Recently Sold Homes in Thurston Woods, Milwaukee


Thurston Woods Real Estate Insights

Thurston Woods is a neighborhood located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Thurston Woods is a pretty quiet and very peaceful area and you can feel free to take a walk even late at night with no worries at all.
For whatever reason, Thurston Woods tends to attract more women than men, meaning that males are quite noticeably outnumbered around here.
The average home listing price in Thurston Woods increased between last year and this year, from $66,822 to $76,866, or 15 percent. This recent rise provides local homeowners with confidence in their home value growth without pricing future buyers out of the market. During the same period, inventory noticeably declined by 25 percent, somewhat narrowing the range of options for buyers looking to move to this vicinity. This locale is full of Cape Cod style homes, so if you want to be reminded of the seaside then this area will appeal to you.