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Bayshore Gardens Real Estate Insights

Bayshore Gardens is located in Tampa, Florida.
You'll find that walking around after dark in Bayshore Gardens is not risky or stressful - the vast majority of the area is generally rather safe.
Bayshore Gardens has a large number of homes that are not owner-occupied and many of them have been updated to meet rental property standards. A relatively high percentage of the people who have chosen to make this vicinity their home are educated with college degrees. You'll get good use from your new bachelor pad with all the single people here keen to hang out together. When you're out and about in Bayshore Gardens, it's easy to notice that the population is mainly made up of women.
Home prices are on the slide in Bayshore Gardens, and average listing price decreased 5.8 percent last year. Nonetheless, home values stood at $450,475 this year. Year-over-year, inventory marginally declined 13.6 percent, from 22 listings to 19 homes on the market. A handful of residential properties in Bayshore Gardens offer waterfront views, so you can enjoy the sights of nature without leaving home. Many properties in this vicinity feature wood floors, giving you reliability, durability, and an attractive finish that you are sure to love. Fun in the sun has never been so easy; a number of residential properties in this neighborhood have pools so you can soak up the sun and stay cool without traveling far.