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V. M. Ybor Real Estate Insights

V. M. Ybor is located in Tampa, Florida.
Many inhabitants in V. M. Ybor do not own the place they live in, with many of the places having recently been confirmed to meet rental property standards. One noticeable feature of this area is that there are many more women than men who have chosen to live here. The average age of residents is low in this vicinity, so it is great for those that are young and those that just feel young. According to public records, those living in V. M. Ybor have lower-than-average incomes.
Real estate in V. M. Ybor is on the rise, with listing prices increasing 5.8 percent year-over-year. The average listing price was $106,615 in last year and reached $112,787 in this year. During the same period, inventory declined by 33.3 percent. The number of listings in this neighborhood noticeably dropped from 9 to 6 homes on the market last year, somewhat constricting the market for new buyers looking to move to this area. This neighborhood features some homes that are historic estates with their own unique and interesting stories and tons of character.