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Trulia offers an RSS 2.0 feed for any property search you like. Use our RSS feed builder to specify the homes you're interested in and then add the feed to your RSS reader, iGoogle page, MyYahoo page or just to your site.

You can customize the location, number of bedrooms and bathroom, price range and square footage below.

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TruliaRSS FAQs

1. Does it cost anything to use TruliaRSS feeds?
No. All TruliaRSS feeds are free for you to use.

2. How do I use a RSS feed?
RSS feeds allow you to receive information from Trulia in your RSS reader or on your site. If you use one of the RSS readers listed above, just click on that icon to add your RSS feed to the reader. Then you can get property searches on Trulia directly in your RSS reader. You can also use the RSS feed URL to get the information directly. For more information on RSS feeds, please see this Wikipedia entry

3. Does Trulia offer other RSS feeds?
Yes. In addition to property searches, Trulia has RSS feeds for Trulia Voices Q&A and Trulia blogs for you to keep up to date on community activity on Trulia. Trulia also has RSS feeds for your Trulia home page activity, which is customized for your specific areas of interest.

At this point, we only have an RSS Feed Builder for property searches but we're looking to add other feed types soon

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