Recently Sold Homes in Blackstone, MA


Blackstone, MA Real Estate Insights

Blackstone is located in Massachusetts.
In Blackstone, the [average listing price is $282,458] this year, a small 4.1 percent drop from the year prior. In the meantime, the share of homes on the market slightly increased, with a 13.6 percent rise in inventory year-over-year. Recently, this place offers homebuyers 25 listings on the market. Various residential properties in Blackstone have pellet stoves - a greener heating option that burns hotter and cleaner than the wood alternative - so you can fire up the stove without feeling guilty. Maple kitchen cabinets are an asset to many homes in this vicinity; their light tones and distinct style make for a dream kitchen. A portion of the homes in this city feature walk-in closets with plenty of space for all your clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.