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10471 Real Estate Insights

ZIP code 10471 is located in Bronx, New York.
Some homes in ZIP code 10471 are occupied all year long by the owners, but most are not. There's something about this area that seems to attract college graduates so you'll find that a fair number of your neighbors hold a degree. Many residents here are not married, so if you are looking for neighbors with similar lifestyles this would be a good location to move to.
Living in ZIP code 10471 comes at a cost of $1,079,692. Home prices here marginally dropped 0.5 percent this year. At the same time, inventory decreased slightly year-over-year in this locale by 4.4 percent, reaching a total of 109 homes on the market in this year. Various homes in ZIP code 10471 will let you look out over the Hudson River as you enjoy your morning cup of coffee. If a swimming pool in your home is a must have for you, take a look in this place where many homes come with a swimming pool for relaxing days or fun parties. Various properties here are fitted throughout with hardwood flooring that lends an incredible amount of class and sophistication to the place.