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08753 Real Estate Insights

ZIP code 08753 is located in Toms River, New Jersey.
The average home listing price in ZIP code 08753, currently at $297,565, decreased modestly 1.3 percent from $301,549 last year. Inventory increased year-over-year, albeit minimally at 0.9 percent, from 529 to 534 listings. Nonetheless, a bigger scope allows buyers interested in this vicinity more options when narrowing down their search based on personal criteria. Many of the homes in ZIP code 08753 have a great bay view, so you can sit back and enjoy. There's nothing quite like going for a dip on a warm summer's day and as you walk through this locale you will see plenty of people out in their swimming pools enjoying themselves. A handful of properties found in ZIP code 08753 are ranch-style homes, which offer a minimalist style without compromising on functionality.