Recently Sold Homes in Riverview, Santa Ana


Riverview Real Estate Insights

Riverview is located in Santa Ana, California.

In Riverview the residents' median age tends to be lower, so new younger residents would find fitting in quite easy.

Last year in Riverview, the average listing price was $496,980, and increased 0.4 percent to $498,750 this year. During the same period, inventory declined by 40 percent. The number of listings in this locale noticeably dropped from 5 to 3 homes on the market last year, somewhat constricting the market for new buyers looking to move to this area. Some homes in this area, especially the more elevated ones, offer scenic views of a local river and the luscious plant life that surrounds it. More than a handful of residences in this neighborhood are fitted with granite kitchen countertops; a quality surface that is easy to clean. Many of the residential properties around here have fireplaces that can offer warm and romantic evenings with your partner.