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Sausal Creek Real Estate Insights

Sausal Creek is a neighborhood located in Oakland, California.
Anyone who enjoys delicious, professionally prepared meals should consider Sausal Creek - there are a number of exciting restaurants that have cuisines you might like, such as Japanese, Filipino and Mexican. This neighborhood is filled with many professional hair extension salons, nail salons and hair salons so you'll find everything you need to prepare for a big night out. The public transportation in Sausal Creek is great, so if you want to save a good bit of money on gas and don't want the hassle of a carpool, you are luck to be here. You shouldn't be surprised to meet your next door neighbor riding their bike to work since this area has one of the most active biking communities in the area.
Sausal Creek comprises mostly rental homes not occupied by the owner; your neighbors will always be changing. Married couples may find themselves struggling to find double dates, since this neighborhood is home to many bachelors and single ladies.