Recently Sold Homes in Riverton Heights, Milwaukee


Riverton Heights Real Estate Insights

Riverton Heights is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Riverton Heights is a very safe location based on recent public data.
Riverton Heights's real estate market is picking up 31.2 percent by average listing price, year-over-year. Last year, [the average listing price was $62,549] and rose to $82,090 in this year. Such a large surge is a positive trend for current homeowners and new buyers in the local area looking to profit from rapidly increasing property values. But, buyers starting their searches should be aware of declining inventory in this neighborhood. The number of homes for sale decreased 28.6 percent year-over-year, with 7 homes for sale in last year and 5 homes for sale in this year. Several residential properties in this vicinity feature swimming pools, which give you a place to enjoy recreation time with your family and also add value to your home. A handful of residential properties in this area are ranch-style homes, which were built some time ago but still make great starter homes for young people.