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07740 Real Estate Insights

ZIP code 07740 is located in Long Branch, New Jersey.
In ZIP code 07740 you'll find some amazing nightlife places, which offer a wide variety of options for everyone.
ZIP code 07740 has some homes that are no longer occupied, but many of the homes have actually been renovated to meet standards for rental properties.
This year, the average listing price grew to $524,628 in ZIP code 07740, a noticeable appreciation of 12.1 percent from $467,818 the year prior. In the meantime, the share of homes on the market slightly increased, with a 1.4 percent rise in inventory year-over-year. Recently, this area offers homebuyers 218 listings on the market. A lot of the people in this area like to exercise in the nearby fitness centers, paving the path for physically fit and happy residents. Various homes in ZIP code 07740 are built on the oceanfront and feature stunning views so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean without leaving home. You can find a selection of penthouses in this vicinity with sweeping views of the area and a spacious layout.