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78204 Real Estate Insights

ZIP code 78204 is located in San Antonio, Texas.

ZIP code 78204 boasts of an amazing range of food joints for foodies to satisfy their taste buds, including pizza, Latin American and Tex-Mex. With a wide variety of nightlife venues to choose from around this location, you'll never be short of options when it comes to evening entertainment. Enjoy the wide diversity of arts and entertainment spots that are conveniently located near ZIP code 78204; there really is something to suit everyone. If living the active life is what you like then this vicinity has just what you need, with activities such as paddleboarding, playing at the park and playing at leisure centers there is something to keep you moving. There are many shopping options in ZIP code 78204, such as arts & crafts shops, office equipment stores and art galleries, suggesting that there is something for every type of shopper. Most people here choose to use transit to get to work as the stops and stations are conveniently located.

While many properties in ZIP code 78204 are owned, most are not inhabited by their owners. Lower-than-average incomes are common for families living in this location.

Real estate prices in ZIP code 78204 are relatively stable compared to places of similar size, with [an average listing price of $240,266] and a small increase of 2 year-over-year. Simultaneously, the number of homes on the market slightly fell from 29 to 26 - but buyers still have a fair share of homes to vet. A handful of homes in ZIP code 78204 are historic estates so the place is full of history and offers a wonderful atmosphere that endears residents and visitors alike. You can often find timeless and durable granite kitchens in homes around this area, easily resisting the wear and tear that other kitchen counters simply cannot. Anyone driving through ZIP code 78204 will definitely notice that many properties have pools - they come in all shapes and sizes so there's something for everyone.