Rent vs. Buy Calculator


Making the decision to rent or buy is tough—there's a lot of money on the line! Give your users the information they need to make better decisions with Trulia's new Rent vs. Buy Calculator.



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  • 1. Does the Rent vs. Buy Calculator Extra cost anything?
    Nope – not a thing, though sharing your email is encouraged.
  • 2. I know it's optional, but why should I give you my email?
    We'll let you know about any updates to this tool, or any new tools for your site that become available. That way you can have the latest and greatest.
  • 3. I know it's optional, but why do we ask for your URL?
    We're constantly trying to improve our Extras. By seeing what kind of websites are adopting our Extras, we're better able to develop ideas for new tools that can better serve our customers.
  • 4. Can I unsubscribe from these emails?
    Certainly! The unsubscribe information is included in every message we send out.
  • 5. Why do I need to have an account to get emails?
    A Trulia account will help us organize what emails to send to you. Plus, there are tremendous personalization options available throughout Trulia we think you'll love!
  • 6. How are Extras built?
    We use an iframe for the body of the Extra and frame them in HTML.
  • 7. Can I change any of the links?
    Please refer to our terms of service.
  • 8. What if I need help using this Extra, or want more information about the content?
    You can contact Trulia Customer Service here:
  • 9. Will this code work in any blog?
    The code should work in any blog that supports iframes. Also, make sure that the blog editor correctly formats the code block with <code>...</code>.
  • 10. Why isn't my location available on the calculator?
    There are 100 Metro Areas available to compare. If your location isn't listed, choose 'US Average' and we'll use the national default values.
  • 11. What if a user wants more information than what's in the calculator?
    The "More Options" link will take the user to the main Rent vs. Buy calculator page where they have access to more features.
  • 12. What if someone doesn't know their income tax rate?
    If you don't know your Federal Tax rate, click the "More Options" link. There is a table available next to the same checkbox on

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