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Pauma Valley, CA Real Estate Insights

Pauma Valley is located in California.
Public data shows that Pauma Valley is a safe location.
Last year, home values in Pauma Valley impressively dropped by a whopping 30.6 percent, with average listing prices declining from $857,207 to $594,873. At the same time, number of homes for sale on the market increased noticeably by 40 percent. Inventory in last year hit 10 homes for sale, which extended to 14 in this year, allowing buyers a larger scope of the market in their home searches. Avoid the mess and congestion of the city and relax in the small town atmosphere of Pauma Valley. A good number of homes here offer authentic fireplaces that will help keep you and your family warm through winter nights. Plenty of houses in Pauma Valley come with a swimming pool, which is excellent for those who like to cool down in the summer and enjoy pool parties with friends.