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A few minutes ago
Scott Godzyk answered:
Although it is normal to ask for a difference, you can negotiate commission and seek estimates from other agents as well. Most important ask what you will receive for what you pay.
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A few minutes ago
Scott Godzyk answered:
That is not really what investors look for. There are 2 types of investors, Those that, buy, fix and sell for a profit and those that buy low, rent and build equity while collecting a rental profit. You would have to sell at such a discount to attract an investor, you would be better to sell for full price and take the money and rent elsewhere. ... more
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A few minutes ago
Scott Godzyk answered:
It can change from office to office and your experience. I find it is better to interview with a few companies, franchises, mid size, small offices and independent companies. Ask what the splits are and most important what they offer for that split. You also want to ask what your costs will be, monthly, yearly or per transaction for added fees. Once you decide, the next step is to market yourself, try signing up for Active Rain, I put a free link below where you can market yourself. ... more
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A few minutes ago
Aforkliftrepairllc asked:
A few hours ago
Kathy Burgreen answered:
DON'T DO IT!! I'm a retired New York City area realtor and you need to understand the New York City suburban market. Housing is VERY EXPENSIVE and this is why many homes have 3 bedrooms / 1 bath. There are plenty of houses in NJ with 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms but those houses cost more money. That additional bathroom will add $50K to the selling price. If you can't get a pre approval for a higher purchase price, you need to sacrifice and realize you can't get everything you want.

The issue is most New York City area buyers are willing to give up a bathroom in order to gain an extra bedroom. Bedrooms are FAR more important than bathrooms. Therefore, you will have serious difficulty selling a 2 bedroom house instead of a 3 bedroom. Most buyers who only need 2 bedrooms will buy a coop or a condo instead. There are plenty of coops and condos with 2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms and they are much cheaper than a single family house. Why would any buyer want to spend more money when they don't need to?

Buyers looking for a house need a minimum of 3 bedrooms. They don't care as much about bathrooms. As long as there is one. People cannot sleep in bathrooms. So the family takes turns using the only bathroom. Big deal. Get used to it. Every New York City area family does. By the way, have you thought about those high NJ property taxes? I can guarantee if your county / city knows about the changes to your home, they will readjust your property taxes. It could go up or down.
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A few hours ago
Kathy Burgreen answered:
Because there are no rental apartments in your price range. You need a reality check. Obviously, rentals are much higher than what you can afford, so either you need a 2nd job or you need to adjust your criteria. Look in other neighborhoods that will have cheaper rentals - even if you don't want to live there. Yes, housing is expensive, so perhaps getting a job making more money should be your priority. ... more
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A few hours ago
Kathy Burgreen answered:
Yes - go back to your previous landlord and pay the rent you owe him/ her. You need to learn that once you have an eviction, no landlord will rent to you because they think if you did not pay rent on time to your previous landlord, you won't pay rent on time to your new landlord. So why should anybody give you a rental. They won't. You are not responsible. ... more
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A few hours ago
Kathy Burgreen answered:
As a former realtor, I have worked with builders and buyers like you. The process is you will need to qualify for a pre approval immediately. Your lender will need to pull your credit, verify employment, income, credit score, credit history, types of outstanding debts, debt to income ratio, etc. Builders never start building a home until the buyer is pre approved. Pre approval means the lender has verified everything and will commit to giving you a loan provided nothing changes in your finances. You will need to have a down payment up front - not later in the process. Therefore, you should save as much cash as possible now. You will also need cash to pay for closing costs.
If you are not buying a home until next year, go to and review your credit history. Look for any errors and fix it now. Go to FICO and get your FICO credit score. It should be 620 or higher. Preferably 700 or higher. The higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate and lower fees. The lower your credit score = higher interest rates and higher fees. Think of it this way - lenders punish buyers with low credit scores and a high debt to income ratio because it is a bigger risk to the lenders. Lenders reward buyers with high credit scores and low debt to income ratios because they deserve it. Therefore, you want to be rewarded - correct? So work on your credit now.

If you are new to Houston, you need to spend time now BEFORE buying a home and research neighborhoods and anything else that is important to you. Realtors cannot give opinions on neighborhoods, quality of local schools, demographics, etc. because it violates Fair Housing laws. Therefore, you need to do all this research on your own time. Remember, you can always change anything inside the home but you can never change where the home is located. Therefore, make sure you know the neighborhoods very well because if you don't like the neighborhood after you buy a home, it's too late to change your mind. You can sell the home and move elsewhere but it will cost you $$$ (you will lose money selling your new home). Therefore, do your homework before buying anything. BEST ADVICE EVER - if you are not familiar with Houston - RENT FIRST!!! It will be much cheaper to sign a 1 year lease for a cheap apartment, explore the neighborhoods of Houston thoroughly, then buy a home. You will save yourself from a nightmare headache.

As for builders, in addition to their quality, you need to pay CRITICAL attention to the contract you will sign. BEFORE signing any contract, either take it to your lawyer or read every word very carefully. You need to know that builders have contracts written by lawyers to benefit them - not you. These contracts are not the same as the state contracts that realtors use. Therefore, before signing, you need to edit or change any of the wording that you don't want. Expect the builder to fight back but you are paying fir it - not the builder. The most common clause in a builder's contract is "if anything goes wrong with the construction or after you move in, the builder is NOT responsible for it. The buyer will need to pay extra money to fix any damages or repairs." Too many buyers sign the contract with this sentence and realize too late the consequences.
Briefly, builders need to make a profit, so anything that affects their bottom line is in the contract to protect them - not you. Remember, their contracts do not give you any rights. Buyers like you want good customer service, quality of construction, etc. BUT buyers fail to read the contract and what they agreed to.
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A few hours ago
Kathy Burgreen answered:
The good news is - yes you can buy a studio or 1 bedroom in New York City as a foreigner BUT there are restrictions. So allow me to educate you on what you need to know:

Foreigners can buy real estate anywhere in the U.S. However, you will need to pay at least 30% - 40% of the purchase price in cash. You can get a loan for the balance.

New York City has different types of apartment buildings to buy. One type is cooperative (coop or co-op) and the other type is condominium (condo).
Cooperative (co-op) buildings means that the owners of each unit own shares of stock in a limited housing corporation that gives them the right to occupy their unit indefinitely. Owners can sell their shares of stock or unit on the open market and gain equity for their unit over time. Studios or 1 bedrooms in a co-op building in New York City range from $75,000. - $1,000,000. ($1 million) depending on the neighborhood and condition of the unit / apartment.
Co-op buildings in New York City are only for legal U.S. residents. Foreigners CANNOT live in any co-op building. Buyers need to be approved by the co-op Board after a contract is signed by the seller and buyer but before the closing date. Every co-op Board will verify that the buyer is a U.S. citizen or legal resident. Therefore, the cheap apartments that you see advertised on real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, etc. are co-op buildings and you cannot buy these apartments because you are a foreigner.

Condominium (condo) apartment buildings means that owners do own their own units (apartments) and get a title or deed for their unit. Owners can sell their units on the open market and gain equity. Studios and 2 bedrooms in a condo building in New York City range from $200,000. - $5 million ($5,000,000). Prices depend on the neighborhood and condition of the apartment. Studios or 1 bedrooms selling for less than $300,000. will be located in the worst neighborhoods and in very bad condition.
Foreigners can buy a condo apartment in New York City. You do not need to be a U.S. legal resident or citizen. However, for a studio or 1 bedroom in good condition in a decent neighborhood will sell for $400 - 500,000. and have fees of $1,000. per month.

Bottom line - as a foreigner to buy a condo apartment at $400,000. means you will need to pay $120,000. (30%) for a down payment. Condo units can be rented out BUT the HOA (homeowners association) has restrictions on how many apartments can be rented out at any one time. There are waiting lists so if you intend to rent out your apartment, you may need to wait several years. Condo buildings need to have a minimum of about 80% owner occupied.

If you intend to do any renovations in your apartment, construction costs are very expensive. I paid $25,000. to have new floors in my apartment (800 sq. ft.) and $25,000. to renovate my bathroom (5 x 7 sq. ft.) - AND I live in a suburb of New York City. Contractor prices are higher within New York City.

Hope this information helps.
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Yesterday at 10:45pm
Sade Letts answered:
hello Nicole, how much are you willing to pay as far as rent, what is your budget?
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Yesterday at 10:20pm
Christian O. Ojigwe answered:
I have a room in my home for $600/Month. and my Home is located at 32221 which is less than 20ms drive Via Normandy, 21ms drive via 103rd Str and 21ms drive via I-10 E

My home is a Family home of 4 bedrooms with 2 baths.
1 bath and toilet is attached to the master bedroom.


1 bath and toilet to be shared.

The Available room for rent fully rugged and has a bed already with 2 pillows and a bed cover.
You will share the large living room which is already furnished and as well share a large equipped kitchen with all utensils intact and in perfect conditions.
You have access to the free use of the laundry equipment (washer and dryer).
You get 100% Free Light, Water and Internet Wifi Connection.
Access to use the fitness equipment.
24/7 Air-condition.
Community Security is 99.99%
Very Quiet Neighborhood
Clean Environment.

My rules are very simple and acceptable by all including you and I.

Zero 0% Tolerance to Smoking in any Conner of the house. You need to smoke outside please.
Facilities must be kept clean always and well maintained.
Privacy must be respected.
No Pets Allowed.
Lawn will be jointly maintained.
Trash are taking out every Thursday Evening to be moved Friday Morning.
Recycles are taking out every 2 weeks on Sundays Evening to be moved Monday Morning.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me 904 660 7322

Address: 11025 Snowbrook Court, Jacksonville, Florida, 32221.
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Yesterday at 9:08pm
Shellydyer122771 answered:
I am on my first year. I earned my RE licence at the end October of 2016. I signed on with my branch in November 2016. And went full time on January 27th, 2017. I will close number 38 by the end of October! I LOVE RE!! ... more
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Yesterday at 8:54pm
Mcwhorter_wendy answered:
I live in Rising Sun Maryland and the street that I live on has many children on that street and I think that the town should put up a sign saying children at play Slow Down
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Yesterday at 8:33pm
Zaynouns asked:
Trulia is showing an old unappealing garage photo as the primary picture for my rental listing. My original listing was made through Zillow. I went as far as deleting that photo altogether…
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Yesterday at 8:29pm
Lauren.john.alexander asked:
Truly I would rather rebuild on these properties but am unsure that's even possible as far as getting the financing etc...The buildings aere not rehab material so it woukd be rebuilding…
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Yesterday at 8:09pm
Kathy Burgreen answered:
Try calling some local brokerages and ask to speak with the Office Manager or Broker in Charge. Then ask this person if there are any experienced busy realtors who need an assistant.

What you need to know is realtors work on commission, so any assistants they hire means your get paid out of the realtor's pockets. Not all experienced busy realtors have the income to pay you. When I was a realtor, I knew of one broker who hired an assistant when she could afford to do so. That assistant worked on a temporary basis.
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Yesterday at 8:03pm
Jennifer answered:
Hello Barbara,
Are you still interested in this unit? It's a 3 bdrm 1 bath for $2,000. It's still available. Please advise.

Jennifer Grullon
Real Estate Agent
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Yesterday at 7:26pm
Alan May answered:
Is it "common"? No. But it does happen. They're under no obligation to accept any offer... including a full-price offer.
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