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Multi-Family Mortgage, second house as mother-in-law house.

If there is sufficient income and down payment, then I don't see why there'd ... read more

I have a high debt to income ratio, but have good equity in my home. I need to refinance out of my seller financed home asap to typical mortgage asap

If you paid $314k with 20% down, then your loan amount would've been $251,200... read more

Credit score not the same as what my mortgage broker says

You are correct, the scores you obtained yourself are not the same as what mo... read more

We would like to help our son and his family buy a larger house. Can we gift large down payment or is there a gift limit?

You can gift the down payment. There can be tax implications when giving a g... read more

Anyone know of mortgage lenders that work with Chapter 13? Currently over a year into the plan.

Hi Ampalazz, Yes, we can potentially get you approved for a mortgage while... read more

Is it possible to get a construction loan to include land, home and swimming pool? I live in North Texas.

Hi Justin, Yes, you can use a construction loan to purchase land, construc... read more

I am trying to find a lender that does construction to permanent usda loans. I know the program exists, but I can't find anyone who participates.

I'd recommend contacting your state's USDA office and ask them who is funding... read more

Hey my name is jennifer wind from cass lake mn. I resently took in two of my cousins twin boy and my house is cramped for space. However credit is bad

Hi Jennifer, If your credit will qualify will really come down to your rec... read more

Need advice : Getting mortgage with H1B Approval (I-797)

With an F1 Visa, we can help you out if you have an EAD (Form I-765), then yo... read more

Is conventional 97 available to H1b out-of-state buyer?

We can do 97% conventional financing with an H1B Visa that is still valid (EA... read more