Recently Sold Homes in Harvey Oaks, Omaha


Harvey Oaks Real Estate Insights

Harvey Oaks is located in Omaha, Nebraska.
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Because most homes are owner-occupied in Harvey Oaks, neighbors know each other and are always ready and willing to help, creating a great sense of community spirit. Something that really makes this location stand out is the comparatively high number of college-educated people who have chosen to set up home here. Many married couples have made this neighborhood their home and have started families, so single folks are in the minority here. Harvey Oaks has a higher number of females than males as its residents. In this vicinity, the medium income is higher than average.
In Harvey Oaks, home prices depreciated prominently by a 12.7 percent year-over-year, providing future buyers with lower budgets a better range of options. The average listing price last year was $227,166. Last year, this neighborhood featured 3 listings, and in this year, the number of homes for sale prominently increased to 4, a 33.3 percent escalation. Enjoy the evenings with a real fire in the homes around this place that come with authentic fireplaces.