Recently Sold Homes in Courier City/Oscawana, Tampa


Courier City/Oscawana Real Estate Insights

Courier City/Oscawana is located in Tampa, Florida.
In Courier City/Oscawana you'll find some amazing nightlife places, which offer a wide variety of options for everyone. There are great places here to help keep you looking beautiful and to help you unwind and stay fresh after a long week. People are very health-conscious in Courier City/Oscawana, and it is very common to see your neighbors out and about on their bicycles.
Many homes in Courier City/Oscawana are either vacant or rented out, rather than being occupied by the home owners. When it comes to the populations in this neighborhood, you wont be shocked to find that there is a high percentage of people who are college-educated. With so many younger people living in the Courier City/Oscawana area, many businesses in the vicinity target that population.
Living in Courier City/Oscawana comes at a cost of $343,969. Home prices here marginally dropped 2.6 percent this year. Some homes in this neighborhood have kitchens with granite countertops that are sure to make your kitchen a spot for your dinner party guests to gush over. If you like to pamper yourself and relax for a while after work, you'll appreciate the homes in this vicinity which have garden tubs in their bathrooms. There are resort-style pools in a handful of residential properties around this neighborhood, which are a big step up from the standard pools that are more commonly found in back yards.