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A moment ago
Beth Muschar asked:
A few minutes ago
Kathy Burgreen answered:
I assume you would be paying the monthly rent (lot fee) from your trust fund or disability check? You should be fine because you can prove it. The management / owner of any mobile park just wants to see proof of income. It makes no difference where the income is coming from. You just need to prove that you're responsible and have the finances to pay the monthly rent on time. The issue with a trust fund is you will have to convince management that you will NOT spend the money foolishly on yourself (vacations, cars, fancy clothes, etc.) If you can convince them that you will only spend it on food & basic needs, you should be fine. ... more
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A few minutes ago
Ashandnhiya Brown asked:
A few minutes ago
Bryan House asked:
I have been in contact with this company qnd they say they will offer a fair price on my home, regardless of condition. Should I trust this company? Has anyone had any dealings with them?
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A few hours ago
Mike Rosa answered:
As innocent as you may be, the reason for these laws had to do with real estate agents and property management companies who were in fact racist or xenophobic. They would steer their own clientele into rough neighborhoods just because of things like skin color or religion. Not wanting a black family in a nice "white" neighborhood. You may not believe that people would do such a thing... because money is money right? Well that is not the case when it comes to bigots. (As I am sure you have noticed through out the last few years, especially with LGBT right movement that occurred recently)

Unfortunately, as is with most prohibitions, we are now required to be exceptionally wary with what we say or do, as to not give the illusion of impropriety and have clients do their own research. Which really shouldn't be such a dramatic nuisance for you... Perhaps it was back in 2008 when this question was posted... I know some people were anti-tech back then... However nowadays it will take you seconds to do a google search on your smartphone with 4G LTE as you walk into your real estate agents office.

Also, to the weird liberal vs conservative argument going on, conservatives are in fact the majority of who voted in the laws that we have today, in regards to Fair Housing. So the guy ranting about how we can't discuss anything due to a democratic run country... You should learn your laws, and how they came to be, before spouting nonsense. Ok? Thanks.
... more
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A few hours ago
Stvlpk asked:
A few hours ago
Sara Michael answered:
Your best bet is to check with HUD.ORG, Housing and Urban Redevelopment a state agency, but please read on for vital information. Miracles often happen but the one you need comes with a great deal of time invested with realtors and online checking if HUD has nothing. WARNING if you use CraigsList (and anyone else but CL especially) be ABSOLUTELY certain to tell the person that you'll verify through city records that they are indeed the owner as well as confirming that it meets legal requirements to be sold. I am NOT being dramatic but very honest as the list is long with people scammed out of their money including a young couple with two small children who ended up living in their car. They sent all money asked for a rental and moved from So. Cal. for opportunities and when they tried to open the home's door the key did not work. The door however was jerked open by an angry man certain he was confronting a burglar. The couple explained they had rented the home, showing him their contract, "I OWN this home and have NOT rented it!" No family between them, no safety net and all but a small amount of their money hurts just to think of it and most impossible to imagine if it happened to you. I saved myself by telling the contact person I verify through the city, they hung up and their CL ad was promptly doubt reopened under another number. ... more
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A few hours ago
Webbermanagementllc asked:
A few hours ago
Ethel Pittman answered:
I live in Waterford east in Orlando, Florida and I'm looking for a 3 bedroom section8 rental asap
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A few hours ago
Louis A Tamsi asked:
I was wondering if it's possible to be able to secure an FHA loan with less than 2 years employment in my current job, I literally just started in August and it's a different field…
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A few hours ago
Cwpcwp asked:
how do I make live bid on foreclosure
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A few hours ago
Jackie Templeton asked:
A few hours ago
Zachary asked:
A few hours ago
Bb700092 answered:
Is it okay for an agent to show the same property to multiple buyers at the same time (i.e. while one buyer is taking the time to make a decision)? If yes, the agent is facilitating competition among buyers for the same property which shows the agent's goal is not her commitment towards any buyer but to get that property sold in order to earn her commission. Actions *always* speak louder than words!

If that is the case, why is it not okay for a buyer to facilitate competition among agents by working with multiple of them at the same time? Different buyers have different priorities and abilities to pay for the same property and the agent ideally wants the buyer with the highest ability. In the same way, different agents have different knowledge and negotiation skills and a buyer ideally wants the agent with the highest ability. The commitment, if there is any, should go both ways.

Finally, if a buyer is smart enough and can put the time to understand the process (there are many good resources in the Internet and everybody has friends/relatives/colleagues who bought properties in the same area), I do not see how an agent can be of any help.
... more
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A few hours ago
Bradley Pietrzak answered:
I think they are a great start. Especially with so.eone that has limited capital and with property prices as of now.

Save up enough to buy on used on the cheap fix it up and get a park to pay to move it in there then rent it

You spend like 10 20k and can get a 1000 dollar rent check or more depending on the area. What it takes a hit in depreciation it makes up for with ease of access for newbie landlord think of it as training wheels as week for bigger propertys cause if you screw up with this one. At least its paid off is number one and number two at least it was only 10k. Not 50k plus any equity you lost from not knowing what your doing.

Save half the cashflow and put it in the market and over time withdraw that nest egg to buy land for the property to put it on and it now becomes a normal house by many standards and in a lot of cases appreciates.

I think it is a brilliant way to start landlording. There easy to pay off and get a hold of they have less large expensive maintenance problems because of there nature( be wary that doesn't mean there are no expensive problems that is relitive). And great for learning wtf your doing without risking your shirt and spending all of your life savings and figuring out if being a landlord is even for you if your new.

I personally love most landlords dont touch them because they bring income and rental income appreciates and allows me to increase my cashflow for bigger and better things.

At the end of there life you can owner finance them as well with land appreciation after its put on land that owner finance will give a sweet income without having to work for it at much when you retire

This is at least my thoughts on mobil homes.

Keep it a secret though dont want competition getting fierce now ya hear haha

However with a 545 hoa I wouldn't do this one.

You still want to try and follow the 50 percent rule with that you would need to rent it for the very least of 1100 to really break even or around 1300 if you want some cash
... more
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