have been very good .
I agree with Arturo Shivers as a good and experienced agent you have the responsibility to be able to figure this out on your own.

I have quite a bit of my own business so I do not solely depend on Movoto but it is nice this time of the year when we are slow to have them give us leads.
I like the fact they follow up and they are very pleasant to deal with. Also they ask when you are leaving town so they do not bother you when you are on vacation and can resume working when you return.

The 30% referral fee is Standard for most referrals I deal with and the fact that I am not paying for it as you do with others such as Trulia on a monthly basis works great for me.

I am sorry cannot help you with procuring cause as this has never come up for me with Movoto or anyone during the 30 years I have been selling Real Estate.

Partnering with Movoto has been good for me and my business, I have enjoyed the people that they have sent to work with and look forward to a great 2014 with Movoto .
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Michael Bondi, , Las Vegas, NV
Thu Sep 5, 2013 is a complete waste of time! I started with them at the begining of the year when they reach out to me. I thought it sounded like a great idea but the leads I got where mostly between $30,000.00 and $50,000.00 and if you take in their 30% referral that they get well you see that you are not making anything worth your time as a Realtor. For over 6 months now I would get leads that were either lookie lou's or people would never return my phone calls or emails. Yesterday I got an email from them stating that they were suspending my account since I have not closed on any deals in the time alloted. Then when I confronted them about the lack of quality leads I was sent an email stating that they are aware of leads in the Las Vegas area that never pan out. So how am I being told that I am not closing on deals yet they are aware of the bad leads in Las Vegas? I close on deals all the time here and I thought this would have been a great partnership for my business but after 6 months and horrible leads its time to move on. If you are thinking about this for your business I would not waste the time spent on their program.
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Michael, I don't know if your account was ultimately suspended or not, but, in case it is still active, when you receive a notification, you have to choose to accept the lead or not. You are not penalized for not accepting. But if you do accept, you have to nurture is a numbers game.
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Christian Na…, , Chicago, IL
Mon Aug 19, 2013
Save yourself a heap of frustration and more importantly time by improving your skills or stepping outside your comfort zone. I've been a Movoto partner agent for almost a year at this point and wouldn't recommend this company based on my experiences.
1 vote
Carmen Brode…, Agent, Scottsdale, AZ
Sun Aug 18, 2013
That sounds like a ridiculously high price to pay.
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Flag Tue Jun 28, 2016
Scott Myers, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Sun Aug 18, 2013
I agree that they do send alot of lower priced leads. I am not sure exactly why that is. other than that, they are good. They have a great customer service department. can't see too uch of a downside in the low priced leads because you do not have to accept them. Many people criticize internet lead companies. It is just a matter of knowing that if you close 3-4 percent of them, you are doing well. it is the nature of the game.
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My NC Homes…, Agent, Chapel Hill, NC
Sun Aug 18, 2013
You've essentially hit the nail on the head, Unqualified Internet Leads. I looked into them and felt it was a lousy deal and that the best thing they had to offer was their "pitch"
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allan erps,A…, Agent, Pearl River, NY
Sun Aug 18, 2013
My experience was some terrible leads over a 2 year period with mutual termination a result. Not saying that this does not work for others, just my own evaluation.
1 vote
djfunishment, , Chicago, IL
Sun Aug 18, 2013
If your in the Chicago area and are fine with leads on average that are consistently below ($20,000-$50,000), 1-2 leads per month (if that many), and leads that haven't been vetted, then sign up.
In my opinion, Movoto has taken on to many partner agents in the Chicago area probably focusing on quantity over quality and as a result the allocation of leads per week rate has dropped off drastically from about 4-6 per week 10 months ago down to about one lead every 12-15 days.
This is just one man's opinion! Judge for yourself. Otherwise, shut up, sign up and pay 30% on the back end.
In closing, praise, complain, support Movoto or not it's always best to leverage time and market $$$ in programs that will reap the highest return for your efforts. Good luck.
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Santiago Ken…, Agent, Chicago, IL
Tue Jul 30, 2013
They have a bad reputation in Chicagoland area , i have a lot of clientes telling me that motovo sold their info to third parties and the clients are furious .

Some of those buyer already file complaints with the state attorney
1 vote

That is completely not true and I have not seen any complaints filed against Movoto regarding that. If you read our privacy policy you will see that. Also its on our Referral Fee Agreement.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.

Sandeep @ Movoto
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Vitaly Petrov, Agent, Silver Spring, MD
Wed Jul 24, 2013
We had some short experience with them. Very low listing price leads.
1 vote
Leonard Wosh…, Agent, Sunny Isles Beach, FL
Wed Jul 24, 2013
I found another company offering similar service as movoto, but I have lost and can not find the website for it. Does anyone know of it?
1 vote
Vassi Saviano, Agent, Elk Grove Village, IL
Thu Jun 27, 2013
I have been working with Movoto for some time now and have closed many transactions for them. I find that their 30% referral fee is in line with relocation referral fees. They have a great customer service department that helps with the follow up of the lead. They are also good with agent reminders. The key with working their leads is follow up. Isn't that what we do with any lead? Good agent follow up and communication will lead to a closing, even if it 6 months later.
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Scott Myers, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Sat Jun 22, 2013
Movoto is easy to work with. Their customer care department is terrific. The five minutes they give you to respond whether or not you want to accept a lead is demanding, but I undersatnd the importance of it.
I find their leads of slightly better quality that other internet lead companies, but also somewhat lower price range leads for some reason.
They do not charge up front for leads like so many lead generating services do, and i feel this is a large advantge that they have.
We have been with Movoto for about 16 months, and I have found them terrific.

Scott Myers
Century 21 Scott Myers, Realtors
San Antonio, Tx.
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Laurie Matth…, Agent, Haverford, PA
Sat Jun 22, 2013
I have worked with for at least 3-4 years if not longer and have closed a number of deals with them. As I understood, in the beginning, they would scrub the lead and let the lead know to expect a phone call or email shortly. They no longer do this, but it hasn't cut down on the number of leads or the quality. Now, I get a text and email asking if I can respond to a lead but have to answer yes or no within 5 minutes. That's due to how quickly internet leads expect a response before flying off to another site or agent to get the requested information.

Their referral rate is no different than what I get or pay to associates and actually less than the internet and relo referrals from my broker. It's free until you close. So, it's really up to the agent to make it work, or not. A slice of the pie is better than none and I've received referrals from these clients making it all the more worthwhile!
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Miguel Schon…, Agent, Miami, FL
Fri Jun 21, 2013 is very real company that has plenty of users and some of them are real house hunters. MOVOTO has great tools to convert a nice percentage of the callers into viable leads. And to keep the Realtors on the move.
As with any worthwhile leads that a good Realtor may get, your expertise in determining if it is a workable lead or not in the least amount of time possible is the challenge. If you have the time to dedicate to research new leads and the ability to convert them to sales, you may be surprised to get additional sales and closings that otherwise you are not getting.
MOVOTO has great plans and the tools to assist good Realtors. In the end, it is you, the Realtor, who will make the sale happen. My experience about conversion rates has been better than 1 in 18 and I am sure I can easily improve this...with more work. I am pleased to get 70% and pay MOVOTO 30% for a sale that otherwise I wont even see. Be forewarned: This is only for hard working Realtors. You will need to work for what you earn. Lazy Realtors need not apply.
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Dorene Slavi…, Agent, Torrance, CA
Fri Jun 21, 2013
30% is very high when you also have to split with your office. They would have to provide a pre-approved or all cash buyer for that.Save your money, you can get unqualified leads yourself.
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Randy Dicken, , Mansfield, TX
Thu Jun 20, 2013
I am a MOVOTO realtor... and the 30% is definitely worth it.
I have tried the "pay as you go" leads, and as always ... so many are junk that it will come out as at least 30%. With MOVOTO I only split with them on the deals when I actually close.
MOVOTO has a vested interest in seeing to it that the leads are handled properly, because if nothing closes, they don't get paid either. They see to it that the leads are good quality.
If I received a referral from another agent I would certainly request a 30% referral fee.
As a bonus, they monitor my activity so nothing falls through the cracks. and I actually handle the leads through to closing or to a dead end. Their assistance with the CRM portion of the website is top notch.
If you qualify for the leads ... do it!
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Christian Na…, Agent, Chicago, IL
Sat Apr 6, 2013
Thumbs up Movoto! Send more leads.
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