Recently Sold Homes in Crown Point, Omaha


Crown Point Real Estate Insights

Crown Point is located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Many homes in Crown Point are either vacant, or not lived in by the owners. If you want to be around neighbors who are predominately a younger crowd, this area would be a good area to move to. Public data indicates a below-average income for residents inhabiting this neighborhood.

In Crown Point, the [average listing price is $70,701] this year, a small 0.1 percent drop from the year prior. During the same period, inventory declined by 33.3 percent. The number of listings in this locale noticeably dropped from 9 to 6 homes on the market last year, somewhat constricting the market for new buyers looking to move to this area. A handful of residential properties in this neighborhood are ranch-style homes, which were built some time ago but still make great starter homes for young people.