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Newtowne West Real Estate Insights

Newtowne West is located in Richmond, Virginia.
Whatever your favorite type of food may be, Newtowne West has a great selection of restaurants to choose from, such as Middle Eastern, Asian fusion and hotdog joints, so you'll never be tired of finding new dishes to try. If you like to be pampered, this area is a great choice with its many nail salons, hair salons and tanning salons that offer services ranging from manicures, pedicures and hair styling to full spa services such as sauna and massages. The many conveniently located stores in Newtowne West, such as computer shops, hobby shops and antique shops, mean that shoppers of all types will find something they like. The fact that a place is safe is a major draw for many people, and you can rest assured that your safety will rarely, if ever, be compromised around here.
Since a lot of the houses are rented by people, Newtowne West will have a lot of new residents coming in the future. You'll find that this neighborhood is home to a much larger number of female residents than male, for some reason. If you are hoping to have neighbors who are of the younger generation, this neighborhood would be a good fit for you since the median age of residents is low.